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Tales of Souls & Swords (unofficial Soul Calibur fan site)

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Soul Calibur 2's home version was known for it's guest characters. However, it was also known for it's new mode: "Weapons Master" mode.

Weapons Master mode is the story mode of Soul Calibur II. It is essentially a conquest mode, in which you travel through the world, winning battles and earning experience and gold. You start off by choosing a starting character and choosing your name. Then you have to do a training round against Mitsurugi, in which he explains the basic controls of the game. Then you set off to begin the story. Although the people you fight are in-game characters, some of them have story-only names. For example, even though Nightmare is the main enemy, his name will appear as something different. Also, the names of these characters changes for every copy of SC2.
One of the unique things about this mode are the special condition battles. In these battles, you will have to fight under certain conditions. For example, if you are in a "quake" battle, at certain points in the battle, the ground will start shaking and the narrator's voice will count down. By the time he reaches zero, you must either duck or jump to avoid being stunned. In a "bomb" battle, you start off with a bomb on you. You must force it onto your opponent by hitting them. (they will get the bomb even if they block) When their health runs out, KABOOM!
The experience you gain will allow you to become different levels. There are five levels of experience: iron, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each level brings you closer to one of these classes. You start off as an "iron beginner", and, if you level up all the way, will end as a "platinum legend".
The gold you gain is used, as you probably guessed, to buy stuff. There are several stores throughout the story mode. Each sells diferent items. You will be able to buy weapons, costumes, artwork, weapon demos, special modes, and more. Although most of the stores sell the same items, there are stores which have weapons that the others don't. There are three unique stores in the game that you must play through Weapons Master a second time to find. One sells each character's Soul Edge (Complete) weapon, one sells their Ultimate weapon, and one sells their joke weapon. (Evil Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur for Xianghua will be given to you)
Even if you beat this mode, it's far from over. When you complete Weapons Master mode and go back into it, all of the places you beat turn red again. You must fight through them again, only this time the challenges are harder and are also different from the first challenges. Also, there are two areas that you must have beaten Weapons Master to get to. These areas are accessible once you beat the second mission at the place before them. These areas each have a giant underground temple you must explore. One is the Egyptian Ruins, while the other is the Labrynth. The enemies you face here will vary depending on the stage.
Finally, you must complete Weapons Master to get all of the characters. Each time you defeat a character you don't have, they will be unlocked and their weapons will become available in the shops. You have to play through the second time to get Assassin, Beserker, and Lizardman. Also, once you have beaten it 100%, you will get everything that you didn't buy at first.
Just because you start off with one character doesn't mean you have to use them the whole way through. At any time while on the map, you can switch characters. This will not affect the story in any way.
The only thing I don't like about this mode is the fact that it doesn't go into detail about the two swords. It only barely scratches the surface about the blades.

Transending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.