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There have been many heroes throughout Soul Calibur. This is were I will list those characters and their profiles. I'm only posting characters on this page who either sougth to destroy Soul Edge, or to use it for something other than world domination or personal gain. (note: these are the full profiles, so they are pretty lengthy)

Siegfried Schtauffen
age: 23
birthplace: Ober-Getzenberg, Holy Roman Empire
height: 5' 6"
weight: 132 lbs
birthdate: February 6
blood type: A
weapon: Zweihander
weapon name: Faust (SE), Requiem (SC1, SC3)
discipline: original style
father: Fredrick, murdered by Siegfried
mother: Margaret


During the late sixteenth century, the oppressed peasants of Germany were revolting against the Holy Roman Empire. With its forces weakened by the Italian Wars, the German peasants finally had a fighting chance. One of the champions of the people, a brave knight named Sir Frederick Schtauffen, met and fell in love with a woman named Margaret while on campaign; and they spent the night together. When Frederick returned after nine months of battle, he rejoined Margaret, having given birth to a son, whom he named Siegfried, after the famous hero. Over the course of the next ten to fifteen years, Frederick spent a lot of his time teaching his son swordsmanship.

Embarking on a foreign crusade, Frederick promised Margaret that he would return; unfortunately, without his father's guidance, Siegfried began to socialize with an edgy clan of teenagers, and he soon became the leader of their band of thieves known as "Schwarzwind," meaning "black wind." In a misguided act of national pride, the band devised a plan to attack the knights who ran away from the crusades, as they were bound to carry valuable possessions, and were too cowardly to deserve respect in any case. That night, the "Schwarzwind" ambushed a group of war-weary soldiers, too tired to retaliate. Siegfried even managed to kill the commander himself; but as he held the commander's severed head in triumph, the moonlight shone on its face, and Siegfried screamed as he realized he held the head of his own father. In mere seconds, Siegfried's mind had broken upon which point he ran straight into the forest, becoming more and more insane as he ruminated over his previous acts, until he came to a point at which he psychologically convinced himself that his father's murderer was actually someone other than himself. And in this newfound delusion for revenge, Siegfried decided that his father's murderer must only be defeated by a specific weapon so that the vengeance would remain all the more satisfying; that weapon was the Soul Edge.

He traveled first to Ostrheinsburg Castle, the refuge of the noble Sir Stefan, who he believed to be the possessor of the Soul Edge; and he joined in its forces, rising in its ranks with the hopes of acquiring Stefan's self-proclaimed legendary blade. During a siege on the castle, Siegfried saw an opportunity to take Sir Stefan's prized possession, the sword Grimblade, and killed him, running off with it into the Black Woods nearby the castle; but the sword held no power. Frustrated, he continued to search for weeks for the Soul Edge, growing increasingly more insane for its power as time passed. He finally managed to come across the legendary weapon Soul Edge, lying beside the defeated corpse of the dread pirate, Cervantes de Leon. But as he reached for it, the corpse lit up in a hellish blaze of fire and attacked him. Siegfried raised his zweihänder--appropriately named Faust--and defeated the fiery Inferno, earning the right to wield the Soul Edge for himself.

At the precise moment that Siegfried obtained the cursed blade, the Evil Seed emanated from him in a beam of light that rained pain and despair across the entire world, leading only to death and destruction. But Siegfried was concerned only with his own quest, to bring his father, Sir Frederick Schtauffen, back to life with the power that the Soul Edge had promised him and to avenge his father's murderer--even though he was the murderer himself but had forgotten due to self-induced psychological brainwashing. He thought that if only he could devour enough souls, his father would be resurrected; and by the time he finally remembered that it was he who had actually killed his own father, the sword had totally enslaved him with its power.

