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There have been many stages throughout the Soul series. This is where I list them.

The Old Temple (SB)
An old temple in the footing of the Chii Mountain, at the southern edge of the korean peninsula. It has been constructed in the 4th century, but was rebuilt several times already. It has a stage in its front, which has been used by Seong dojo students for training.

Lin-Sheng Su Temple Ruin (SC3)


The Ling-Sheng Su Temple, famous in the world of martial arts, is located deep within the Chinese mainland. A few years ago, this historic temple was suddenly destroyed. The influence of the Evil Seed, released by the Soul Edge in a land far to the west, drove the monks of the temple insane, and they tore each other apart with their well-honed combat skills. In this way, the proud Ling-Sheng Su temple vanished. The people who will live here dare not to approach this area, perhaps due to the abominable energies spread by the cursed sword. Seong Mi-na came here seeking deeper knowledge of the fighting techniques she had learned from her wandering master. One must wonder what she felt upon seeing this place...

Money Pit- the Secret Treasury (SE)
Found on an unnamed Mediterranean island, this was the place where the millonaire Vercci, known as the "Merchant of Death", hid his treasure. Lying on the bottom of a 50 mts deep pit in a secret vault, protected by deadly rip-tides, underwater traps and other effective ways to guard it from thieves and intruders. It's truly an impregnable island.

Money Pit (SC)
The Money Pit once proud of its impregnable status faced a humbling conquering at the hands of an act of God. A terrible storm flooded most of the treasure vaults and even the highest of the vaults could not escape. The highest among the stockyards bore the marble statue of the dead master Vercci, this was the final stand of the Money Pit and the place Voldo placed the coffin of the dead master and slowly gathered the remaining treasure into.

Money Pit- Top Tier (SC2)
This deep chasm is both the storehouse and the tomb of the Italian merchant of death, Vercci. This place, built on a nameless island in the Mediterranean Sea, is renowned to grave robbers as the Money Pit. Countless booby-traps, including a water trap based on the tides, line the pit, but the most feared deterrent is the enigmatic guardian that awaits within. None who have sought the treasures have ever returned. This platform is the top level of the Money Pit, located near the entrance opening. But grave robbers must be wary, for one missed step means certain death down the chasm. They may get to the treasure at the bottom, but it is meaningless if they are dead.

Secret Money Pit (SC3)


There is an island with no known name that occasionally becomes the topic of rumors told at taverns. Beneath this island floating in the Mediterranean Sea is a giant vertical shaft at least 50 meters deep, which was dug in secrecy. There, along with countless traps to stop intruders, lies a great fortune. The rumors say that this place belonged to Vercci, the wealthy Italian merchant. It is said that he disappeared into the sea along with his fleet of ships, and that he sleeps here now, together with his treasure... but no one has ever confirmed the truth. Those who have foolishly ventured into the pit have paid for their overconfidence with their lives. Those who survived returned not with treasure, but with wounds carved into their bodies. As the wounds had obviously been made by a blade, the rumors eventually began to include tales of a mysterious guardian.

Pirate Fortress (SE)
The castle owned by Noto Murakami and the Settouchi Pirates (also called the Mori Sea Force). This castle is built on the whole island, and act as a port and a barrier in the seas. It also supplies pirate ship. Mitsurugi comes here seeking a boat to the mainland.

Takamatsu Castle (SC)
Mitsurugi was a trusted mercenary in the base of Mori's Murakami Navy on Noshima Island. Mitsurugi had been assigned to defend Takamatsu Castle at the front line of the Mori Army. Takamatsu Castle was centered in a marshy area and, due to its geographical features, considered impossible to seize. However a clever and resourceful Hideyoshi Hashiba constructed a 3-kilometer bank surrounding the castle to stop the flow of water causing the Ashimori-gawa river to flood the region. Everything hung in the balance and thus without fear or hesitation Mitsurugi climbed aboard a raft and, facing an onslaught of arrows, rushed into battle.

