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This isn't really for the ugly Soul characters, I just thought the name sounded cool. This is for the neutral characters.

Heishiro Mitsurugi (SE, SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 29
birthplace: Bizen, Japan
height: 5' 7"
weight: 142 lbs
birthdate: June 8
blood type: AB
weapon: katana
weapon name: Korefuji (SE)
Shishi-Oh (SC, SC2, SC3)
discipline: Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu Kai
immediate family: all taken by sickness


Mitsurugi was born the son of a farmer in Bizen, Japan; but after many years of seeing his home ravaged by war, he decided to become a samurai, taking the name of Mitsurugi, which most loosely means "calm but deadly man wielding a divine sword". Mitsurugi was a powerful force on the battlefield, and rumors of him spread like wildfire, heralding him as the warrior that could mow down foes like fields of wheat. He received numerous military commendations and eventually reached the rank of officer in the Japanese armed forces. But all along, his only true desire was a worthy opponent. After leaving the Murakami clan, Mitsurugi continued to fight in every war in Japan as a hired mercenary. It was during this time that he had learned of a new weapon that was said to be changing the way wars would be fought: the Rifle. He originally dismissed this weapon as a novelty, but he soon learned that it was capable of wiping out the Takeda cavalry. He sensed that the arrival of the rifle in common warfare would put him out of business. He decided that the only way to combat with this was to find a stronger weapon: the rumoured Soul Edge. Unfortunately, Mitsurugi was unable to find any trace of the legendary "Hero's Sword" on his quest and began taking tasks that were largely meaningless to him in order to pass the time. One of these involved guarding a nearby Japanese castle for the night, where he prevented the female ninja Taki from breaking in; and another of which involved aiding the Spanish Marquis Andre's force in laying siege on Sir Stefan's Ostrheinsburg Castle. In his frustration of finding no signs of Soul Edge, he returned home and challenged a man wielding the rifle Tanegashima to a duel, trying to prove that he didn't need the Soul Edge to beat the rifle. But he suffered an embarrassing defeat in front of his lord, forcing him to depart in shame on a second quest to perfect his swordsmanship so that he might eventually defeat the rifle. It was during this quest that he learned of the Azure Knight, Nightmare, who terrorized Europe with a sword deemed invincible. Nightmare's trail eventually disappeared, but Mitsurugi was unwilling to give up.

Four years later, Mitsurugi stumbled upon the trail of Soul Edge while vising a castle in Xiwei (presenty-day Xi'an), where a mysterious dying man handed him a shard of the cursed blade. Although skeptical at first, Mitsurugi accepted the gift. Soon afterwards, an incident occurred in which a servant of the Emperor of Ming marched to the castle, demanding the "Hero's Sword," and was slain when he refused to leave without it; Mitsurugi sensed that war was coming, but Soul Edge meant nothing to him. He had crossed countless battlefields, defeating every conceivable enemy, even those with rifles. What had once been his greatest enemy was none of his concern, as it no longer proved to be a threat. His only concern was with finding an opponent stronger than himself. It was at this time that he was suddenly attacked by unknown forces, but he fought off all of his attackers quite easily. They were after the fragment the man from Xiwei had given to him; and judging by their outfits, they appeared to be ninja, with a sword technique he found strangely familiar. They reminded him of Taki, who had interfered every time he had drawn close to the Soul Edge. His thoughts drifted, wondering what was happening in Japan at that time, and whether or not he could receive a final showdown with Taki. He decided to return to his homeland. By this time, the Warring States Period era had ended, and the powerful feudal lord, Oda Nobunaga, was dead. The leaders of the states were now faced with the decision of whether or not to align with his successor, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The Murakami clan in particular, with whom Mitsurugi stayed upon his return, refused to join with mainland Japan, choosing instead to protect their existence as fierce pirates and rulers of the sea. But their resistence caught the attention of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and a final stand was about to ensue. Since Mitsurugi could find no trace of Taki, he decided to aid the Murakami in the battle. A nighttime raid commenced. The ships clustered together and rode the tide in to charge the enemy fleet - the traditional secret strategy of the Murakami. The battle began, and Mitsurugi stormed enemy ships like a hurricane. This combined with the Murakami's naval prowess allowed for swift victory, and Mitsurugi was decorated for his service, gaining an invitation to meet with the Murakami commander. The commander engaged him in long conversation, mentioning rumors of a warrior clad in azure armor appearing from the west and boasting the strength of a god. Mitsurugi looked up in surprise, realizing that this must be Nightmare, whom he had lost track of before. Mitsurugi bade farewell to the Murakami and ran to a nearby port, giving all of his reward money to a boatman, demanding that he be taken west. He needed neither money nor fame, only the satisfaction of a fierce battle in which his very soul would clash against his opponent's; and that battle, he concluded, would be found in Nightmare.

