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Tales of Souls & Swords (unofficial Soul Calibur fan site)

Custom Character Creation

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Although it is fun using the standard characters, some people like using custom-made characters. This is why SC3 includes the new mode "Custom Character Creation", or Create-A-Soul.

So, what is Create-A-Soul? Well, it allows you to create a very, very customizable character. Everything from  clothes and armor down to the color of their eyes and lips is customizable. Your character will have a personality, voice, fighting style, and you get to choose it all.

character occupations
After you choose male of female, You choose a job for your character.
The character you create will have an occupation, which is basically their role in the game. Each occupation determines the fighting styles and weapons your character can choose, so choose the style you like best.
These are the jobs:
A warrior from the frontier who refuses to rely on modern technology. Crushes the enemy with brute strength garnered from nature and a raw instinct for survival.
weapons: iron sword, grieve edge, wave sword, Soul of Nightmare, Soul of Astaroth
An ascetic who fights with a body hardened from intense training under strict discipline. Has an iron will that refuses to back down from protecting their beliefs and path.
weapons: nunchaku, rod, Soul of Kilik, Soul of Maxi
Dweller of the night who travels the world in search of treasure. Fearless in persuit of their objective, yet ever so cautious. Prefers to take the enemy by surprise.
weapons: dagger, wave sword, sickle,  Soul of Yun-seong, Soul of Tira
A beautiful and graceful charmer who enchants the hearts of all. A body lithe from adventure and continuous training will turn even a battleground into a stage.
weapons: tambourine, steel fan, Soul of Xianghua, Soul of Voldo
 devotee of God who does not question good or evil of any deed under God's name. This otherwise gentle soul will bring down divine judgment on all heathens and blasphemers without mercy.
weapons: rod, dagger, steel fan, Soul of Zasalamel, Soul of Talim
A shadow warrior from Japan who carries out the master's bidding with deadly precision. Ready to die in order to complete the master's mission.
weapons: kunai, katana & shuriken, sickle,  Soul of Taki, Soul of Setsuka
A fighter who descends into the heat of battle for fortune and glory. Overcomes all enemies with the power and fortitude cultivated in combat.
weapons: sword & shield, grieve edge, wave sword, Soul of Rock, Soul of Siegfried
A fearless warrior of the sea. The power and cunningness that has won countless battles and vast riches over treacherous waters will lure all enemies to their underwater graves.
weapons: Chinese sword, rapier, iron sword, Soul of Cervantes, Soul of Ivy
A warrior from Japan who has vowed fealty to the feudal master. Values faith and loyalty more than life. Proficient with marshal arts, and excels in sword fighting.
weapons: katana, katana & shuriken,sickle,  Soul of Mitsurugi, Soul of Yoshimitsu
A hired killer who stalks in the night, willing to take a friend's life for the right price. The sheer artistry of the killings will entrall even the intended targets.
weapons: wave sword, iron sword, Soul of Lizardman, Soul of Tira
weapons: lance, katana & shuriken, Soul of Siegfried, Soul of Raphael
weapons: Chinese blade, kunai, staff, Soul of Sophitia, Soul of Cassandra
Sword Master
weapons: Chinese blade, Chinese sword, dagger, grieve edge, iron sword, katana, katana & shuriken, kunai, lance, nunchaku, rapier, sickle, staff, steel fan, sword and shield, tambourine, wave sword

Your character's personality isn't determined by a set of preset personalities, but rather by what he or she wears. The more grim and evil-looking the outfit, the more evil-oriented the person will be. Likewise, the more bright and happy the outfit, the more good-oriented the person will be.
In Create-A-Soul, you will notice two meters under the character's photo. These are important. The top meter is the Good-Evil Meter, while the bottom is the Light-Dark Meter. Certain outfits will push the meters towards one end of the meter. The top meter will determine if your person is good or evil. If the meter is pushed more into the blue, your person is a good guy. If it's more into the red, the character's evil. If it's about in the middle, the character is neutral.
The bottom meter determines personality. If it's in the blue, the person is bright, cheery, and sorta preppy (eewwww). However, if it's in the red, the person is dark, mean, and often seems Gothic or emo (except for the part about cutting themselves and whining while the do it. F*cking whiners) If it's in the middle, the character has a normal personality. You can have the top meter in the blue, and have the bottom in red. This will make them good but with a dark personality, and vice versa. Try different outfits for different combinations.