Battle in the Strait (SC3)


The Murakami Navy became famous during Japan's warring states period. But when the country was united under Hideyoshi Toyotomi and he issued his proclamation against piracy, they were slowly robbed of their power. The final resistance put forth by the Murakami forces of Noujima was met by the Kuki Navy, who had suffered in the past at the hands of the Murakami. Both sides fought fiercely in a series of sea battles. While originally holding the advantage, the Murakami forces of Noujima were eventually pressed back by the Kuki forces. The Kuki forces were backed by Hideyoshi, the effective leader of Japan, and in the end, the Murakami finally yielded. In the records of this conflict, one can find the name Heishiro Mitsurugi. At the beginning of the conflict, he had supported the Murakami forces.

Xiwei Siege Ruins (SC2)
Xiwei, positioned near the west border of the Ming Empire, was a vital stronghold for maintaining the empire's western territories. Tragically, when the Emperor believed the castle was hiding the Hero's Sword from him, he dispatched an army to seize the castle. Ultimately, the citadel was destroyed. Sadly, the army failed to find the sword in the rubble of the stronghold. Was Soul Edge, known in this region as the Hero's Sword, really at Xiwei? Or was this place destroyed due to a misunderstanding? No one can answer these questions now.

Ostrheinsburg Castle (SE, SC)

The castle owned by the knight Sir Stephan, who he claimed it to be invincible. Now his claims are hard pressed as the castle fell to the Marqui Andre' siege and his powerful cannons. The battleground are spilled with blood as men slew eachothers. Siegfried is a mercenary on Sir Stephan's side, but in reality he's seeking his legendary sword "Grimblade", believing it to be Soul Edge.



Ostrheinsburg Castle rises high with the deep forests of Mittelberg in Germany behind it. Constructed by a renowned independent knight named Sir Stefan, this castle's defenses consisted of quadruple castle walls considered as being impregnable.

However, after Sir Stefan was killed in a war, the remaining soldiers loyal to him were summarily executed and the women and children were taken away as slaves. After thieves plundered it thoroughly, this castle became a tragic ruin that reeked of death. It became a place where none dared to visit.

Ostrheinsburg Chapel (SC2)
The broken wall of the chapel reveals a somber view of the castle ruin looming in the distance. The ruin is what remains of Ostrheinsburg Castle that bore witness to the clash between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur four years previous. This chapel was the epicenter of the events surrounding Nightmare that transpired a few years before then. No one has dared to visit this chapel ever since, but mysteriously, some say that the chapel bell can be heard once in a while. Rumors say that the bell rings itself in honor of the chosen warriors.

Ostrheinsburg Castle- Battlement


Much time has passed since this proud, once-impregnable fortress, with its four citadels, was reduced to ruin. The scars inflicted by giant siege engines several years ago tell the tale of the horror of war. After losing its first lord and falling into ruin, this castle was occupied by a terrible master known as the Azure Knight. The chaos of war, and then the Azure Knight, filled this land with bitter hatred. A miasmal fog still lingers over the castle even after the knight has left. It is said that this land, avoided even by wild beasts, feels like home to those who have accepted evil into their hearts. Those who visit this place will surely see the dark birds that gather at the top of the tower of this crumbling castle.

Unkown Land (SE)

In a savannah located in the New World lie a gigantic crater. In the center of this wide crater is a forest of megaliths of unknown origins. The natives called it "sacred" land, but were afraid to visit this place. Nobody ever comes here normally. Is it a site of power?

The Coliseum (SC)

Here stands the remains of an ancient coliseum surrounded by canals. Evidence suggests it was once used at a theater as well as an arena since the royal boxes have epitaphs such as "dedicated by the holder of this grand event". It is estimated this theater can hold twenty thousand guests, which is about the same as the Megalopolis in Greece. The players entered the coliseum by grand boats decorated with gold and silver and the winners were praised atop the alter of sacred fire in the center of the spectator seats.

Lakeside Coliseum (SC2, SC3)

This place is a revival of the splendor that is ancient Rome. The dreams of those in power are always connected to that place, regardless of the ages. This place exists in a lakeside cavern somewhere in Europe. This is a place where duels to the death are fought. The special privilege of witnessing the battles are only offered to a small number of the upper class. It is a place both elegant and gruesome, it is a place ruled by glory, praise, curiosity, blood, and money. This place of duels and battles looks just like the ancient coliseums. Warriors fight here for different reasons: Some fight for glory or money, while others hope for freedom. And the affluent watch the battles from their special seats or the boats floating on the lake, enjoying the spectacle that they see as the ultimate entertainment.