Seong Han-myeong (Seung Han-myong) (SE)
age: 53
birthplace: Jirisan, Korea
height: unkown
weight: unkown
birthdate: March 31
blood type: unkown
weapon: dao (Chinese sword)
weapon name: Mountain Breaker
discipline: Seong Style Longsword
wife and son: died of illness
daughter: Seong Mi-na
students: Hwang, Yun-seong


Seong Han-myeong was the master of his own dojo in Jirisan, Korea. He was especially skilled in martial arts, which gained him great respect across the country. He had one daughter and one son, but his son and wife died of sickness, leaving only Seong Mi-na to continue his lineage. He worried for her every day, and taught her how to take care of herself by teaching her the ways of martial arts, and she had even become more skilled with the zhǎnmǎdāo than he ever had, but he still wished she would settle down and stay home. There was another child at the dojo, the orphan Hwang Seong-gyeong, in whom Han-myeong had taken a particular interest. The young man had even distinguished himself enough to win a private lesson with the master, and Han-myeong was overwhelmed with happiness at the young man's potential. He saw this as an opportunity to have a son once again and considered adopting him, but Hwang had joined the Coastal Forces, and the opportunity never arose. He decided that once Hwang returned, he could ask him then. The young man returned sooner than expected, but it was only to ready himself for an important mission on behalf of the leader of the Coastal Forces, Admiral Lee Sun Shin, a childhood friend of Seong Han-myeong, to seek out the "Sword of Salvation," the Soul Edge. To show his appreciation, Han-myeong decided to hold a private conversation with the young man and offered to him his most prized sword, Mountain Breaker; but Hwang politely declined the offer, because it was Han-myeong's favorite weapon, but he accepted Blue Storm, one of the Seong's Family heirlooms.

All along, Mi-na had been listening in on their private conversation. Han-myeong knew she had previously tried to join the Coastal Defense but was rejected on account of her gender. The next day, as she was sneaking out of the house, he stopped her and asked where she was off to. She did not lie to him, but he was still not happy with what she had told him: She was off to find the Soul Edge on her own. He admonished her and ordered her to stay home, but she pushed him out of the way and ran off. Not long afterwards, news spread of an impending Japanese invasion of Korea, and most of his pupils left to join the Coastal Defense immediately. Upon hearing of the invasion, Hwang had cut his search short and returned home, dragging Mi-na along with him. When Mi-na had arrived, Han-myeong was waiting for her. He scolded her and made her endure a strict training regimen. Thanking Hwang for his help, he finally gathered the courage to ask the young man to be his son, but the offer was politely declined. Han-myeong did not give up there, for he began to plan a marriage for Hwang and Mi-na, making Mi-na grow very angry with him and run away soon afterwards. He was stricken with grief but also considered that perhaps he had always been too protective of her, as she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. But she never returned for months, and he began to become extremely worried, even requesting the aid of Lee Sun Shin, who could not help him due to the invasion. But his worries were somewhat reduced when Lee Sun Shin sent Hwang on a mission to find her; and, three years later, the two of them returned. Han-myeong apologized to Mi-na for being too overprotective for all those years and promised to treat her as an adult from that day forward. Four years later, Han-myeong had acquired another student of immeasurable potential, Hong Yun-seong, but the proud boy had sneaked away on a personal mission for the Soul Edge, taking a Seong family heirloom with him, the dao White Storm. Mi-na came to Han-myeong in a private conversation and asked him to let her go to search for Yun-seong, since she felt obliged to retrieve it. Han-myeong did not want her to go, but he knew in his heart that even if he protested, she would simply run away again; he reluctantly gave her his blessing to retrieve it. By the time he considered that she would, in fact, try to seek out and destroy the Soul Edge on her journey, it was too late, and she was long gone.

Edge Master (SC)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: 5' 9"
weight: 176 lbs
birthdate: January 1
blood type: O
weapon: imitative power
weapon name: no name
discipline: all fighting styles
student: Kilik
subordinate monks: murdered by each other and Kilik


Edge Master is a very mysterious man; he is renowned for his skill with various weapons, and his past and real name are known only to himself. He served as advisor and teacher of Ling-Sheng Su martial arts at Ling-Sheng Su Temple--who would descend from the mountain only to participate in the temple's holy artifacts succession ceremony and train their inheritors--before he burned it down following the fateful night of the Evil Seed. Edge Master found Kilik, the cursed successor of Kali-Yuga, in the temple and taught him to suppress the evil within himself over a three-year training session. Once Kilik had completed the training, Edge Master gave him the final test of destroying the Soul Edge; but after Kilik left on his journey to purify himself and the Kali-Yuga, Edge Master began to feel uneasy. Although his motives are unknown, he broke his silence and departed on a quest of his own.

Eventually he returned to his hermitage after his quest. Its believed he was the one who gave Xianghua the "No-Name" jian after she defeated Inferno. He continued training Kilik until he left to his second quest to purify Soul Edge.

After Kilik returned from his quest beaten by Zasalamel, he instructed him to train with him. He concentrate evil energy in his body and acted as if he was affected by the Evil Seed. Edge Master and Kilik trained during 3 months, until Kilik was able to connect a purifying blow in Edge Master, who purified him completely, but also wounded him. Although a real puryfing blow would only hurt the evil energy and not the body, he acknowledge Kilik's advancement and, after giving him another fragment of Dvapara-Yuga and Xianghua's letter, he see him leave while treating his wound.

Some time later Seong Mi-na found him and challenged him. He accepted and easily overwhelmed her. After being totally defeated, he agreed on training with her some time. Edge Master heard all of Seong Mi-na's adventures, but when he heard about her search for Soul Edge, he told her about the evil nature of the blade. Seong Mi-na left the hermit inmeditely to continue her search.

