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This page is for the bonus characters of the games. This includes special characters, NPCs, Chronicles characters, and story-only characters.

Canon characters

Assassin (SC2)

- SC II - A generic assassin unlockable only in North American and European console ports of Soul Calibur II, and even then, only selectable in modes other than Story. Although his fighting style is identical to that of Hwang Seong-gyeong, he has no biographical association with any character in the series. In battle, he uses the Chinese Blade "Assassin Blade".

Note: It has been pointed that Assassin has a profile in the "Soul Calibur 2 Official Complete Guide". It doesn't state anything more than that they ("Assassin" is actually a bunch of people) are assassins of unknown origin in search the fragments of Soul Edge.

- SC III - A unplayable opponent fought in Tales of Souls mode. She use the Kunai discipline. Can easily be created in Character Creation mode. "Assassin" is also one of the Create-a-Character jobs.

Beserker (SC2, SC3)

- SC II - A generic berserker unlockable only in North American and European console ports of Soul Calibur II, and even then, only selectable in modes other than Story. Although his fighting style is identical to that of Nathaniel "Rock" Adams, he has no biographical association with any character in the series. In battle, he uses the giant double-edged axe "Great Ax".

Note: It has been pointed that Berserker has a profile in the "Soul Calibur 2 Official Complete Guide". It states that the Berserkers ("Berserker" is actually a bunch of people) are people corrupted by the Evil Seed. Only the strongest ones are still alive, and they had been spotted in Eastern Europe following a strange armored man with a scar on it and a monster throught the forest.

- SC III - Berserker is an unplayable enemy character put under a spell by Nightmare. He uses the Lance Discipline. Though officially not unlockable, he can easily be made in the Create a Soul mode.

Lizardman (Generic) (SC2, SC3)

- SC II - The Lizardman featured in the American and European releases of Soul Calibur II is not Aeon Calcos, but only one of the many Lizardmen created by Fygul Cestemus to do their bidding. They don't have in-game backstory or ending, but they have a profile of their own in the "Soul Calibur 2 Official Complete Guide". The guide states that the Lizardmen are used in two main groups: the first one to collect fragments of Soul Edge and the second one as loyal slaves. There were some rumours claiming that the Lizardmen's leader, Aeon Calcos, was set free of the brainwash by the power that defeated Nightmare, so the sect Fygul Cestemus is using stronger spells on the remaining lizardmen to avoid such incidents. In battle the lizardman uses the sword and shield called "Gyulkus Weapon". They are cursed weapons given by the sect Fygul Cestemus to carry on battle.

- SC III - Lizardmen are unplayable characters who use the joke weapon of Lizardman, "Boned Meat"

Arthur (SE Korean version, SC Korean version, SC3)
age: 32
birthplace: Southampton, England, British Empire
height: 5' 7"
weight: 143 lbs
birthdate: June 8
blood type: AB
weapon: katana
weapon name: Gassan
discipline: Tsujikiri-Itou-Touryuu
relatives: whereabouts unkown
wife: died from illness
infant daughter


Arthur does not know who his siblings are. Born in a harbour town of England, he was living alone by the time he realized what life was like. On that street, which was the key point of the Atlantic trade, even a beggar could make enough money to live a day. At the age of 8, by the suggestion of a sailor who became close to him, he became a sailor. Life on the sea as a handyman of the ship was fun. But, his travel as the mascot of the ship, being loved by the crew, was over only in 2 years. When they visited the country of the Far East-Japan, known as the island of gold-a wealthy merchant who was trading with them took him as a stepson.

For the merchant, he only took Arthur in as a collection of things from the West, but a 10 year old boy couldn't have understood such peculiarity of an adult. He was very happy to have someone to call father. He learned Japanese and the Japanese manners so as to please his stepfather. The Japanese people disliked and criticized "the foreign boy who acts Japanese' and eventually, his stepfather offered him to a noble in the excuse that it was to teach him manners.

In the battlefield, his appearance was a target. As such, arrows, blades and lead bullets attacked him. To stay alive, he had no other choice but to fight recklessly. And one day, after countless battles gave him confidence about his skills, he realized something.

What he is is neither Japanese, nor a foreigner, but a swordman without roots.

The Japanese just look at him with curiousity, not as a man. But there's no way he could be European again, having forgotten his mother tongue already.

An ineffable anxiety and nervosity overwhelmed him.

What to do to be recognized as a man-the only way was to fight. Achieve what no one else can by accomplishing brilliant exploits! Without knowing what to accomplish, he left his home and wandered the battlefields. To become stronger, he risked his life many times.

As a result, he lost an eye that people said was like a jewel and what he gained were countless scars, self confidence that he can't lose to anyone, and a lovely woman who used to be a prostitute, who followed him like a shadow. By the time a baby of mixed bloodline was born, a rumour reached his ear.