What is the most primitive, most appalling, yet most exciting sport? The answer lies in ancient Rome. It is the Colosseum, where men bet their lives in combat. On a certain lakeshore exists a secret arena constructed to recreate that world. Men of power who have already exhausted all other luxuries the world has to offer come here to watch men fight for their lives. This place was built in search of this ultimate stimulation. In contrast to the blood-stained madness of the arena, the surrounding landscape is pleasant and peaceful. The surface of the lake calmly reflects sunlight onto the gently swaying trees of the forest... The arena, which has tested the blood of countless warriors, breathes deeply of the clear lakeside air and quietly awaits the signal for the next battle to begin.

South France Mansion- Library (SC2)

The master of this domicile is no longer alive. The rich lord that lived here was poisoned, and the man who lived here since left this place recently. Other than the wing where the servants and the child that the man brought reside, this mansion is in desolate silence. It is said that the man did not come out of this library until the day he left on his journey. Surprisingly, there are no traces on the bookshelves or anywhere else in the room that give a clue to what the man was doing in this place. The silent mansion awaits the return of its master... or the visitor.

Eurydice Shrine (SE)
Shrine of Eurydice (SC)
Eurydice Shrine (SC2)
Eurydice Temple- Gate of the Gods (SC3)


An shrine for the gods constructed by Hephaestus, the greek god of forge and smithery. This giant palace once laid on ruins, but thanks to Sophitia's faith it restored its former glory. Sophitia received here the sacred weapons and the oracle to destroy the evil sword named Soul Edge.

The gods constructed a circular shrine atop a great sacred mountain. Legends say the gods created this shrine to defy themselves. As if to prove this legend the path to the shrine was a cascade of giant stairs that human feet could never step upon. "If the gods do not wish us to enter the shrine of legend then we shall construct a second shrine for them to come to us." Therefore, this second shrine stood next to the mountain. All who visited the shrine surrounded by clouds and divine light felt as if they were floating in air. What could have been the hopes and bows of people standing on this shrine looking at the circular shrine of legend in the distance? And of Sophitia...


This shrine is built high up a snow-covered mountain that is as beautiful as it is harsh. The scale of this temple is such that it is easy to believe that Olympian gods once dwelled in this place. Legends say Hephaestus, the God of fire and forge, built the main shrine on top of the summit. This is evidenced by the stairway that leads up to the shrine - the enormous steps are impossible for mortals to climb. Humans built this gallery around the giant stairway for their priests' use. In one corner of this meticulously built gallery is the place where a blacksmith couple gave an offering of a sword and a shield to Hephaestus. The arms have disappeared from the altar, however. Who could have taken them?


The gods of Olympus are long forgotten and no longer worshipped. But a number of phenomena confirm that they once existed. This temple in the clouds is one of them. This circular temple, said to have been constructed by the god of the forge, Hephaestus himself, stands at the peak of a mountain. Around the sides of the mountain spirals a giant stairway. People constructed a corridor for human use beside the stairway of the gods, for those who came to worship at the mountain peak. In front of the base of the stairs stands a temple marking the entrance to that corridor. It has been a great long time since this temple was constructed to call the gods to this place, but even those who visit it now will surely be awestruck by its beauty.

Water Labyrinth (SC)

Japan is a lush and green land and large veins, such as this one, gather the snow and rain from the ground. These veins form a network throughout Japan much like the veins in the human body. It is said that it takes one year for water to be absorbed one meter into the earth. Thus the water in this deep vein has travel for many years and is deathly cold and ghostly clear. The soft pale blue stones create an illusion around the walls, broken only by patches of warm green moss. Newly empowered by the Evil Seed the vile ghost Gel-o-Fury shattered the seals in the bamboo forest and made its way into this vein. Taki challenged the ghost several times in this complex cave. Toki's assassins, while chasing Taki, could not resist Gel-o-Fury's aura and were absorbed into the great ghost. As Gel-o-Fury grew in power Taki became convinced that the ghost was planning to exit the vein in Kyoto within the Buddha Hall of the Hoko Temple. She went ahead and planned to ambush the ghost in the hall.