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine (Isabella De Leon) (SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 32
birthplace: London, England, British Empire
height: 5' 10"
weight: 128 lbs
birthdate: December 10
blood type: blood of Soul Edge
weapon: snake sword
weapon name: Ivy Blade (SC)
Valentine (SC2 & 3)
discipline: unrelated link
adoptive parents: Count and Countess Valentine, deceased
father: Cervantes
mother: unkown


Ivy was raised in the home of the Valentines, prominent nobles in London, England. However, her father, Count Valentine, died a madman, driven to insanity having squandered the family fortune with his obsession for alchemy in pursuit of the Soul Edge. Soon after the fall of the Valentine family, her mother fell gravely ill and told Ivy, on her death bed, that she had been found on their doorstep years ago and was adopted; but Ivy had no interest in finding her biological parents. Ivy eventually learned about her father's search for Soul Edge in his secret diaries and began to follow in his footsteps, thus becoming an alchemist herself. In her research, Ivy had learned that Soul Edge was evil and vowed to destroy it. She succeeded in creating a weapon suited for this purpose through ancient sorcery, but the snake sword was completely devoid of life. She drove herself to great frustration and rage trying to bring life to "Ivy Blade", but no amount of alchemy or witchcraft would succeed. One night she was able to summon a deformed hand, which breathed life on her sword, and during her journey she crossed paths with the azure knight, Nightmare, and his companions, the golem Astaroth and Lizardman; discovering that Nightmare was the one who gave life to Ivy Blade. Because of this, she agreed to help them in a ceremony to summon souls, oblivious to the fact that she was part of Soul Edge's plan.

Eventually, she began to feel guilty for taking the lives of innocent people, repulsed that the other members of her group even took joy in it--especially Astaroth. When trying to escape from the group in Ostrheinsburg Castle's underground passage, Astaroth caught up with her, revealing to her that the sword Nightmare was holding had been Soul Edge all along; and the only reason she had been allowed to join their group was that the sword had instructed Nightmare to keep her nearby in case anything would happen to him, so that she might be a spare host for the sword's evil intentions. Astaroth defeated her in battle and was about to murder her when Kilik, Xianghua and Maxi, stormed the into castle; and as he left to deal with them, he commanded his clay golems to finish her off. But she managed to defeat them all, albeit just barely.

In denial of Astaroth's story, she decided to ask Nightmare for the truth directly when Taki confronted her. She attacked Taki in her frustration but was too weary and was defeated again. Taki, familiar with the energy of Soul Edge, affirmed Astaroth's story in telling Ivy that the snake sword had been infused with some of Soul Edge's power; and sensing the evil aura surrounding Ivy's entire being, she proceeded to tell Ivy that the last time she had felt such evil was when she had defeated the previous owner of the evil sword, Cervantes de Leon. Ivy had the blood of evil in her, as she was Cervantes' daughter; and shaken by the horrible truth, Ivy sealed herself away in her laboratory. After four years of soul searching, Ivy returned with a renewed drive to destroy Soul Edge and everything connected to it, including Cervantes and eventually herself. There would be no hope for those seduced by the sword and no cure besides her death. Her resolution would result in spilled blood, both guilty and innocent; but nothing could sway her determination. She renamed her sword which shared her fate, Valentine.

Over the course of her journey, her snake sword began to change. Seeing it becoming more unstable than it had ever been, she returned to Valentine Mansion to investigate. On her way back, she stopped at an academic city in England to buy texts and books of secret arts from around the world; and she read over them extensively upon her return, especially one volume that was of particular interest to her. It was much older than the other books, and contained detailed descriptions and accounts regarding the nature and origin of the Soul Edge. This was the deepest information written about the sword she had ever known. But within the texts she learned of a second spirit sword, the holy blade Soul Calibur, which restrained the power of the evil sword and lent its power to fight against it. The story was hard to believe to her, but the description was so precise that she eventually accepted it as truth.

After a month of work, she had managed to decipher every single detail concerning the Soul Calibur's description, and was totally convinced it existed. She fell into a hypnotic state of thought, interrupted by the sound of the laboratory door opening. Startled, she looked to the entrance, where an enigmatic dark-skinned man was standing. She firmly demanded his identification, but he quietly answered her only with another question as to whether or not she had read the book. Ivy grabbed the book and, taking her distance, drew her weapon. From seemingly nowhere, the man had produced a large scythe. They began their fierce combat immediately, each deflecting every deadly strike that the other had produced. But her sword's instability began to show itself, leaving a slight opening in her defense; and she was struck down with a heavy blow. She managed to regain her distance, but the book was no longer in her hand. The man had picked it up, calling it a mistake from his past, and then proceeded to set it on fire. He dropped the burning book on the floor, and the flames spread with unusual fervor, separating her from him. As he turned to leave, she called for him to stop. He only turned around to tell her that if she wished to know everything about the swords, she must seek out the knight she knows so well; and the enigma known as Zasalamel disappeared behind the curtain of flames. Ivy put out the fire and thought over the information she had read on the Soul Calibur, now etched permanently into her memory. With such power, she may be able to destroy the Soul Edge once and for all, and her own snake sword's instability may be explained. She cursed the man for how he treated her, but strangely felt that everything he had said was true. Ivy was determined to find the truth. If the Soul Calibur existed, she would obtain it for herself.