In his first three years as the azure knight, Nightmare, he gathered together a group of followers: the golem Astaroth, the lizard man Aeon Calcos, and Ivy, the unknowing daughter of Cervantes de Leon. Each of them aided him in the Soul Edge's quest to devour souls for a rejuvenation ceremony to be performed in his chosen stronghold, Ostrheinsburg Castle. But as the ceremony was about to take place, the clan was quickly laid to waste. Aeon Calcos had been defeated by Rock for kidnapping his foster son, Bangoo; Astaroth had been killed by Maxi for murdering his crew in an Indian port town; and Ivy was considering abandoning the clan after learning the shocking truth of her horrifying past from the Fu-Ma ninja, Taki. Nightmare did succeed in resurrecting his father, but as Nightmare battled viciously with Kilik's holy bo staff Kali-Yuga, he came to the realization that this resurrection was merely an illusion of his own weakened soul, and he was too distracted to invest his full energy into the fight. Kilik eventually defeated him.

The battle between the swordsmen took place in a vortex of hellfire and evil energy summoned by Soul Edge. After a raging battle, the evil sword shattered, and Inferno, Nightmare and Soul Edge fell into the collapsing void. With Soul Edge severely weakened, Nightmare regained some of his humanity. Along with lucidity came the horrifying memories of the sins he committed, as well as the fear and anger of those who were slaughtered by him. Moreover, he realized that he had been the one who murdered his father.

Expelled from the void into an unfamiliar place, Siegfried disappeared into the night-the evil sword still in his grip. But Soul Edge was weaker now, and splinters of itself were left in Siegfried's footsteps. Siegfried meditated on all he had done and eventually learned to accept responsibility for his sin. He planned to return to his mother, who had no knowledge of anything that occurred during or after that fateful night three years ago; but just as he was about to knock on the door, he could hear his mother praying, and concluded that if he was to be successful in his new resolve, he must distance himself from society so that he never kills again. He could not see his mother until he was fully redeemed; but he knew he was not yet atoned for, for every time he awoke from a night's rest, he found his new zweihänder Requiem bloodied, and he was surrounded by the corpses of victims he had presumably murdered in his sleep.

Siegfried was aware that although he had regained his sanity and learned to accept his past sins from three years ago, he was not yet fully redeemed. He knew that the Soul Edge still held power over him, but now it used its strength in his sleep, and no matter how hard he tried not to fall asleep again, he would always eventually give in, and the darkness would continue to operate at night in his subconscious. He tried to forsake civilization as far as he could go so that no person could be corrupted by the dark energy of the Soul Edge, but never to any avail.

Four years passed, and he had eventually assumed the azure armor for a second time, becoming Nightmare all over again, desperately pursuing fragments of the Soul Edge that he might fully restore it. As Nightmare plundered powerful souls and recovered shattered fragments of the sword, the cracks in Soul Edge healed one by one. His goal of reviving the evil sword edged toward completion. After some time, the azure knight returned to his old stronghold, Ostrheinsburg. The land, which had once tasted the blood of many , was a fitting stage for the restoration of the evil swords true power. A lone fencer from the French empire, Raphael Sorel appeared in search of Soul Edge. He wielded a rapier in his left hand. The two of them faced off in the ruins of the chapel, and the place became alive with flying sparks. At the end of the fierce battle, Nightmare stood victorious. The evil incarnate stepped forward to finish off his opponent. The wounded Raphael muttered something incoherent. Deep within the eyes set in the dark helm dwelled the faint light of a soul that was not that of a murderer. It was the will of Siegfried, the man who had been seduced by the evil blade. Siegfried struggled, as if trying to fight off a nightmare. The spirit of the evil sword sneered at him.

"Your strikes were weak. Fragile. Pathetic. Just like human souls."

"Silence... I will not obey you anymore. I will atone for what I have done..."

"The depth of human greed astounds me. You still seek forgivness, after all you have done?"

"No! But one must reflect on one's sins and move onward."

"...Even if the path ahead leads only to darkness? Only death awaits in the end."

"It is because it is infinite that people cling to the joys of life?"

"...Can you not hear them--the wails of the souls that were swallowed unto the abyss by your hand?"