Sacred Mt. Fuji- lava bed (SC3)

The sacred mountain, Mt. Fuji, has been regarded as the realm of Gods since ancient times. At its base spreads a great forest that blocks the path of those who would enter. Beneath it lies an underground waterway that carries spiritual energy to every corner of Japan. Also beneath its surface flows a layer of lava. There' one can find a scorching hell hot enough to instantly vaporize the cold water that periodcally flows in. This sacred mountain is the most definitely not sleeping peacefully, but is an active volcano pulsing with heat. Anyone who sees this sight will understand in an instant that this is a magnificence far beyond human power, that only Mother Nature could create. It is the very pulse of the earth itself, filled with power.

Desert Path (SE)

A desertic path that stretches in the middle of Asia. Its completely barren and desolate, aside from the ruins of an ancient chinese fortress, who is now buried in the sands. This road is the most dangerous passage to the travelers who choose to avoid the dangerous sea route. It is truly and extremelly cruel passage.

Silk Road Ruins (SC, SC3)

The prosperous oasis cities in the shirt of the Takla Makan were important relay stations for caravans crossing the Silk Road. Merchants rested and enjoyed these cities as they chased the profits of trade. This remain constructed in a cave deep within a valley lay but one day's travel by wagon from a near by oasis city. Rumor has it that a rich merchant, fond of life away from the rush of city life, built this remain. As if to prove the rumour the halls and floors are decorated with expensive lazurite and malachite.


The south path through the western countries is one of the steepest parts of the Silk Road. Near the entrance on the west side lies an especially eye-catching ruin that serves as a landmark to travelers. It is said that the building was build by a wealthy merchant during the time when this region was still the centermost route along the Silk Road. In everything from the patterns on the pillars to the decorations on the walls to the materials used in the floors, one can see the mix of Eastern and Western culture typical of a Silk Road ruin. But now, a dangerous person hides out here... no... this man has long since given up his humanity. For the sake of his objective, he patiently awaits the arrival of travelers who may hold the clues he seems.

Kaminoi Castle- Sakura-Dai Gate (SC2)

The Kaminoi Castle, built on a desolate mountain plateau, is an impregnable fortress. The castle's study walls and the beautiful cherry blossoms won high praises. But during the era of Japan's unification, the ruling government felt that an accessible location was more befitting for the capital, and thus this castle was eventually abandoned. The new era had no use for a remote fortress such as Kaminoi Castle. Since the castle was in such remarkable condition even after it was long abandoned, rumours began to emerge about the grounds being haunted by ghosts. People have stayed far clear of the castle ever since.

Shrine of Confined Demons (SE)

A shrine found on Oni Isle, surrounded by a vast bamboo forest. This shrine was built by Taki to seal off powerful demons, called Fury-Demons. There used to be a ring of protection around the shrine, but is since been broken. The tatami (made of Furuki and layers of rock) serves as a strong spellcaster to seal the demons.

Hoko-ji Temple (SC)

Hoko Temple was constructed in Kyoto (the capitol of Japan at the time) in the 17th year of Tensho (1589) under the proposal of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The temple's was officially created to pray for the peace and stability of the nation, but it had a hidden agenda of "katana-gari" to prevent the constant rioting of farmers. In a secret underground hall there is a standing Buddha statue 24 meters tall set within the center of a huge fusui-ban which Yin-Yang masters would consult in their advice to Hideyoshi and his strategists for conquering the country. However, in construction of the great hall Hideyoshi cut down a several thousand-year-old cedar tree on Yakushima Island and used the weapons collected from the katana-gari for iron for the huge Buddha statue. In ancient times the Japanese word "ki" meaning wood and another word "ki" meaning spirit were one and the same. People believed wood and trees had holy spirits and the word "kodama" literally meant "spirit of a tree" and now "echo". Thus by killing a great life to make the hall and using the statue forged from iron that had tasted the blood of men it was only natural that this place would bear the seeds of disaster as it shed its dark pulse. In fact Hideyoshi drove the Yin-Yang masters out of temple in the 2nd year of the Bunroku when their fortune telling affected the Toyotomi Clan. It is also well known that the kanji carved on the great bell of the temple became the direct cause of the fall of the Toyotomi Clan. The bell's creation was sponsored by the son of Hideyoshi (deceased by this time) and his mother Yodo-gimi under recommendation of Ieyasu Tokugawa (eventually the first shogun of the Edo Era, at the time he was a subject of Toyotomi, though he was equal in power to the lord). The eight kanji carved on the bell meant, "May the nation be in peace so lords and subjects may enjoy wealth". However the order of the kanji could also be translated as "Cut Ieyasu in two pieces, Toyotomi will become the emperor and prosper forever". Though the Toyotomi Clan did not intend this, Ieyasu saw this as a curse of magic that wished the fall of the Tokugawa clan and challenged the Toyotomi Clan formally. Thus began the Winter Campaign of the Osaka-jo Castle, followed by the Summer Campaign and ending with the fall of the Toyotomi Clan. Taki came to this temple to have a decisive battle with the ghost Gel-o-fury, which had broken the seals of the bamboo forest with its newfound power from the Evil Seed. Outside the temple Toki's assassins awaited the outcome, how could Taki hope to survive this situation?