Necrid (SC2 home versions only)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: 6' 5"
weight: 238 lbs
birthdate: unkown
blood type: changed by the void
weapon: enigma (pure energy)
weapon name: Maleficus
discipline: original style
family: unkown, parents long deceased


He was once a warrior who managed to reach the Soul Edge. However, the weapon's evil energy contaminated his body and mind, turning him into a horrible monster. Now he is a bloodthirsty abomination in constant pain that only the fragments of Soul Edge can calm. As a result, he is in a constant search for these fragments.

Heihachi Mishima (SC2 PS2 version only)
age: 75
birthplace: claims to be Japanese
height: 5' 10"
weight: 179 lbs
birthdate: unkown
blood type: B
weapon: gauntlets
weapon name: Kiaiisen
discipline: Mishima-Style Karate
pet: Kuma
others: unkown


After completing his mountain training with his pet bear, Kuma, Heihachi stopped by at a hot springs resort to recuperate. There he encountered an ancient metallic fragment. According to old picture scrolls, this shard was a piece of Soul Edge, a notorious sword from medieval Europe. Grabbing the fragment in excitement, he accidentally cut his fingertip; and after a moment of dizziness passed, Heihachi looked around at his surroundings. A feeling of uneasiness washed over him as he was no longer at the resort he had been at just a few moments ago. He was stunned, but nevertheless remained collected. After he wandered for a while, he concluded that he was no longer in twenty-first-century Japan. He had somehow traveled back in time to the later sixteenth century. Though he wanted to return to his own time, part of him was trembling with anticipation of what was about to transpire. He knew the history behind the fragment, which was ripe with battles between warriors fighting for its possession. Now, he was right in the midst of it all. He eventually decided that finding and obtaining Soul Edge was the perfect challenge to test his strength and proceeded to seek it out.

Setsuka (SC3)
age: 24
birthplace: unkown (raised in Japan)
height: 5' 6"
weight: 114 lbs
birthdate: unkown
blood type: A
weapon: lai sword hidden in an umbrella
weapon name: Ugetsu Kageuchi
discipline: Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battoujyutsu
family: no family. Her master, who raised her, is deceased.


It was obvious from her appearance that she was not a native of Japan. She had skin as white as the purest snow, glossy black hair, a starkly chiseled face, and her eyes were the deep blue of the night sky.

As a young girl, she was shunned by those around her--she was looked upon with disdain because of her appearance. Having no family to turn to, and exposed to hateful words and violence, she gradually closed her heart to those around her. Eventually, she ran away from her home.

Young and alone, she wandered to a city where a man took her in. The man's kindness gradually opened the girl's tightly-sealed heart. He named her Setsuka--Snow Flower.

Before she knew it, she had come to smile at this beautiful name. Her caretaker worked in the region as a bodyguard. He taught Setsuka the battou technique he used to protect his patrons--the art of fighting from the draw. It became a way for her to protect herself, but it was the joy she felt when he praised her that made her to devote herself to her training.

Eventually, Setsuka grew into a woman of stunning beauty. Some still looked upon her with cold eyes, but she learned to ignore them and let nothing trouble her. Modest as it was, she managed to settle into a fulfilling life.

One day, the man entrusted a letter to her. The letter's destination was far away, and it would take her many months to travel there and back.

Seeing her uneasy look, the man smiled and reassured her, "There is nothing to fear. This place will always be here for you. Go without worry..."

After a long journey, Setsuka finally found the man to whom the letter was addressed. The old martial artist ran a dojo in a small village. He asked Setsuka many times if she would stay and train there, but she refused his invitation and journeyed home.

Upon her return, she was shocked to find the man lying on the floor, grievously injured. Although he would not reveal how he received his wounds, she was certain that he had lost in a duel. His injuries would prevent him from wielding a sword ever again.

Nevertheless, the man tried to behave as he always had, but Setsuka could not hide her sadness and concern. His lessons, however, grew evermore strict and demanding. On the other hand, he also showered her with overwhelming love, something she had never experienced until then. Their modest lifestyle could not afford luxuries, yet still he bought her an elegant, long-sleeved kimono. Wearing such a beautiful dress for the first time, Setsuka blushed under the man's approving smile. She found her feelings for him grow stronger than she ever thought possible.

It was not fondness for him as a father, nor was it reverence to him as her master of martial arts--it would not be until many years later, after his death, that she would come to recognize the delicate, tender feelings that had taken hold in her heart. Visiting his grave, she recalled the words he had spoken to her on his deathbed. "I did not teach you this art for the purpose of revenge...One who lives by the sword harbors no regret."

His fateful fight had been the most exciting moment of his life. He taught her the battou technique only because he wanted her to carry on the art. He wanted her to live freely, unbound by hate or fear. Before his death, he told her his opponent's name...Heishiro Mitsurugi.

Strangely, she shed no tears when her master passed away. Only later would she come to realize her feelings and finally understand what it meant to fall in love. Her teacher had not wished for her to live a life bound by the shackles of revenge, but she could not be stopped. With undying love in her heart, she set out on a journey of loneliness and sorrow. Now that she had lost the only bond she had ever known, there was nothing in this world for her to fear...