"I am eternally sorry for what I have done... But listen to me!"

"...He sought death. He revered it. Death is beautiful. Your father, too, knew its allure."

"Yes. If I could, I would return to that time--"

"...He must perish. You shall cast his body into the darkness. He shall stagnate and rot, steeped in despair, as you squeeze the final gasp from his lungs!"

"No! That's an illusion! I can see it... I can see the proud way he faces his end!"

The battle waging deep within his mind caused the azure knight to stand motionless. Beside him, the wounded body of the fallen Raphael trembled. Only Rapahel's great will enabled his grave injured body to move. Drawing on his last strength, Raphael unleashed a desperate final blow upon his enemy. The strike pierced the center of Soul Edge. Nightmare let out an inhuman cry. Inside him, the crazed, wounded mind of the evil sword clawed at his consciousness. As he stood with an iron will against the raging storm, the time had come. The eyes that crimson by evil were washed away, and the flame of life relit. He who had been lost to the cursed sword for so long had reclaimed his body as his own. In response to the rapidly weakening evil, light poured out like the coming of the dawn... When it was all over, Siegfried thought back in a daze over what he had done. It had been a reflexive action. A sword appeared along with the light. As if guided by something, he took the sword in his hand and drove it into the evil eye that was the core of Soul Edge. That sword was the holy sword Soul Calibur, which had been trapped by the power of the evil sword. The blow, however, was not enough to destroy the evil sword. The evil energy of Soul Edge had quieted, but the holy sword, still piercing cursed sword, had gone silent too, as if it had lost its power.

At this point, the biographies of Siegfried Schtauffen and Nightmare become separate and are able to co-exist simultaneously.

"This isn't enough..." Forcing his exhausted mind into motion, as he began to think. He threw off his detestable armor and smashed it into pieces. Then, picking up the two swords, he left that cursed land. "I will seal away Soul Edge for all eternity and atone for my sins. This I swear!" His bloody fate would not release him so easily, however. From time to time, the feeling of that grotesque arm rose from the depths of his memory. The residue of the nightmare tormented him. Those seeking revenge on Nightmare would occasionally appear in his path. Each time he was forced to fight them, his mind was wracked with guilt. Moreover, Siegfried did not realize that another dark omen was on the horizon. Indeed, there was no way for him to know that the azure knight would soon be revived...

Kilik (SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 23
birthplace: unkown (raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, China, Ming Empire)
height: 5' 6"
weight: 139 lbs
birthdate: February 9
weapon: staff
weapon name: Kali-Yuga
discipline: Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod
master: Edge Master
sworn sister: Chai Xianglian, who he killed when the Evil Seed attacked the temple


The Ling-Sheng Su Temple was located high in the mountains and was widely considered to be the greatest martial arts school in China. It had always remained in very little contact with the outside world until a local village was attacked, and the temple opened its doors to aid them; after this occurrence, anyone with a strong fighting spirit could receive lessons in self-defense, regardless of gender. During a winter ten years later, a basket was found at the temple's doorstep with a child inside; and when the monks had finally given up in their search to find the baby's parents, they named him Kilik and raised him as an orphan. He rigorously trained with the bo staff for years and became the sworn younger brother of another orphan, Xianglian, who was especially skilled with the tai chi jian. Eventually, he was regarded as the temple's finest student and was hired as one of the school's teachers, eventually leading him to be the elected candidate for inheritor of the holy bo staff, Kali-Yuga, one of the three sacred treasures of the temple. However, he had always remained somewhat troubled and insomniac. One night, Xianglian visited him as he was deep in thought, and he learned that she had become elected for inheritor of the holy mirror Dvapara-Yuga, even though she had been skilled with the jian, which would make her more likely for candidacy of the holy jian Krita-Yuga. But she revealed to him, from a conversation she had overheard, that only two of the treasures still existed at the temple, because the Krita-Yuga had been stolen years ago by her biological father, Kong Xiuqiang, an exiled monk at the temple; and that the monks had been hiding this the entire time. She had been nominated for the Dvapara-Yuga instead, because she had told the master of the temple that she felt unworthy to inherit the Krita-Yuga, considering her family history, and her selfless reflection was a prominent feature of her inheritance of Dvapara-Yuga.