Underground Buddhist Sanctum (SC3)

There is a secret place within the Hoko temple -- a knowledge forbidden to be spread. That place is an underground Buddha shrine which was constructed using sprititually twisted methods. The shrine contains feng shui bowls made of felled jomon cedar trees severed from their natural chi. There is also a bizarre Great Buddha made from the iron of weapons confiscated during Hideyoshi Toyotomi's great disarmament of the country's peasants. This place includes a tributary of the spiritually rich underground waterways that crisscross Japan, and is a place in which dark powers gather. Once before, in this place, Taki, with her sword Mekki-Maru in hand, sealed an ancient evil spirit. Through the dark power of Soul Edge, the head of the Fu-Ma clan, Toki, had become a demi-demon and had merged with several evil spirits, including the evil spirit that Taki had sealed. His fight with Taki occurred in this sinister great Buddha shrine. Bathed time and time again in powerful spiritual forces, this shrine has become a nest for all sorts of creatures, demonds, and spirits.

Labyrinth (SC2)

Just like the legends surrounding the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea, many myths and folklores around the world refer to structures called Labyrinths. Most places people refer to as labyrinths, however, are nothing more than intricate places. This ruin is the exception. With complex corridors and chambers that run though numerous levels underground, this ruin defines the word "labyrinth." No one knows when this labyrinth was created or its purpose. The only thing that is known about this recently reawakened ruin is that it is the only structure in this area - there are no cities nor temples anywhere nearby.

Grand Labyrinth
Grand Labyrinth- corridor
Grand Labyrinth- darkness (all SC3)

Buried on the coast of the Black Sea lie the forgotten ruins of a gigantic stone structure. Olcadan had once been imprisoned in this place by a curse of a God, but its entrance is now open due to the influence of the Evil Seed. Nevertheless, it is not a place to be taken lightly. Its twisting passageways confuse the sense of direction, and the dark, wet atmosphere induces a primal fear in those who enter. Those who constructed this labyrinth have long since disappeared from the earth, and there is no way to know for what purpose it was built. But supposedly, this place was known to them as the "end of the earth," and, to them, this underground labyrinth may have perhaps been the kingdom of death -- the land of the Gods.

Valencia Port (SE)

A port town in Spain, known to be the Dreaded Cervantes de Leon's headquarters. Here lays the Black Tail Inn, a place favoured by the pirate. It was once flourishing, but now it lays in ruins and silent like a tomb. Only a foul smell of death can be felt in the air. The Adrian, Cervantes' flagship, can be found anchored here.

The Adrian & the Fortress (SC)

This battle fortress on the Atlantic coast of Spain served double duty as a trading post for treasure ships of the Spanish Armada. When the dread pirate Cervantes returned from beyond the grave, he began to attack and plunder treasure ships from the Americas, as well as the Far East. Even ships from his motherland, Spain, were not safe. In fact, there are several historical accounts of clashes between Cervantes and the Spanish Armada. His ship, the Adrian, became a ghost ship that was surrounded by an otherworldly glow that resembled St. Elmo's fire. The eerie sight of the ship could be seen from dusk to dawn when Cervantes prowled the high seas for his next victim. Due to the sheer number and spread of the St. Elmo's fire, Cervantes' victims believed that they were surrounded by a large pirate fleet and either abandoned ship or fell into a state of sheer madness.