The evil knight of the West. And Soul Edge.

It was like an oracle to him, who didn't know what to accomplish. If he defeats that knight and obtains that sword that's called invincible, this time, people might recognize his skills. Then his love and his baby won't be seen as strangers. Leaving behind the woman and the suckling, he went aboard a ship again after 20 years.

At the moment a cannon signaled the departure of the ship, the long-forgotten scenery of his homeland came back to him like an illusion.

- SC III - Arthur was born in Britain, sailed across the sea when he was still young and was adopted in Japan. But there he was considered a mere novelty by a local warlord, never treated as a human being.

As he grew older, he sought something that he can prove himself with - a sword. He immersed himself in battle, losing an eye along the way but gaining unshakeable confidence and a family of his own in exchange.

Now that he had gained something worth protecting, he desired an achievement that everyone would respect. He needed recognition and acceptance to shield his companion and daughter from public scrutiny.

The Azure Knight and the legendary Soul Edge... It was only one of many rumors that drifted in from foreign lands. Still, Arthur felt his greatest achievement would be to defeat this inhuman knight and claim this sword as his own. He thus left his companion and daughter in Japan and headed for the continent.

But the journey to capture the fabled sword was perilous, especially with no leads in a foreign land. The deformed knight's whereabouts eluded him, and he was constantly reminded of his powerlessness. However, he gained valuable experience - he grasped the vastness of this world and realized that regardless of consequence, for better or for worse, humans were only humans.

He now appreciated what was important in life, understood what he had to accomplish and that his agony was trivial.

A year passed since he set off to obtain the sword when he began his journey back to Japan. He carried with him a single proof of his journey, the one lead he found in a deserted town - a piece of metal said to be a fragment of Soul Edge.

His companion waited faithfully for his return to Japan. Without a word, he embraced her and presented her with the fragment he no longer needed. They exchanged their vows, and he returned to the life he knew, going from one battlefield to another in order to feed his family. No matter how distinguished his accomplishments were on the battlefield, he was treated no different. Still, those curious stares no longer caused him distress or torment.

For a while, the rhythm of life did not change. Two years after he wed, a pandemic broke out in the village they lived in. Fortunately, nobody in Arthur's family caught the disease and his wife, believing that the metal fragment from the foreign land had saved them, was ecstatic. She started carrying the fragment wherever she went. As the epidemic subsided, the village returned to normal, but his wife became frequently ill.

One day, Arthur returned home from the battlefield and heard what sounded like a body collapsing in the back room. He opened the door to find his wife slumped to the ground with his daughter crying next to her. As he approached her, he saw that her body had turned an alarming color. Her breath was shallow, yet her eyes still gleamed with life. Realizing this was an emergency, he brought the most prestigious doctor to examine her. All he could do, however, was tell Arthur that she was near death. He could do nothing but watch her suffer in vain, until one day she left this life for the next.

A short man robed in bizarre attire visited the stunned Arthur immediately after the incident. He claimed to be a traveling physician and that he was visiting because he had heard of his wife's condition. However, engulfed in anger and sadness from the loss of his wife, Arthur barked at the man to leave.

"Probably caused by the fragment..." muttered the short man as he left.

These words stunned Arthur. He scrambled after the man, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After the funeral, he put his crying daughter to bed and contemplated the words left behind by the short man. If what that man said was true, then the person responsible for the death of his wife... was none other than himself. The path he must take was now clear - the legendary sword, no, the cursed sword Soul Edge must be destroyed. In order to atone for his mistake, he must prevent such tragedies from ever happening again.

The following day Arthur prepared for the journey ahead and, with his daughter, once again boarded a ship to foreign lands. He had yet to behold the cursed sword, but his unclouded blue eye seemed squarely locked onto it.

Revenant (SC3)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: 5' 11"
weight: unkown
birthdate: unkown
blood type: none
weapons: wave sword x2
weapon names: Gatekeeper
discipline: Dual Mantis Style
parents: unkown, long deceased
master: Zasalamel


This man, now a slave to Zasalamel and his secret arts, used to be a famed man within the circles. But no one spoke of his name. The greatest assassin of his time, he never revealed his true name to others.

He grew up in the underworld, and he did whatever it took to survive. In the process, he had become a first rate assassin. He terminated his targets without fail, and if anyone even hinted at betraying him, he showed no mercy, not even towards his clients. He served no one. Many a scheming soul had sought to take him under their control. However, if they went too far a sure death awaited. Eventually no one harbored such thoughts, and even the most powerful men feared him. But even he grew old, and those that would fear him dwindled in number.

One day a young man appeared before him. In his hand was a large scythe. His eye that gleamed in the most extraordinary way was the last thing Revenant saw as a living human being. As the scythe tore his flesh, he was reminded of an old man he had killed. People referred to him as a magician. In his final vision, Revenant saw that old man in this young man's eyes. Was this man, who would have his revenge even after death, a true sorcerer?