customizable features
These are the features you can customize:
  • All (selects from some preset options)
  • Head
  • Hair
  • Mask
  • Chin
  • Lower Torso
  • Mid Torso
  • Upper Torso
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Waist
  • Lower Legs
  • Upper Legs
  • Socks
  • Feet
  • Face
  • Eyebrows
  • Lips
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Underwear ;-)
  • Voice
  • All of these features (with the exceptions of voice and face) can have their colors customized. In addition, you can choose from one of the preset options, or use different combos of items.

    Standard Character Color Edit
    This isn't part of Create-A-Soul, but you can customize the colors of characters such as Nightmare and Mitsurugi. When choosing a character, pressing L1 or R1 (or was it L2 or R2?) will change their costume. When you edit the character's color, hit the button until you get to a costume that says "Color Edit". This is the character's new, custom colored outfit. It's definitley a good way to change Xianghua's crappy *shudders* PINK outfit.

    There are only two flaws to this mode: voices and body build. There are only four voice options for each gender, so custom characters and most of the special characters sound the same. Also, it doesn't have a body build option. So characters will all look the same. (aww, no character with a Mariah Carey body......) Hopefully, this will be fixed in SC3 Arcade Edition or the possible Soul Calibur 4.


    Create-A-Soul extras
    This isn't really consistent, but these are examples of characters you can make in this mode.
    other games
    Metroid/ Samus
    Zelda/ Link, Ganon, Zelda
    Mario/ Peach, Daisy
    Resident Evil/ Leon, Veronica, Ada
    Haunting Ground
    Xenosaga/ Kos-Mos
    Kingdom Hearts/ Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ansem, Axel
    Final Fantasy/ Cloud, Sepiroth, Tidus, Wakka, Tifa, Cid, Lulu (basically every character)
    Chrono Trigger
    Fatal Frame/ Project Zero
    DOA/ Ninja Gaiden
    Devil May Cry/ Dante, Vergil (Nelo Angelo), Lady, Trish, Lucia, Jester, etc. (For Dante and Vergil, make Dante a Sword Master and Vergil a Samurai)
    Street Fighter/ Ken, Akuma, etc.
    Dragon Quest
    Tales of....
    Maximo/ Ghosts n Goblins
    Golden Sun
    Star Ocean
    King of Fighters
    Mortal Kombat/ Scorpion, Mileena, Sub-Zero
    Guilty Gear
    Tekken/ Heihachi, Nina
    Fire Emblem/ Marth, Roy
    PN 03
    Chaos Legion/ Sieg
    Shin Megami Tensei
    Dynasty Warriors
    Metal Gear/ Snake
    .Dot Hack/ Mimiru, Subaru, Bear
    Soul Edge/ Soul Calibur (of course)
    Silent Hill
    Seiken Denetsu
    Legend of Dragoon
    Bahamut Lagoon
    SAGA series
    Wild Arms
    and many others
    Inuyasha/ Inuyasha (except for the dog ears and hair), Miroku, Sango, Kikyo, Naraku, etc.
    Meitanatei Conan/ Kaito Kid
    Ranma 1/2/ Ranma, Ranko
    FMA/ Ed (except for arm), Alphonse, Mustange, Hawkeye, Lust, Pride
    DBZ/ Goku, Vegeta, ChiChi, Master Roshi, etc.
    Ruroni Kenshin/ Kenshin
    Neon Genesis Eva
    Sailor Moon (oh, God)
    Naruto/ Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Gaara
    One Piece/ Luffy, Zolo
    Fullmetal Panic/ Sosuke, Kaname
    Ghost In the Shell/ Major Kotoko, Batou
    TV/ movies
    Star Wars/ Anakin, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Dooku
    LOTR/ Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Saruman
    Star Trek
    24/ Jack Bauer, David Palmer, etc

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