Pirate's Alcove (SC2)
Few know of the hidden dock inside a naturally formed cave lying in the westerly seas, for nary a soul dare to venture close to the wave-beaten precipice that houses it. This place was once the stronghold of a renowned pirate and his hardy crew. But there is no one here anymore, for the captain murdered all of his subordinates. Ten years have passed since anyone has stepped foot in this cavern, but the place is still lit, and a pirate ship can also be seen. Is this the projection of the memories of the slain pirates? Or, is this the memories of the captain, who has since disappeared?

Pirate Raid (SC3)

Amongst men of the sea, a rumor had began to circulate that the great pirate Cervantes had hidden an enormous treasure in a cave near the coast of Spain... Naturally, this story was merely bait scattered by Cervantes in order to gather souls to feed to Soul Edge, but it brought a never-ending stream of pirate ships to Cervantes' hideout.

And now, once more, a ship was approaching. It was a two-masted ship, compact even for its time. As if hinting at the fate that awaited the ship, the wind increased in strength and raging waves washed upon the deck. Seeing his prey come chasing the bait, Cervantes cackled and readied his weapon.

Proving Grounds (SC, SC3)


The nearby Hindu temple, constructed in a cave, was built in the 9th century and had been forgotten for many years. With its pure waters the place had a holy atmosphere that made it feel as if it was another world. The stone cave and the temple lay deep within India. The small caves that formed the lake-like shape out of the river were the only things that broke the tranquil scene. The mysterious old man that appeared in before of Kilik lives here in the small hut on the hill like a hermit.
"Who could this great master be..."
His mind is full of questions Kilik trains himself everyday to control the evil within.

Deep in the Himalayan Mountains, upstream of a cold mountain river, lives a legendary sword master. It was quite some time ago that this old man chose to spend the remainder of his life in this old cave temple. He continues to live eternally. And now, in order to control the power of the evil sword that he had absorbed, a young apprentice devotes himself to training in his place. Once the apprentice's fierce training is complete, he will set out once again to challenge the cursed sword. What thoughts will go through the mind of the old man as he sends Kilik on his way? The flowing water that has watched the old man for so long offers up no words, merely continuing to flow as it always has.

Valentine Mansion (SC, SC3)



With his vast wealth from the profit of trades Count Valentine used his fortune and lifeline of personal contacts to built his great mansion. It was designed to be purely modern and the near daily parties held in the ballroom and its expensive rose marble floors were proof of the Valentine's prosperity. However the Valentine's eventually fell into ruin as Count Valentine was possessed by the mysteries of Soul Edge. He did anything to obtain the sword and scattered his wealth. The Valentine's fortune vanished, the cheerful laugher from the grand halls disappeared and the servants and maids left. What came into Isabella's mind as she stood in the dark and empty room?


The mansion of Count Valentine appears dark and abandoned, but a light flickers in one corner of the building. Ivy, adopted daughter of the late Count, now uses it as an alchemic workshop and a place for her experiments with magic. The Count had pursued Soul Edge as the key to immortality, but his daughter ascertained that what her father had sought was an evil sword that devoured souls. She swore to destroy it, and in this place the peculiar weapon dubbed the "Ivy Blade" was born. And now, having learned of the existence of a sword that opposes Soul Edge, Ivy has holed up in her room. There, she pores over her books, making use of all of her knowledge to research the spirit sword, Soul Calibur. Surely it will not be long before she sets out on a journey in search of further knowledge.

Imperial Capital Ayutthaya (SC2)

The Ayutthaya dynasty witnessed height of prosperity of the Indonesian Peninsula. This imperial villa is one of the many used by the dynasty to entertain honored guests. The beautiful white walls of the villa and the abundant nature that can be seen across the river from the garden make visitors feel as though time is standing still. Talim came to this place soon after the start of her journey. Yun-seong passed through this place on his way to India only a few days before she arrived. Ayutthaya is the place Talim first came to learn that there were others searching for the evil sword.

Egyptian Crypt (SC2)

This crypt lies underneath the old ruins that house the murals surrounding Soul Edge. The ruins have many mysteries, such as the Pharaoh's tomb, shrine of worship, and a seal to lock away some evil being, but the true goals of these structures remain unknown. One thing is certain, however--the entire structure, including the shrine at the entrance, was created using the very best technology available to ancient Egypt. It is clear that these ruins were of vital importance. Future generations have named this place "Crypt" out of convenience, but this structure has numerous features that warrant such a name.