There his life ended and his thoughts froze.

Approximately ten years since that day, it looked as if his decayed and skeletal body had forgotten everything. There may be memory still left in those hollow bones, yet he had no way of communicating them. A pawn in Zasalamel's quest to end his eternal life, perhaps Revenant also dreams of the day his quest would be complete, when he will be released from Zasalamel's grip.

Greed (SC3)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: unkown
weight: unkown
birthdate: unkown
blood type: unkown
weapon: kunai x2
weapon names: Austere & Void
discipline: Yatsude-Ninjutsu
family: all unkown


The aged man wore a satisfied smile after finishing one of his "hunts." He had his poor victim's treasures in his hand, though he was not interested in them.

A member of a group of bandits, "Greed" was his alias - a name that the public would never hear. He threw down the spoils in his dwelling, while his thoughts wandered back to his last "hunt." As he eyed his faintly smeared blade, he could feel his contentment quickly turn to hunger. The aged man, who had a ferocious voracity, thought back to all the lives he had taken.

"I cannot stop."

A gold coin faintly shone on the floor of a barely lit room, yet his attention was fixated on the smeared katana.

Can this thirst ever be quenched?

The old man, never satiated, let his thoughts dwell on his next hunt.

Miser (SC3)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: unkown
weight: unkown
birthdate: unkown
blood type: unkown
weapons: katana and shuriken
weapon names: Red Crow and Rusty Wing
discipline: Akatsuki-Ninjyutsu
family: all unkown


There was a dark, unknown place where sunlight barely reached. That was her favorite place. There in the darkness, was that a gold coin giving off a faint glow? But beware! The bloodied blade of Red Crow, her weapon of choice, was also shining.

She was part of a band of thieves that traveled the world, but few knew of this fact. Even fewer knew of the organization, shrouded in mystery. Thus her upbringing, her master who trained her in swordsmanship, the circumstances surrounding her becoming a thief... all untold, as mysterious as the organization. Of course, the name "Miser" was not her real name, and it was unlikely that her real name would ever be recorded in history.

She makes her way down the dark quiet road, unnoticed as she slips in and out of alleys and houses. Everywhere she goes, she takes gold and lives, leaving behind only the gleam of her weapon.

Valeria (SC3)
age: 20
birthplace: Venice, Venitian Republic
height: 5' 3"
weight: 108 lbs
birthdate: September 19
blood type: B
weapon: grieve edge
weapon name: Cepheus Seal
discipline: Kick Edge Arts
father: often away, traveling around the world
mother: died of sickness
Cepheus and all that work at the shop


Her dream was to prove her worth to her father.

Her father entrusted her to an acquaintance, and went off to travel the world. If there was news that a rare find was up for auction in the east, he would travel night and day to bid on it. If there was an artifact found in the west, he would head straight west. That was his life. After illness took his wife and left him with an infant daughter, this was the only way he knew to provide for her. Of course, Valeria never could understand that and grew up resenting him, believing that she was abandoned by her father.

She was entrusted to an old man named Cepheus, who had a shop in a town where the cultures of east and west converge. Valeria, in time, also worked at the shop. It was Cepheus' way of giving Valeria a chance to understand her father's way of life. As time passed, she nurtured a genuine curiosity towards antiques, becoming a very good appraiser. Cepheus suspected that her career choice reflected her desire to beat her father at his own game.

Cepheus urged Valeria's father to stay in town and spend more time with his growing daughter. The man responded that he is delighted his daughter found a passion in life. And should that path be the same one he chose for himself, the only thing he knows, that perhaps they can eventually travel together.

But that day never came. Before Valeria could be considered an expert, her father went missing. He disappeared en route to an auction that supposedly included a sword called Soul Edge. Cepheus suspected something had happened to the man. It simply was not like him to just disappear and leave his daughter. A few years later, Cepheus was certain of his suspicion. He began hearing rumors that Soul Edge was somehow involved with Nightmare and the phenomena that rocked Europe.

Valeria did not know where her father was headed when he disappeared. Cepheus told her everything he knew. Valeria was no longer the little girl that had nothing but resentment for her father. She finally learned of his true intentions, how he longed to travel the world with his daughter, and she wept for her foolishness in ever resenting him.

Her goal was to become the most skilled appraiser of ancient artifacts. Though her motive had changed, that ultimate dream remained the same.

Hualin (SC3)
age: 18
birthplace: Xian outskirts, Ming Empire
height: 5' 2"
weight: 104 lbs
birthdate: unkown (possibly a winter date)
blood type: A
weapon: rod
weapon name: Cepheus Seal
discipline: Ruyi Staff Arts
Cepheus and all that work at the shop
foster family: the family that runs a weapons shop in the inlands of Ming


Her dream was to become the finest weaponsmith in the world.