However, the night before the succession ceremony, the Evil Seed rained down on the temple, and an evil prescence overwhelmed their spirits. Sensing the evil also, the monks who were preparing for the ceremony immediately transferred ownership of the holy artifacts to Kilik and Xianglian minutes before everyone in the temple lost their sanity--everyone except Xianglian. In his rage, and with his great skills, Kilik killed many temple members, who had also been killing each other. Xianglian realized the power of the mirror and slung it around Kilik's shoulder, causing him to regain his sanity as she lost hers. When Kilik had completely regained his senses, he realized that the monks had slaughtered each other. He tried to leave, but the only other known survivor, Xianglian, blocked his way, now totally corrupted by the Evil Seed, and attacked him. He tried to avoid hurting her, and closed his eyes as he suppressed her; but when he opened his eyes, he saw Xianglian pierced through the heart with the Kali-Yuga, and he passed out in anguish. An old man, the Edge Master--advisor and teacher of the Ling-Sheng Su martial arts--found his unconscious body in the temple, set the corrupted temple on fire, and carried Kilik home. After two days, Kilik finally awoke, and Edge Master told him the truth: Kilik and Kali-Yuga had been infected with the Evil Seed, the source of which was the demonic sword, Soul Edge. The only thing protecting his sanity was the Dvapara-Yuga, and he could never remove the holy mirror from his shoulder at any time. Wrought with grief that his life had come at the sacrifice of Xianglian's, Kilik trained with Edge Master for three years, trying to learn to control the evil within himself and Kali-Yuga. Once his training was complete, Edge Master gave him the final test of destroying the Soul Edge, and Kilik embarked on that quest to purify himself and his weapon.

On his journey, Kilik traveled to an Indian port town to request a pirate ship to take him where he wanted to go. He met the Japanese pirate of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Kyam, who instantly took a liking to him, and granted Kilik's request for boarding, provided the ship's captain, Maxi, agreed when he returned. As Kilik waited for Maxi, a mysterious ship approached, which resulted in an attack, led by Astaroth. Maxi returned, and Kilik assisted him in the attack, but every member of Maxi's crew was left dead, and Maxi decided to aid Kilik in his quest. Later, the two met Chai Xianghua, a member of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard, who aided them in their travels; although neither Kilik nor Xianghua knew that Xianglian was her long-lost sister. With Maxi and Xianghua's help, Kilik stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle and defeated Nightmare; although Maxi was thought to be killed and the Dvapara-Yuga was destroyed. Afterwards, he returned to Edge Master's hermitage, continuing to perfect the technique of neutralizing and purifying evil energy.

Four years later, he sensed the return of Soul Edge, and set out on another journey to defeat Soul Edge once and for all, so that he could atone for the sins he committed the night of the fateful Evil Seed.

Along the way, he encountered Xianghua again. They argued over their difference of opinions, but ended up traveling together. While purifying a town infected with evil, the two encounted Zasalamel. Kilik engaged Zasalamel in battle, but lost. Before he lost consciousness, Kilik heard Zasalamel tell him that if he challenged Soul Edge unprepared, he would be trapped in its dark abyss. He awoke a month later in Edge Master's hermitage, carried there by Xianghua. Sensing a terrible energy within his wounds, Edge Master had performed a special ritual to treat them. Kilik realized that he would not be able to seal Soul Edge with his current strength. Thinking to himself, he placed his hand on his chest and realized that the fragment of the Dvapara-Yuga was gone.

Edge Master then ordered Kilik to begin training. He surrounded himself in a dark aura, similar to a person affected by the Evil Seed. Armed with only the Kali-Yuga, Kilik realized that his target should be the evil energy within Edge Master. Within three months, Kilik managed to strike Edge Master with a purifying blow, enough to free his teacher's mind, but at the same time, seriously injuring him.

