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Tales of Souls & Swords (unofficial Soul Calibur fan site)

Tales of Souls

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Soul  Calibur II's Arcade Mode wasn't a real goo story mode. Except for some art and a little explanation of what happens at the end, it doesn't do a good job of covering each character's story. This problem was fixed when Soul Calibur 3 was released with it's new "Tales of Souls" mode.

Tales of Souls is essentially a story mode. However, unlike Weapons Master, in which you could use any character, Tales of Souls has a story mode for each character (except for bonus characters and Abyss). You choose a character and their weapon, and go through their unique storyline. Although you are using one character, everyone's plot is going on at once, so you basically see the story from the character's perspective. The story follows Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.
During the story mode, there are cutscenes. Some of these are interactive, in which you do a button input to change the outcome of the scene (kind of like in Resident Evil 4). These cutscenes show more of the character's personality. It shows how the characters interact, meet, become friends, or make enemies. Once you view a character's cutscene, you can view them again in Event Viewer.
The story mode is not linear, either. You can play the same character's story twice and not have the same thing happen again. There are several different points in which you must choose which path to take.
There are also a variety of challenges you can do. In these events, you get one shot to complete the challenge. The events change, and several are based off of Soul Arena missions. (particularly Coin Collector and Dancing Statue) If you win, you can unlock weapons, items, and even characters.
The best part about this mode is that you can play the same character's story as many times as you want and see different things. This, combined with the number of characters you have, can make for a great experience, and also allows you to understand certain characters more.





Transending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.