There was a mountain where martial arts experts gathered and dwelled. At the foot of this mountain is a small village, where it was said that a man who led a caravan settled down and opened a shop. Hualin entered the shop as an indentured servant, and thus began her life centered around weapons. While going through her daily chores and caring for weapons, she found her life's calling. From there on her training as a weaponsmith began.

The shop sold weapons from all over the world, but naturally because of the geography, Asian weapons seemed to predominate. Nonetheless, she also encountered western weapons and Arabic knives from the Middle East. Yet there was still so much she had not seen. Hualin gradually wished to see all the weapons of the world.

Hualin first met old man Cepheus one day near the end of the year. Cepheus was on his way back from a city in Ming after making a huge purchase and stopped by to visit an old friend. There, he was astonished by Hualin's skills, praised her and lamented her situation. Hualin's skills handling Ming weapons were phenomenal, but her handling of other weapons were inexperienced at best. He saw her potential and gift, so he asked the shop owner if he could take her with him to work in his shop. Cepheus' shop was located in a city where east meets west, and there Hualin would be able to see and experience more. With Hualin's talent, there was no question that she could eventually learn to handle any kind of weapon.

The weapons shop owner also recognized Hualin's potential, but at the same time, it would be a huge loss for the shop to let her go. Upon much agonizing, he made his decision, and Hualin went on her way to Cepheus' shop.

Day after day, Hualin sat in Cepheus' workshop whetting all kind of weapons. As he looked at the razor-sharp edges honed by Hualin, Cepheus was sure that it would not take long for her to become the finest weaponsmith in the world.

Lynette (SC3)
age: 16
birthplace: Kiev, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
height: shorter than she would like
weight: heavier than she would like
birthdate: March 31
blood type: A
weapons: tambourines x2
weapon name: Cepheus Seal
discipline: Lin-Lin Battle Dance
Cepheus and all that work at the shop


Her dream was...still undecided. At present, that was what she was searching for.

Lynette started working in the shop at a young age, and she had only seen the outside world over a counter. The shop that old man Cepheus ran was located in a town where the cultures of the east and west converge, which gave her the opportunity to see many cultures. She spends her day tending to clothes and armor, but she has yet to come across something that she would like to pursue for the rest of her life. She went through a period where she would compare herself to her fellow workers, some of whom already had a passion in their lives and became proficient in their chosen specialties.

"You have to be patient. There is no reason for you to be the same as the others," old man Cepheus would kindly tell her. "Take your time and find an answer that works for you."

From then on, Lynette searched for an answer that she could be satisfied with. She would go from one shop to another and listen to people's stories or try working there for a while. She would ask for stories of the outside world from customers. She would even take walks outside. She took up non-work related hobbies like dancing, playing music and even self-defense. Nonetheless, the answer refused to present itself. Everything seemed appealing to her.

All the vast world lay in front of her. Everything was so full of promise.

NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)

Bogus Cervantes (SE)
The first fight of Cervantes' Edge Master Book put him against "Bogus Cervantes", seemingly an imposter wearing a mask who tried to take Soul Edge from him. Cervantes fights him and kills him, leaving Soul Edge to take his soul. Since the battle doesn't contradict any event of the story, its easily assumable that happened. The imposter uses Cervantes' Extra Weapon called Main Gauche.

Colossus (SC3)
An unplayable opponent. It's the statue in the background of Sophitia's level, Eurydice Shrine. It seems to be a representation of Hephaestus. This NPC is odd, since he presents a face portrait in its lifebar (something the other NPCs don't have) and an own weapon, Olympus Punisher (a giant sword and shield made of stone). When he is knocked out, he falls down, but if he falls on you, you are instantly knocked out and it counts as a loss. Upon selecting him using a cheat device, it was found he also has two different outfits.

Doppelganger (SC3)
An exact double of the player's character, wielding the same weapon and wearing the same costume in the same colors, encountered occasionally in Tales of Souls mode. The character starts the match completely shadowed, and becomes more and more clearly visible as the player loses energy and becomes shadowed.The Doppelganger is only selectable when you use gameshark.

Dragon (SC3)
An unplayable character found in Tales of Souls. He's a gladiator who fights the player in the Lakeside Colliseum level, usually after a male and female Gladiators. He uses the Chinese Blade Dragon Sword which, oddly enough, doesn't have stats (like the Canon Bonus Character's weapons).