Edge Master told Kilik that even though he still lacked skill, and that a pure spirit strikes only at evil without harming the body, he noted that Kilik had made good progress in a short time. He handed Kilik another fragment of the Dvapara-Yuga and a letter from Xianghua. She wrote that she would improve on her skills and regain her courage, and she believed that together, they would be able to destroy Soul Edge. With these words, Kilik set out west to once again pursue the evil.

Chai Xianghua (SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 20
birthplace: Peking (Beijing), China, Ming Empire (at the time)
height: 5' 0"
weight: 101 lbs
birthdate: April 2
blood type: B
weapon: Jian (Chinese sword)
weapon names: Krita-Yuga (SC)
no name (SC2/3)
discipline: swordplay passed down from her mother
father: Kong Xiuqiang, missing
mother: Chai Xiangfuei
sister: Chai Xianglian (Xianghua never knew her)


Throughout generations of the Chai family, there have been many seasoned warriors of China, men and women alike, as was the family's custom. A few decades previous to the events that transpire in this series, it was time for the eldest son to succeed his father's estate, and for the remaining children to branch off and form their own lives and families, as always. The second son settled in the Ling-Sheng Su Temple in the pursuit of great swordsmanship. He was intent on following the family's custom to serve his nation, and the Ling-Sheng Su Temple was the greatest martial arts school in China. A few years later, his daughter, Xiangfei, was born in a nearby village, and she was sent to the temple to learn the art of swordplay. She diligently trained and became supremely skilled with the tai chi jian, surpassing many of the monks at the temple. But she was a woman, and thus ineligible to become inheritor of the Krita-Yuga, the holy jian artifact of the temple. Following her father's passing, Xiangfei began to train even harder, and eventually fell in love with a monk at the temple, Kong Xiuqiang, thought to be the most prominent candidate for inheritor of the holy bo staff, Kali-Yuga; but their love was expressly forbidden, because a candidate for holy artifact inheritance was never allowed to stray from the "true path". Not until the birth of a bastard child--a daughter they named Xianglian--was their love made known to the other monks. The monks remained very strict regarding the temple's edict, and the child was taken from them on her second birthday. Xiangfei became too wrought with grief to remain at the temple and left, never to return. Han Dongxiu, a sworn brother of both Xiuqiang and Xiangfei, urged Xiuqiang to leave with her and start a family with his lover; but Xiuqiang told him that he must stay to create his own future with his own strength, and Xiangfei agreed that that was best. But as a final goodbye, Dongxiu helped Xiuqiang sneak the Krita-Yuga to his lover, to serve as a promise the two would one day meet again; and they returned to the temple. And Xiangfei walked away for good, telling no one her destination.

Unknown to Xiuqiang, however, was that when Xiangfei had left the temple, she was pregnant with a second child; she never told him so that he would continue his training, and focus on becoming inheritor of the Kali-Yuga instead. She secretly returned to her homeland, and was taken in by the Chai household there; and she became a soldier in the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard. Months later, she gave birth to her second daughter, Xianghua, but never revealed anything about the girl's father or his lineage to her. By this time, the temple had realized that the Krita-Yuga was missing, and found that Xiuqiang had stolen it. He was exiled from the temple, and Xianglian was to remain there to be trained as an orphan, where she would become a great friend to Kilik, the eventual successor of Kali-Yuga. Xiuqiang eventually discovered Xiangfei's whereabouts and her links to the Chai family; but the family asked him to leave her alone, as she believed that he was training and she would be happier in her ignorance. Xiuqiang agreed and left, never finding out about his second daughter, Xianghua. Meanwhile, the temple was frantically searching for the Krita-Yuga. Their first suspect had been Xiangfei, but when they arrived, all they found was young Xianghua playing with a battered tai chi jian; and they gave up the search years later. Only Xiuqiang had known that the jian Xianghua would have been holding was actually the Krita-Yuga in disguise, as it was wont to transform into a battered jian if separated from the temple's two other holy treasures to protect itself. As time passed, Xianghua learned to use the jian just as well as her mother had. Xiangfei passed when Xianghua was only ten, driving her to train much harder; and six years later, she had become a member of the Imperial Guard, never knowing of her older sister or her tragic death on the night of the Evil Seed at the Ling-Sheng Su Temple.