Egyptian Temple (SC3)


Rumors of the reappearance of the Azure Knight have cast a dark shadow across Europe. This time, the damage he has wrought is even greater than before, reaching across the sea all the way to Egypt. For the purpose of repairing numerous temples that have been damaged by unknown hands, people and materials have been gathered from across the land, but among these workers, rumors persist that the destruction was caused by sword. In his pursuit of the Azure Knight, Yun-seong hears these rumors and sneaks into a temple under repair. He needs to see the damage before the repairs are complete. Will he find that it was in fact caused by the Azure Knight, as he suspects?

Emperor's Garden (SC)
Lotus Garden (same stage, SC3)



This grand garden was designed to be the Ming Emperor's summer home. It made perfect use of the natural landscape giving visitors the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. Aside from the Emperor and his family only the royal guards, including Xianghua, were permitted to enter the house. When Xianghua received the order to search for the Soul Edge she visited the garden for the first time. The garden, as if celebrating her departure, was in full bloom.


Originally constructed as a retreat for the Ming Emperor, this garden is now a large park open to the public. Most of the area is made up of water, and a combination of bridges and peninsulas creates a deep, complex landscape. The view from the palace, the former residence of the royal family, is especially beautiful, entertaining visitors with the blossoms that change colors with the seasons. Currently, the park is under the management of a powerful, elderly general of the Ming Empire. Thanks to the kindness of the general, Xianghua now trains secretly here amid the morning mist.

Clock Tower (SC3)


A stone clock tower that stands at the corner of a quiet temple outside the edge of town. Inside, a complex arrangement of machinery creaks along, ceaselessly counting each passing second. The inside of the rarely-visited tower is dark and gloomy, but light shines in from a window near the top of the clock mechanism brightens up a section of the tower. After this tower was built, a man began to visit this place. This habit has not changed over the course of his countless lives. He will come here again, to this place where the steady rhythm of machinery counting away the seconds is all that can be heard. For this man who has lost his sense of time over the course of his countless lives, it may be that this is the only place where he can truly feel the passage of time.

Harbor of Souls

This was the Indian harbor Maxi and his crew visited to trade goods. In India the shore is a sacred place, so a stair terrace allows for travel to the water. The terrace, which is called a 'ghat', leads to the town with it's maze of house, temples and narrow pathways. Visitors unfamiliar with the town are notorious for getting lost. For Maxi this gray sea became a place of destiny where his sworn brother Kyam and shipmates were massacred. Maxi swore revenge on Astaroth as he stared at his ship in the distance sunken by the monster.

Indian Port (SC3)

A port town is a place where the pathways of land and sea meet. It is a crossroad where people both meet and part ways. It was here that Maxi and Kilik met four years ago. Maxi, together with Kilik, headed west to avenge his crew, who had been wiped out in a sudden attack by a strange horde monsters. Thus, this place could also be called the starting point on his pathway to revenge. On a cliff overlooking the east sea, a little way out from the city, stands a grave marker made from what appears to be the fragments of a Ryukyu ship. In front of it, one can find a container of Ryukyu wine. Will Maxi one day be able to tell his crew, sleeping beneath this unknown grave, that he has successfully avenged them?

Lost Cathedral (SC3)


It resembles many others, yet is like nothing else. A magnificent palace of water that seems to contain every form of architecture known to Europe. No one knows who made it, or where it is located. However, it is said that only those with a strong will and a willingness to bet their own lives can reach it. The great volume of water that flows through it is always circulating and pure, and it is said that it cleanses those who come here to pray. Siegfried seeks a showdown with Soul Edge and atonement for his own sins. Pursuing him, Nightmare, too, reaches this place. Will this holy palace of water be the end of both their journeys?

The Narrow Gourge (SE)

The San Kyo gorge is found running through one of China's greatest rivers, the Yangtze. Its a vital point by traveling in the mainland, and is specially made to travel in raft. Li Long came to the conclusion that Mitsurugi must come to this passage. Burning with vengueful thoughts, Li Long awaited his rival to show.

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