Generic Characters (SC3)
Generic characters found through Tales of Souls in various levels. All of them are easily made in Create-a-Soul.:
  • Bandits: Bandits dwelling in the Silk Road Ruins. There is a male and female bandit.
  • Footsoldier: Generic soldiers under the General's command. They uses Swords and Shields.
  • Fu-Ma Ninjas: Ninjas from Taki's clan. There is a male (wielding the Katana & Shuriken), a female (wielding the Sickle) and an older ninja (wielding the Kunais).
  • General: A general clad on a golden armor and wielding the Iron Sword. He's leading the assault on Raphael's castle in Wallachia.
  • Gladiators: Generic gladiators usually fought in the Lakeside Coliseum (Rock's stage). There is a male (wielding Sword and Shield) and a female (wielding the Iron Sword) gladiator.
  • Pirates: Pirates usually found in the Harbor of Souls (Maxi's stage). There are both male (wielding the Dagger) and female (wielding the Chinese Sword) pirates.
  • Sentry: Most normally found in the Lotus Garden (Xianghua's Stage). They come in pairs and protect the garden from intruders searching Soul Edge information. They uses the Staff.
  • Swordsman: A swordsman set on finding Soul Edge. He uses the Chinese Blade.
  • Thieves: Generic thieves usually found assaulting the Money Pit (Voldo's Stage). There is a male and female bandit (both wielding the Dagger). Sometimes they come from Yoshimitsu's Manjitou gang.

Keres (SC3)
An unplayable opponent, wearing a red hood and cape, and black armor. He wields the Iron Sword. Since he lurks around the Egyptian Temple, and dons the "Specter's Hood", some says it's a specter lurking in the fallen temple. He doesn't talk, only growl.

Before the player fights him in Tales of Souls, the match description states "Defeat the opponent before the time runs out. What then happens is unknown." Perhaps something happens if the player does not win nor lose the battle with a K.O. or a ring out...


Shadow Master (SC3)
An unplayable opponent, completely obscured in shadow, in some characters' stories. He is identified as Edge Master's evil form. In battle, he acts a lot like Olcadan, he choose at random any of the Create-a-Character "generic" weapons.

Will'o the Wisp (SC3)
An unplayable opponent, an amalgam of wisps (some sort of ghosts) of either red or blue coloration. Its name comes from the Will'o the Wisp phenomenon and can use any of the Soul Edge weapons (Mitsurugi, Tira, Astaroth, Cervantes, Lizardman, Nightmare) at random. Because of these characteristics, the creature may be a replica of Inferno. It usually appears in the Secret Money Pit, the Valentine Mansion and the Underground Buddhist Sanctum in Tales of Souls.

Chronicles characters (all SC3)

Abelia Schilleft
age: 21
birthplace: Parousia, Grandall Empire
height: 5' 5"
weight: 117 lbs
birthdate: April 25
blood type: O
weapons: broad sword and small shield
weapon name: Eternal Rest
discipline: Norman Mercenary Style
mother: died when young
father: killed in war


Attractive, brillant...the brightest student at the Grandall Academy.

No one doubted her skills as her aptitude became more and more apparent under the tutelage of her soldier father.

Ever since she can remember, she was called "elite", the constant object of everyone's envy and admiration.

She gradually came to expect this, and she did not feel discomfort...rather it pleased her.

She would stand tall and proud, lending a hand to the weak and breaking the will of the strong.

She came to believe that that was her reason for existance, her rightful place in the world.

Until the day he arrived.

He was in the same class at the academy as her, but he had no exceptional talent or sophistication. He was beneath her.

Yet he possessed an unknown appeal. A certain charm that could not be taught.

Abelia felt a force trying to steal something within her heart.

At the same time, she realized that her sense of justice which was the supporting force of her brillance, was merely a feeling of superiority and the pleasure of recognition.

A voice spoke to her from nowhere: "Who is this that threatens me?"

She took her sword and shield to defend her own justice.

She headed to the battlefront of her own will, where greed and conflict embraced.

Giradot Argezas
age: 52
birthplace: Parousia, Grandall Empire
height: 6' 0"
weight: 172 lbs
birthdate: September 7
blood type: AB
weapon: lance
weapon name: Absolution
discipline: Largus Apostolus Style
wife: taken by illness
son: Rudiger


In the stillness of time, he bequeathed the name "Absolution" upon the lance that possessed a part of his very being.

As a soldier, he didn't have a specific means for winning, rather he was simply driven to win. This gratified him, and as well, he believed this honoured those who risked their lives for their country. Ambushes and stealth attacks at night, his tactics were considered almost ruthless - but in a time of chaos, victory was the only justice in the world.

Girardot of Grandall. There was once a time he was accused of selling his soul to the accursed sword that had been passed along throughout the land. Despite the shower of accusations and countless arguments made against him, there was nothing stronger than his will to overcome such a tragic fate.

When he came to be responsible for his underlings at the Academy, self-doubt began to grow. One after another his pupils would be sent to war, all vowing to return to his guidance but not a single one fufilled.

He came to realize his sins, when he received news that the young girl that he'd regarded as a daughter, had been killed in action.

Girardot was fostering death. His pupil's lives had become instruments of war, and in turn he was instructing them on how to die. His very position as an instructor was founded on the corpses of his young students.

