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Tales of Souls & Swords (unofficial Soul Calibur fan site)

Chronicles of the Sword

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This is yet another tale of souls and swords...

Once, there existed on a great continent three countries--

The Grandall Empire, the Kingdom of Dalkia, and the Halteese Republic.

The Kingdom of Dalkia and the Halteese Republic waged a great war against one another for countless years. The Grandall Empire stayed out of the conflict, amassing their army quietly. Then, the impasse was suddenly broken as the Dalkian Kingdom declared war on Grandall Empire. Amidst the conflict and conspiracy, a new republic, Maletta, emerged...

At the time, the great tactician Chester, who instigated the conflict which later came to be known as the Mantis War, had no yet appeared in the annals of history. And the individual who was to be a key figure in the war was a mere cadet in the Grandall army...

Chronicles of the Sword mode is a 1p mode new to the Soul series.In this mode, you must create your own character using the Create-A-Soul mode. (you can only use this character in Chronicles mode) When this is done, you will begin the tutorial. Then you begin Chronicle 1. The objective of this mode is simple: end the war between the three countries, Dalkia, Halteese, and Grandall. You start off fighting for Grandall, but eventually become a rebel.

The plot is this: three countries which have lived in peace for years are in open war. It all started when Dalkia and Halteese began fighting each other for control of each other's land. Grandall just sat back, watching as it built up it's army. And throughout the violence, a new kingdom, Maletta, is born. The young cadet mentioned in the above text is you. You start off as a member of the Grandall Empire, and eventually become a general. However, the man who trained you, Giradot, goes rebel on the country after you defeat the other three countries. You end up fighting him, but then the real insigator of the war, Strife, the emperor of Grandall, kills the man that you respected so much. Then you go rebel and eventually face off against Strife. There's just one problem: Strife has Soul Edge. However, Luna, a character who starts off on Dalkia's side, appears with Soul Calibur and helps you defeat and kill Strife. (little prick deserves it, too) Eventually, you gain the throne of Grandall.
Throughout the Chronicles, you will gain many items. You will get armor weapons, job classes, disciplines, and much more. You will even get Soul Calibur as a Chinese blade and Soul Edge as an Iron Sword. You will also unlock some of the characters in this mode as bonus characters.

Unlike previous Soul game modes, Chronicles of the Sword is a real-time strategy mode. Instead of just fighting, you must command your units and tell them where to go on the map. You start off with a main stronghold and several smaller fortresses. You must capture several of your enemy strongholds in order to get to their main stronghold. Capturing this stronghold will result in victory for you. You will lose if you lose your main stronghold or if all of your units die. Don't worry if a few die, though. They will respawn at your largest stronghold. So while moving throughout the map, make sure to upgrade a few bases while you're at it, so the units don't respawn at the main base. Your enemies don't get this bonus.
When your unit encounters an enemy unit, a skirmish begins. You can let them duke it out on their own, but what fun is there in that? You can select your character and begin a battle. If you win, your character will gain experience and his or her stats will increase, depending on what job class they are. If you lose, you will still get some experience, but your character will die and you have to wait for them to respawn.
Chronicles of the Sword has a habit of making it seem like you are vastly outnumbered. If your enemy has a huge advantage over you, don't fret. Usually, their "army" consists of a bunch of low-level grunts with a few skilled, high-level fighters. The only people you really have to look out for are those who are level 45 and up.
Beware when fighting your battles. Some strongholds have standard characters, like Astaroth and Seong Mi-na in them. These characters are level 60, and are very difficult to beat. They also often have a condition in their base that gives them the advantage. And there's not always one. One mission, has Ivy and Cervantes on different parts of the map, one Voldo and Yoshimitsu, one Zasalamel, Yun-seong, and Talim, and one even has Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi.

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Transending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.