Setsuka's target was a wandering swordsman who challenged swordsmen throughout the land, searching for a way to defeat the Tanegashima rifles. No one had seen him in Japan since he had crossed the sea several years before in search of a powerful swordsman by the name of Nightmare. She had few clues to go on, but she was sure that if she tracked down Nightmare, she would eventually find Mitsurugi.

Armed with an oilpaper umbrella containing a concealed blade and wearing the kimono that her teacher had left to her, her appearance was that of a beautiful goddess of war dressed in bewitching robes of mourning.

Voldo (SE, SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 50
birthplace: Palermo, Kingdom of Naples (Italy)
height: 6' 0"
weight: 185 lbs
birthdate: August 25
blood type: A
weapons: dual jamadhar katars
weapon names: Karma and Mara (SE)
Shame and Blame (SC)
Manas and Ayus (SC2 & 3)
discipline: original style
parents: deceased
four brothers: killed through warfare
master: Vercci, long deceased


The Italian weapons merchant, Vercci, was known as the "Merchant of Death," who made his fortune by supplying the invincible Spanish Armada with weapons. He eventually heard of a sword that could satisfy any earthly desire, so he decided that he needed to have that weapon at any cost. His brothers opposed his plans, but they were soon recruited to the army and were out of the way. He then promoted his vassal, Voldo, to lead the search instead. Voldo was therefore in charge of hiring mercenary armies and pirates—including the dread pirate, Cervantes de Leon—to search for the blade on Vercci's behalf, but none of them were ever able to succeed. Growing impatient, Vercci decided to look for the sword himself, and took to the sea with his own fleet. While gone, war broke out in his home of Italy. The target of the invaders, ironically, was the weapons merchant himself. To return to his home would be equivalent to suicide, so he had the mansion destroyed, as the treasures in his house had already been looted. The only possessions he had left were the ones he had found on his present journey. His anger turned to madness as he was determined no man would ever get his the last of his wealth. Vercci sailed to an uninhabited island and had his fleet dig a pit so that it would be his vault. When it was finished, Voldo had the building crew executed to prevent them from revealing the vault's location; and as a reward, Voldo was sealed in the Money Pit to guard it for all eternity. By the time all this had transpired, the Italian Wars had ended; and Vercci never made it home to Italy alive. Voldo eventually became blind and insane after all those years of being trapped in a dark and silent pit, and he even forgot his name. Only his talent for murder remained sharp.

He eventually began to hear voices—the voice of his dead master in particular—telling him to find the Soul Edge that Vercci had spent the last years of his life searching for. Setting up traps to guard the vault as he was gone, Voldo ventured into the world to find the Soul Edge and kill anyone in his way. Voldo tried to find the Soul Edge for his dead master, even traveling the world to find it, but he remained unsuccessful and eventually gave up, returning to the Money Pit. Three years later, when chasing an unknown woman out of the Money Pit, Voldo once again heard his master's long-lost voice. The voice called to him, telling him that the woman had the scent of Soul Edge upon her—unknown to him, this is because she was the lost daughter of Cervantes de Leon, Isabella. Voldo decided not to attack her but to carefully follow behind her in the hopes of being led directly to the Soul Edge. During his journey, he believed he had found the Soul Edge and brought the single-handed sword he had stolen off a sleeping body back with him to the Money Pit. But the voice of Vercci did not speak to him, and Voldo did not know why. Four years later, after killing an intruder, Voldo discovered some shards of the Soul Edge and finally realized why his master had not congratulated him: He had retrieved the wrong sword—a sword which instead had been the tachi of a ninja hailing from the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu. Obeying the orders of his late master, Voldo once again wandered the outside world in search of Soul Edge. But he was unable to find the sword itself, and only managed to find several fragments that appeared to be its pieces. Returning to the Money Pit to offer his newest findings to his master, Voldo was deeply hurt to discover that the vault had been ransacked during his absence.

He begged for his master's forgiveness; but while inspecting the treasure, he realized that the thieves had only taken the false Soul Edge and a few fragments he had previously collected. There was no sign that they had touched any of the other treasure. This could mean only one thing: The intruders were seeking Soul Edge just as he was. If he could track down these people and force them to tell him everything they knew, his search would surely be made easier. Of course, the thieves must die a fitting death at Voldo's hands, but not before he had gathered additional information. Imagining his beloved master encouraging him and speaking to him with kind words, Voldo became excited. After resetting the traps and preparing to leave, Voldo sensed the presence of another intruder. Until now, the many traps could have stopped the thieves on their own, but this incident proved the danger of relying solely on traps. He went out himself to meet the intruder, and punished him with a painful death. While disposing of the thief's body, he thought to himself in silence. Of all the treasures Vercci had sought, only Soul Edge was still missing. If he could only obtain that, he would be able to dedicate himself wholly to protecting the pit. But in thinking of this, a new fear arose. Someday, he too would leave this world, and after that, there would be no one to protect his master's slumber or his treasure from the fools who would violate this vault. A successor was necessary to carry out the master's will and protect the treasure—someone devoted to serving Vercci and protecting the tranquility of the master's soul, just as Voldo had been doing for the past few decades. Surely Master Vercci would approve of the idea of a second guardian. Voldo ascended from the dark abyss to the surface, in search of the Soul Edge and a new successor to the guardianship of the Money Pit.