He had to face reality and stand firm. He would become the shield and the lance for the country and it's people; this was the path of atonement that he chose to follow.

Standing on the line between reality and ideals, he faced a battle that he'd never experienced before, and vowed unto the lance that possessed his very being, that he would never make the same mistake again.

age: 17
birthplace: unkown
height: 5' 2"
weight: 101 lbs
birthdate: October 8 (presumed)
blood type: A
weapon: Chinese blade
weapon name: Dystopia
discipline: Hei Sheng Jian Shu
family: since the Klessirpemdo is her family now, there is no need for a real one
mother: Mooncalf


She could still hear the shouting. "Take your sword if you want to live, you worthless scum!"

As the tears swelled from the pain, she had nowhere to hide and no peace in sight. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry. Please, give me another chance. I will not dissapoint you again..."

She had heard of kindness and warmth, but had never experienced them.

Her natural talent as well as her gruesome past was how she reached her present level of brillance.

Self-defense instincts, survival instincts, that was all it was.

No one protected her. No parents that cared and loved her. No friends to have emotional ties to.

Only a single sword. She had to be stronger. There could not be anyone stronger.

Today, she flies across the battlefield. She cuts through the enemy like a flash of light She feels no mercy to those that flee, that surrender, that beg her to spare them for their family's sake. She feels no mercy because she does not know how. She was never given the chance.

All this to simply exist, that was her only reason.

Demuth Beel Zebus
age: 45
birthplace: Epistema, Halteese Republic
height: 5' 5"
weight: 179 lbs
birthdate: July 10
blood type: B
weapon: steel fan
weapon name: Baindigart
discipline: Kim Style Fan Arts
parents: former king and queen of Halteese, deceased


The mystic water shined in the moonlight as the trees and wind played a soothing melody. As he savored the fine wine harvested from the fertile land, he was drunk...

The wine took his mind off his empty stomach.

Demuth was the third heir to the Halteese throne. The man approached him while he was still living in the Halteese castle.

The man eloquently explained the situation in which Demuth is placed and the future that lies ahead of him, and what he needs to do in order to change all that.

Demuth was third in line to the throne, which meant that without an "unfortunate event", his chances of becoming the king were next to nil. There was no way for a local lord of a small province to ascend to the throne over his two elder brothers.

As Demuth was contemplating the assassination of his brothers, the man simplistically told him, "If you want to be the king, become one."

It was indeed simple. Demuth claimed independence from the kingdom and began rule of the province for himself.

Everything happened exactly the way the man had explained. The castle, town, people, and services were all developed at astonishing speeds. The Halteese army, said to be the mightiest on the continent, fell one after another. It did not take long before the Halteese recognized the Maletta as an independent kingdom.

As Demuth finished his wine, he remembered that he was hungry. He was craiving for a huge piece of meat.

Tomorrow, the kingdom will probably expand. Demuth was sure that the big chunk of Halteese would satisfy his hunger.

Aurelia Dichalha Dolce
age: 36
birthplace: Revless, Kingdom of Dalkia
height: 5' 4"
weight: 119 lbs
birthdate: May 12
blood type: O
weapon: sickle
weapon name: Black Widow
discipline: Muji Chained Sickle Arts
husband: (former king of Dalkia) deceased


"Happiness" could be a fearful word. If someone had designed humans to pursue happiness, there should have been limits set to the means of doing so for this woman.

The woman who mourned the death of the King Dalkia could not hold her laughter once she entered the secret cell in her room.

Her peers trusted the proud, resilient and beautiful woman, unaware of her arrogant and greedy true nature.

If anybody knew of her true personality, it was Roin, the military commander. When she took the throne, many objected for she was just a concubine and not a real heir to the throne. However, it was welcomingly accepted by the military that clenched the real power.

Ascending to the throne while poisoning was still not ruled out as the king's cause of death, brought suspicion on her, but it was again the king's guard that testified for her.

A possessor of unmatched intellect and leadership, she did not have to hide her true personality for long.

Withdrawal from the peace treaty with Halteese and declaration of war against Grandall. Such eagerness to go to war, what would bring happiness to this woman?

The poisonous fangs that she bears searches for the next "happiness" to thirst on.

age: 29
birthplace: unkown
height: 5' 9"
weight: 157 lbs
birthdate: March 23
blood type: O
weapon: dagger
weapon name: Kingslayer
discipline: Thieve's Guild Dagger Arts
family: all unkown, and he doesn't care for them


"If a prerequisite of desire was purpose and motive, then it could be said that I was a person without desire. "If pleasure was defined as an emotion that was charged by desire, then I might be a person that cannot feel pleasure."

He pondered such thoughts next to the corpse that was human a few seconds ago.

Duels, gambling, fraud, murder, women, nothing seemed to satisfy him. At times he felt satisfied, but the feeling was always inmediately followed by emptiness.