Eventually, the emperor of Ming Dynasty China had become displeased with the search for the "Hero's Sword"; he never heard back from any that had ventured out, including Li Long; so he sent members of his Imperial Guard to help the quest advance more quickly. Chai Xianghua was included among that group. The guards traveled under the guise of a traveling opera troupe, so as not to raise suspicion of their true motives. Xianghua, who was trained in martial arts since she had been a child, was to be the main attraction. As she prepared for her journey, she recalled her mother's dying words--that she was born to complete an important task and that she must cut her own path through an uncertain future. With her mother's keepsake--an old tai chi jian--Xianghua left on her own with the sense of invisible forces pushing her onward. On her journey, she encountered a member of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple in China, Kilik, and a Japanese pirate of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Maxi. Told of the Soul Edge's evil nature by Kilik, she agreed to aid both of them in their journey to destroy the evil blade, unknowing all the while that she had had a sister, Xianglian, at Ling-Sheng Su Temple and that her sister was eventually killed by Kilik in self-defense on the night of the notorious Evil Seed. With Kilik and Maxi's help, Xianghua stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle. Maxi stayed behind and defeated the castle's guard, Astaroth, but his life was lost in the process. Kilik and Xianghua together entered the castle, where Kilik used his holy bo staff Kali-Yuga to defeat the azure knight, Nightmare; but the battle left him too weary to fight the Inferno. As Xianghua readied herself for the fight, her mother's keepsake unveiled itself as the holy sword, Soul Calibur, and she plunged it into the Inferno's heart, banishing it into a void; although the Soul Calibur became trapped in the void along with it.

After destroying the sword she was sent to find, a mysterious man approached her and awarded her with an unnamed jian in return for the great deed she had done; this man was more than likely Edge Master. Upon returning home, news had reached the emperor that she had destroyed the "Hero's Sword," and Xianghua fell into his disfavor. She was stripped of her rank and reassigned to a menial position. Four years later, news reached her that the emperor had attacked Xiwei (present-day Xi'an), which had been the center of government in the Ming Dynasty's western territory. The emperor believed that the fortress had been withholding the Soul Edge from him, and when the fortress guards killed his envoy in annoyance of his blind obstinancy, he ordered that the city be summarily destroyed and all the citizens executed. When the castle fell and the sword was not found, the emperor summoned Xianghua in his stupor and asked for her knowledge and experience. Xianghua believed she had destroyed the Soul Edge, but investigation proved otherwise, and pieces of it were rumored to exist in this place. If this story had been true, Xianghua needed to find every fragment and destroy them. She left on a second journey alone, once again with her mother's dying words echoing in her mind.

During her adventure, Xianghua was once again reunited with her companion, Kilik. While on their journey, the two of ran afoul of a "man with a scythe" (Zasalamel), who wished to eliminate people who had the potential to destroy Soul Edge. Showing Xianghua no concern, Zasalamel attacked and defeated Kilik while Xianghua could do nothing to help. Afterwards, Xianghua took the gravely injured Kilik back to Edge Master's home, where she was relieved to hear that Kilik would make a full recovery. After leaving a letter for Kilik, she departed, seeking an old general whom Edge Master had arranged for her to meet. Training with the old general, Xianghua's skills improved significantly. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't shake off an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy due to her failure to help Kilik. She told herself, "I mustn't fear!" in meager attempts to convince herself. The old general noticed her anxiety and provided sage advice:

"Sometimes, the path of the warrior requires letting in dark feelings, weighing them, then letting them go."