Li Long(SE, SC3)
age: 31
birthplace: Peking (Beijing), Ming Empire, China
height: 5' 8"
weight: 117 lbs
birthdate: October 8
blood type: B
weapon: bladed nunchaku
weapon name: Falcon
discipline: Matchless Dragon
parents: deceased
sister: Meimei
lover: Chie
son: he doesn't know of his existence


After the death of the great Eirakutei, the Ming Dynasty was left open to plundering by pirates from southern Japan. Li Long was hired by the emperor on a private mission to assassinate the leader of the pirates and bring Soul Edge home with him. However, he never really cared about Soul Edge and instead decided to not only assassinate the leader of the pirates, but the daimyo feudal lords as well. This was not part of the mission, but there was no doubt in his mind that he would succeed. However, Long was not as strong as he thought, and an attack on the head of a powerful family in Honshū failed horribly. Left badly injured, he was rescued by a young girl named Chie. Chie was the daughter of the former leader of the Fu-Ma clan, Hachibei, operating as an innkeeper. Chie had been permanently traumatized by the death of her mother as a child and had permanently lost the ability to speak. She devoted herself to Long's care, and they eventually fell in love; and he stayed with Chie long after he was made fit for travel again. One day, while Li Long was out, a fight had broken out at the Inn. Chie was thought to have been killed, and a wounded Hachibei told Long that a wandering swordsman had started the fight and left. Witnesses thought that it may have been Heishiro Mitsurugi, but obviously, Mitsurugi was not the only swordsman wandering the land. In actuality, the swordsman had been a ninja of the Fu-Ma clan, sent by its leader, Toki, to take back a sword that Yahei had stolen from them. Long set out for revenge on Chie's behalf, learning along the way that Mitsurugi was looking for the Soul Edge. Long decided that if he found the sword first, Mitsurugi would eventually have to come to fight him; and if it turned out that Mitsurugi wasn't responsible for Chie's death, he would seek out every last swordsman until he got his revenge.

In his journey, he came to Valencia, Spain, where he, after defeating a jet black hawk who attacked him, found the dread pirate, Cervantes de Leon, keeper of the watchers--one of which Long had killed previously during his journey--and possessor of the Soul Edge. He tried to steal the evil blade from him, and ended up in a fierce battle with the pirate; but he was quickly defeated by the sword's overwhelming power and fell to the ground, drenched in blood, calling out Chie's name. At that exact moment, Chie awoke in a monastery in Honshū. She may have been severely scarred on her back, but she was alive, and eventually learned of Long's misguided quest for revenge on her behalf. She waited for him for a month, when she discovered that she was pregnant with his child.

After his complete defeat at the pirate's hand, Li Long tried to escape. Cervantes chased him, but for some odd reason he gave up pursuit (probably at the presence of Sophitia). Li Long was exhausted, but before fainting took a look back and was witness of a bright column of light coming from the port - the Evil Seed. When he woke up, he found his body was heavily damaged and that it would take time to heal. But worse for him was to find that he also suffered from traumas. He felt worthless, questioning himself if his acts were righteous and if he committed the same atrocities to every swordsman he hunted. His confidence was totally shattered. Something within him was consumed.

He always was capable of avoiding the assassins sent to kill him, both ninjas and those sent from the Ming Empire. But now he felt more cornered, as if he were stalked by a shadow. He fled like a fallen warrior. He adopted a false name, traveled only in nighttime, and constantly changed his disguise. He was once the predator, but now he was the prey.

Three years later, when Chai Xianghua, a member of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard, was preparing to leave on a similar mission on the emperor's behalf, she was asked by Li Meimei to check on her brother, Long, and see if he was alive. Xianghua did eventually learn that Li Long had not died, finding him just after having won a battle, but he would never return to Ming Dynasty China again.

Without a sense of time, he wandered. He stumble upon a town, hoping to gain some anonymity from its vibrant population. But his pursuers were closing in dangerously. When he finally gave up, he was unexpectedly saved by a girl. Normally he would just walk away from her, but something stopped her. Not the girl's kindness, it was the faint gesture that hinted she too lost something. He wouldn't think twice about giving a false name, but he told her his real name, something he had not done in a while.

He accepted her offer and stayed, but he knew it wasn't meant to last. His pursuers were ruthless and relentless, and every time he looked at the girl, she reminded him of Chie, stirring his guilty conscience. But why had he found it so hard to leave?

She took care of him, who sometimes gazed at her with his sad eyes. It seems she, who lived all her life powerless, cannot turn her back to him, who seems to have lost everything.

Then they finally found him. The man in the entrance said something to the girl, and she was trying to tell Li Long something with her gaze. However, he ignored it and took his weapon to stand before his persecutors. He fought trying to control his trembling hand. In the past, it was unheard of Li Long to be slow to react. He still was able to barely defeat his foes, and the experience made him remember something he forgot: how to fight for something.

The girl stared frozen at the scene, but it didn't matter to him since he decided to leave anyway. He had nothing more he could say to her, but she ran up to him and touched gently his back, communicating her feelings more clearly than any word can offer.