The only moment he could feel life was when his life was on the line, the final moment between black and white.

He had stopped having a purpose, having desires.

Even if he fulfilled those purposes to satisfy his desires, they would all turn to emptiness. He was able to, more or less, obtain everything he wanted. But it all got old too quickly.

...Was it right after the war? As he prowled the town where flames still kindled, he saw a child with a doll crying. He remembered how he used to play with dolls when he was young.

Dolls have no soul and could be controlled to one's every whim. At times, there were dolls that would not move exactly how he wanted. But the dull sound which resulted from applying more pressure satisfied him just as well. It was these moments, perhaps, that he enjoyed more.

If he was going to have fun, why not do it with live dolls. If he was going to have fun, why not have a stage as big as this continent. Why not make them act out an epic drama full of life and death, tears and inspiration.

He started humming. He closed his eyes and delightfully waved his knife like a conductor's wand.

Strife Astlar
age: 17
birthplace: Parousia, Grandall Empire
height: 5' 5"
weight: 115 lbs
birthdate: November 11
blood type: B
weapon: great sword
weapon name: Ambition ( Soul Edge in Chronicles of the Sword only)
discipline: Malloy Mercenary Style
mother: deceased
father: (former king of Grandall) killed in war
relatives: executed by him


On that day, Strife took the Emperor's throne. At the age of 10, not even a hint of a smile was to be seen. For days after, he did not eat. For days after, he did not sleep. For days after, he concealed a dagger.

His own kind had made attempts on his life for the crown. Trust was nowhere to be seen, and betrayal had become a daily routine. The vile avarice of humans and the fear of his own brutal death, slowly ate away at his sanity.

One day, a voice was heard from deep within the castle. This voice was heard each time he sat at his throne. Gradually, this voice became a part of him. He began to speak these words as though they were his own.

From that day forward, he would be a different man. He would execute anyone who dared oppose him. He would ruthlessly torture anyone who aroused his suspicions. He would wield the very symbol of Empirical power, "Ambition". He would declare non-intervention in other lands while expanding his military.

...Today, a cadet visiting the Academy caught his eye. Something in his demeanor was unsetting, but it was for just a moment.

He did not realize at the time that this cadet possessed what he has long sought after.

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  • Story-Only Characters (all games)

    Ares (Palgaea)

    Also known as "Palgaea", he's the Greek god of war, Ares is trying to take Soul Edge for his own purposes. He commanded the Grand Priest of the Fygul Cestemus sect, Kunpaetku, to create a golem to help find it. Altough Kunpaetku created Astaroth in hopes of taking Soul Edge for himself, he didn't know that Ares, to assure Astaroth's loyalty, implanted Ker, the Agent of Death, inside him.

    Rock's adopted son. He lost his parents in tribal warfare and was the only native to close on the "White Giant" during his first years in the New World. Eventually he took Bangoo as his son and raised him. Being kidnapped by the Fygul Cestemus sect to serve as bait to bring Rock and take his soul, he was rescued by Rock and settled in Europe. After 4 years he decided to go on an journey to prove his manhood, so he embarked back to his native land.


    Li Long's lover. The daughter of an innkeeper, she had lost her ability to speak following the death her mother. Chie nursed Li Long back to health following his failed attack on the Japanese feudal lords and the two eventually fell in love. One day a battle broke out in the inn where Li Long was staying, leading to the apparent death of Chie. Li Long, believing Mitsurugi had killed her, then set out to find Soul Edge and exact revenge. However, unbeknownst to Li Long, Chie had survived and was pregnant with Li Long's child.


    The Greek god of forge and smithery, Hephaestus feels that Soul Edge, a weapon made by man, is so evil that it could end staining his reputation as the "Blacksmith God", so he sends oracle to 24 peoples to go and destroy the evil blade. Among them the spartan knight Aeon Calcos and Sophitia Alexandra were chosen. Aeon Calcos never reached the sword, but Sophitia was able to shatter one of the blades.

    The King
    Also known as "The Hero", he was a man who was able to subdue of Soul Edge and, thanks to his strength of will, avoided being controlled by it. He used the sword to bring peace and spread peace among the lands. Unfortunantly, his jealous son took Soul Edge and was possessed. The King battled him and with a mighty blow defeated him, but the stirke was fatal. After his son's death, he decided to create a sword to counter the evil in Soul Edge. Using purified shards from his battle with his son, and with the assitance of various sages, he's able to create the Soul Calibur after many failed attempts and even sacrficing his own life.