He left the town that day, but now he knows what to do, for the ones who urges him to live. He was still there. Half of himself was left with that dreaded blade. Now it's time to regain it, but he still don't know that his lover is searching for him, and that the proof of their love was now breathing.

Hong Yun-Seong (Yunsung) (SC2, SC3)
age: 18
birthplace: Jirisan, Korea
height: 5' 9"
weight: 150 lbs
birthdate: April 16
blood type: O
weapon: Dao (Chinese sword)
weapon name: White Storm
discipline: Seong Style Longsword & natural footwork
father: taken by disease
mother: whereabouts unkown
master: Seong Han-myeong


Yun-seong was well-known in the famous Seong Dojo for his swordsmanship, especially by his seniors, including his master and head of the dojo, Seong Han-myeong. As a child, Yun-seong had idolized Hwang Seong-gyeong, but now he was no longer a personal hero, but a goal to surpass. Yun-seong wished more than anything to challenge him to a duel. One day, news reached the Seong Dojo that Hwang was returning from his long journey. Yun-seong saw this as the perfect opportunity to force him to acknowledge his fighting skills, personally entertaining the idea of becoming stronger than his former hero all along. However, his challenge was rejected as Hwang was more occupied with attempting to rejoin the military to help defend Korea in the impending invasion by Japan. Seong Mi-na, daughter of the dojo's owner, saw this brooding student of her father bitterly angry on account of the rejection of his challenge and handed him a Seong family heirloom: the dao White Storm that, according to legend, possessed the ability to reflect the innermost thoughts of those who wielded the blade. That night, Yun-seong studied the image of himself in the dao and reflected, leading him to the self-realizations that it was foolish to challenge Hwang for personal reasons as Korea was in a state of peril and that if he could obtain the "Sword of Salvation" that Hwang had failed to find, Yun-seong would finally be recognized and his challenge would be accepted. He immediately packed his belongings, took the dao, and left the dojo in pursuit of the "Sword of Salvation."

During his journey, Yun-seong heard rumors that the "Sword of Salvation" was an evil sword. He arrived in a village inhabited by children who survived a war between neighboring nations over a fragment of Soul Edge that resulted in the destruction of a fortress city where they once lived. He announced that he was searching for Soul Edge, and was greeted happily by the children, except one--Talim, who told him about the dangers of the sword. The children's leader, a sick boy, was startled when the sword was mentioned. Thinking that he knew something, Yun-seong waited for an opportunity to question the boy.

But the opportunity never came, for the boy would always avoid him. Talim tried to treat the boy, but to no avail. Seeing her disheartened, Yun-seong would talk to Talim every chance he could get, and she started to lighten up towards him. As the boy's condition deteriorated, Talim announced she would try a drastic treatment, but the boy refused. Yun-seong stopped him from arguing with Talim and spoke to him alone.

The boy told Yun-seong that he was the son of the lord of the fortress city, who went insane when he obtained a fragment of Soul Edge. He performed terrible human experiments, using his own son as a test subject, resulting in the dark energy within the boy's body. The neighboring cities attacked and the lord was killed, while the boy rescued the children who were going to be used as test subjects. After hearing his story, Yun-seong handed the boy his dao, White Storm, telling him of it's ability to show what lies inside the heart of whoever holds it. The boy looked into the blade and thanked Yun-seong.

After the ritual, Talim left the village, but Yun-seong went after her, still having a few unanswered questions. Before he left, the boy told Yun-seong that the wielder of Soul Edge, Nightmare, was in the lands of the west. Yun-seong set out to find out the truth about Soul Edge.

Zasalamel (SC3)
age: unable to determine due to his ability to reincarnate
birthplace: unable to determine due to his ability to reincarnate
height: 5' 11"
weight: 170 lbs
birthdate: (of current incarnation) May 5
blood type: B
weapon: death scythe
weapon name: Kafziel
discipline: original style
family: long since deceased


Zasalamel was originally born into a Sumerian tribe formed hundreds or thousands of years ago in charge of protecting the holy sword, Soul Calibur, embedded with the knowledge that wielding such power was forbidden. This strict edict existed to prevent the holy sword from being used for personal gain. Zasalamel, young and talented in both mind and body, was angered by this edict's failure to create a loophole that would allow the tribe to use the weapon in case a crisis were to occur. To destroy this foolish tradition, he prepared to take the sword into his own hands, but the tribe discovered his plans, and then proceeded to crush his arm and exile him from the tribe as punishment. Zasalamel was stricken with bitterness and despair, leading him to the pursuit of ancient knowledge, particularly the art of reincarnation. Finding this secret art which many had sought and failed to obtain within knowledge thought to have been lost long ago, he spent many years studying and training until the power became his own. However, he could not have anticipated the cost of such knowledge; for every time he died, he experienced a nihilistic feeling as if sinking into hell, and a pain as if his body were being ground into dust. He had distorted the laws of causality set down by the gods and he had torn off the shackles of time. In exchange for obtaining eternal life, Zasalamel had lost peaceful death. He reincarnated repeatedly over many generations, gradually losing the initial joy as his existence waned and the pain of death increased. Any enthusiasm he felt for living was gone many lifetimes ago, but he could never escape the eternal circle of reincarnation. During one of his lives, he had taken possession of Soul Edge in hopes of using it to commit suicide and be freed from reincarnation once and for all; but he ended up a servant of the sword and bonded with the sword until the last of that life faded.