    Kong Xiuqiuang

    Estranged father of Xianglian and Xianghua and former resident of the Ling-Sheng Su temple. During his days as a monk, he fell in love with a woman named Xiangfei and fathered a daughter with her. When their relationship was discovered, the monks took Xiangfei's daughter and she was forced to leave the temple. Kong would later steal the Krita-Yuga to give to her as a promise that they would meet again. Kong was intended to be the successor of the Kali-Yuga, but was banished from the temple when it was discovered that he had stolen the Krita-Yuga. Since leaving the temple, Kong has joined the Korean coastal defense force with Hwang and trained Seong Mi-na in the Ling-Sheng Su martial arts.


    High Priest of the Fygul Cestemus sect, he's the one who created Astaroth at the God of War's request. He, however, wanted Soul Edge to himself, so he can turn into a god. Unfortunately for him, Ares' agent of death, Ker, dwelled inside the monster and Kunpaetku lost control over him. Trying to use a curse to control him again, he only obtained Astaroth's rage and the destruction of his shrine, the Shrine of Kunpaetku. He survived, only to find Maxi and being killed shortly after.


    Maxi's sworn brother. Being raised since childhood alongisde Maxi by his father, both turned into brothers and best friends. Kyam usually took the leadership of Maxi's crew during his ausences. He accepted Kilik to travel with them since he chose his shp, but Astaroth's ambush in the port town ended with his death at the hands of the giant. Maxi swore revenge upon his death body.


    Li Long's sister and friend of Xianghua. She asked Xianghua to check on Li Long's health, since he never returned after his mission in Japan.

    Phillip de Leon
    Cervantes's father. Once a privateer working for the Spanish Kingdom, Philip was known because he never killed the crew of the boats he attacked. He always left them with provision and ways to return safely to land. But that generosity cost him dearly, being ambushed by a english warship disguised as a merchant vessel. His death marked Cervantes de Leon, and make him decide in turning into a pirate.


    Sophitia's husband and a blacksmith. It was Rothion who forged the Omega Sword and Elk Shield used by Sophitia from holy ore given to him by Hephaestus. He also forged another sword and shield for Sophitia to use when Cassandra stole the originals. Rothion and Sophitia were married after Sophitia returned from her second search for Soul Edge and have since had two children named Pyrrha and Patroklos.


    Taki's master and former leader of the Fu-Ma Ninjas. He was the one who found and raised Taki. Although a benelovent man, he fell into the influence of evil and sought the mystical sword Mekki-Maru to grew in strength. Hachibei, formerly co-leader of the group, escaped with the blade and his daughter, Chie, into hiding. Still, Toki would not stop until Mekki-Maru was in his possession, so he sent various ninjas, Taki with them, to find him. Eventually he found out Taki lied to him about Hachibei's death in an attempt to cover him, and he sent his right-hand man Geki to retrieve Mekki-Maru from her. Geki isn't succesfull, but Toki kept sending ninjas against his former student. His last battle was against Taki in the Buddha Sanctum. He absorbed the powerful demon Gel'o Fury and stand against Taki, which defeated him with the techniques he taught her. Upon his last words, Gel'o Fury escaped his host and flew to an unknown direction.

    A prolific Italian merchant and Voldo's master, Vercci amassed fortunes dealing with the Spanish Armada, which he supplied with weapons. Thanks to the supplies he delivered (weapons mostly) he was known as the "Merchant of Death". He always was pride of saying he had everything he wanted. But there was one thing he never found: Soul Edge. He decided he would find it and, once his opposing brothers were out of the way, he gave Voldo the work of leading the search. He contracted mercenaries and pirates to search land and seas, but to no avail. He even contractred Cervantes de Leon's aid, which he accepted since he was one of his clients when he turned pirate. Finally he decided to lead the search. During his travels along the world he gathered many treasures, but wasn't able to find the swords. Worse yet, he received notices about the breaking of the Italian Wars and that his house, along with his possession there, were lost. With only what he carried in his fleet, he went into an unnamed island on the mediterranean and ordered to dig a 50 mt shaft, which will turn into his tomb. He was going to keep his fortunes safe here. Once it was completed, he ordered Voldo to slay the sailors so they cannot reveal the location. Vercci died before knowing of the Italian Wars' end, but he still communicates with Voldo, still ordering him to search that last treasure he never got: Soul Edge

    Chai Xianglian

    Kilik's sworn sister, and Chai Xianghua's biological sister (though they never knew each others). She was the daughter of Kong Xiquiang and Chai Xiangfei, but because their love was forbidden, her mother was dismissed of the temple and she taken as an "orphan". After finding out his father stole the sacred Krita-Yuga, she thought she wasn't worth of the sacred sword, but the monks reassured her that she had surpassed his family's stain and is more than worthy of wielding the sacred mirror, Dvapara-Yuga. Unfortunate, the night of the ceremony the Evil Seed rained down into the temple, turningthe monks into killing berserks. Dvapara-Yuga protected her from the evil influence, but seeing Kilik's state she give up her life, putting Dvapara-Yuga and saving Kilik. She turned berserk shortly after and was killed by Kilik himself.

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