In this current incarnation, he turned his hope to the Soul Calibur and returned to his birthplace to take the spirit sword back. But when he reached his homeland, the tribe was gone and the site was emptied without a trace of anything that had happened. Zasalamel tracked the whereabouts of the Soul Edge by following closely the massacres caused by the Evil Seed and Nightmare, learning that the Soul Calibur had finally reappeared as it was destined to whenever the Soul Edge became too powerful. He hoped that he may be able to obtain both of them at once; but unfortunately, the Soul Edge had lost half of its body and become sealed, and the Soul Calibur had been infected by evil, gradually losing its strength. In order to revive the Soul Edge, he lent his power to its will. Zasalamel resurrected the dead armor of the azure knight, Nightmare; and in order to aid Nightmare and increase the Soul Edge's power, he needed to create conflict within the mind of Siegfried Schtauffen, the possessor of both swords, by searching out survivors of Nightmare's carnage and directing them toward Siegfried. He figured that the strong hatred and hostility these surviving few bore would be enough to shatter Siegfried's will; and if the Soul Edge grew in power, the Soul Calibur would regain its strength as well, as told in the legends of Zasalamel's former tribesmen. After spreading his influence, Zasalamel lurks in the background, waiting for Siegfried's mind to be shattered; and when it is, Zasalamel will be ready to take advantage of the situation and steal both swords, hopefully to use this ultimate power in accomplishing his final death.

Olcadan (SC3)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: 5' 9"
weight: 174 lbs
birthdate: unkown
blood type: unkown
weapon: all
weapon name: The Ancient
discipline: all
family: long since deceased


Once, in an age now found only in myth and long since buried in the shifting sands of time, there was a man known by the name Olcadan. He was skilled in every kind of fighting art. His skill with weapons, in particular, could be compared with that of all heroes past and present, from East or West. He might even surpass them all.

It was a time of endless tribal warfare, and the troubled world sought a hero. But Olcadan had no interest in the affairs of the world. He found meaning in strength alone. The people were in awe of him and treated him as an eccentric, but Olcadan paid no attention to this and devoted himself entirely to honing his skills.

By the time Olcadan had reached manhood, there was no human being on earth who could challenge him. With one single exception that had ended in a draw, he could boast that he had been undefeated in the countless duels he had fought. So he turned his eyes to those with greater power--the gods. He began by hunting the great owls that were said to have been sent out so that the god of war might observe the world. By doing so, he could judge how close his ability had come to rivaling the gods. That confidence, which some would call vanity, was also backed by undeniable skill and courage. He took on the messenger of a god as an opponent and successfully defeated it.

Olcadan brought back the owl's head as proof of his victory, but the people did not extol his achievement, for they feared the wrath of gods.

The god's wrath came swiftly. Affected by the light of the moon and sun and the movement of the stars, Olcadan's head would transform from human to owl and back again. Upon seeing this curse, the people tried to obtain the god's forgiveness by capturing Olcadan. Sorcerers known as the "Sages of the Oak" were sent after him. Olcadan resisted them, but they took advantage of the vow he had made in order to become strong and formulated a plan to capture him.

As Olcadan lay chained to the altar at the top of a mountain, the god of war appeared before him in the form of a headless great owl. Without a word, the god threw Olcadan down into an ancient ruin, that sprawled deep beneath the earth.

"I shall give you time without end. Within this endless labyrinth, you shall realize your folly."

Much time had passed since Olcadan began wandering the sealed labyrinth in search of an exit. Time within the ruin flowed differently than in the outside world. Nothing changed, no matter what he did. He did not grow old, or hungry, or thirsty. There was nothing for him but the cold and endless corridors. Eventually, he gave up and accepted his fate, remaining in one room in the labyrinth and falling into a deep slumber.

The silence was suddenly broken. The deafening roar that shook the entire labyrinth and the great waves of power that followed were enought to wake even him. The sealed labyrinth had been opened--he could tell from the change in the way the air was flowing. The torrent of power that ran through the labyrinth in that moment must have forced open the door.

At that time, Olcadan had no way of knowing that this phenomenon was the power of the Evil Seed.

Stepping out from the labyrinth for the first time in an eternity, he learned that the world outside had changed greatly since his era. Just how much time had passed? The gods that he had once challenged had lost their power. The curse placed upon him would likely never be broken. He was not particularly troubled by this, however.

Those waves of power that had interrupted his sleep were undoubtedly the greatest power of this era. When he realized this, his body trembled with excitement.

Leaving the ruin to find the source of that power, he learned that to do anything in this world, one needed something called "money." It was a completely foreign concept to him, but if that was the way of this world, then he had no choice but to accept it. He earned an income by teaching people the fighting techniques that he himself had developed, and, over the course of several years, gradually learned about this era.

...And now, in order to restore the combat senses that had dulled over the course of his long sleep, he has once again severed all contact with the world by holling up inside the labyrinth.

He will challenge the most powerful opponent of the era. The opponent is a pair of swords. They had been young and weak in his era, but these weapons, crafted by the hands of a man, now rivaled the gods...

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Transending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.