Xianghua then began to train her mind. Rather than being steadfastly rigid and stubborn, she would be more fluid and allow her heart to filter in both the good and the bad. After months of training, she felt that she was ready and bid farewell to the general, beginning her journey anew.

Maxi (SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 28
birthplace: Shuri, Ryukyu Kingdom
height: 5' 8"
weight: 126 lbs
birthdate: May 1
blood type: O
weapon: nunchaku
weapon names: Fatibal (SC)
Soryuju (SC2/3)
discipline: Shissen  Karihadi
parents: deceased
sworn brother: Kyam, murdered by Astaroth
crew: murdered by Astaroth


Maxi was a wandering pirate from Shuri in the Ryukyu Kingdom (present-day Okinawa). One day, while docked in an Indian port town, he returned to find his ship under attack by a hoard of golems led by Astaroth. By chance, Kilik happened to be there, and they joined forces in the battle against the monsters. Eventually, they had repelled the golems, but not before Astaroth had temporarily snatched the holy mirror Dvapara-Yuga from Kilik, causing him to lose his sanity and savagely attack Maxi. Maxi was able to suppress Kilik and return the Dvapara-Yuga to him, but only after Maxi's sworn brother, Kyam, had been murdered and most of the other members of the crew were dead or missing. With his dying words, Kyam told Maxi of Kilik's quest and, having lost everything, Maxi decided to travel with him, swearing an oath of revenge against Astaroth. Eventually, the two met Chai Xianghua, a member of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard, who also aided them in their travels.

With Kilik and Xianghua's help, Maxi stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle, where the creatures that had killed Maxi's crew were waiting for them. After defeating the creatures, Astaroth presented himself and blocked the entrance to the castle. As Kilik and Xianghua ran past Astaroth, Maxi stayed behind to fight him to the death. He succeeded in killing Astaroth, but the god Ares, in bitter rage, commanded the ground to open up and swallow Maxi. When Maxi woke up, he was on a riverbed near an unfamiliar village, where an old man rescued him. Due to the severity of his wounds, Maxi's traveling days were over, and he stayed behind in the village, quickly becoming popular with the local residents. Four peaceful years passed, until a rumour of a horrendous man wielding a large bearded axe reached the village. Maxi had a horrible feeling that that man was Astaroth. He wanted to chase after him, but his body was too weak. Maxi went to see the village medicine man, who performed a secret ritual using a strange metal fragment, which was actually a fragment of Soul Edge, and several days later, Maxi left the village, promising to return some day. He did not realize, however, that all memory of his traveling companions had been lost as a result of the ritual.

Maxi's search for Astaroth led him to the ruins of the shrine where the golem had been created. While inspecting the ruins, he found a man in tattered clothing at the ruins, clutching something and muttering incoherently. This man was Kunpaetku--Astaroth's creator, who had managed to escape the shrine's destruction at the last minute. Kunpaetku mostly ignored Maxi until he asked him about Astaroth. Kunpaetku cursed Astaroth, calling him a failure. It was then that Maxi realized that Kunpaetku created him.

A strange urge to kill Kunpaetku began rising within Maxi. As he drew his weapon, the object in Kunpaetku's hand, a fragment of Soul Edge, began to glow with a faint red light. Kunpaetku then looked at Maxi madly, noticing that he had Soul Edge inside his body. Upon hearing this, Maxi killed Kunpaetku and kicked the fragment of Soul Edge into the ruins below. He felt an uneasy throbbing in his heart, born from his desire to kill Kunpaetku. Maxi then suddenly remembered a man who became lost to evil after having lost everything, and how he suffered after returning to his senses. But Maxi couldn't remember who this person was, no matter how hard he tried. Despite this, he decided to continue his search for Astaroth.

Taki (SE, SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 29
birthplace: Fu-Ma No Sato (Ohmi), Japan
height: 5' 7"
weight: 117 lbs
birthdate: unkown
blood type: A
weapons: ninjato (ninja swords or kunai) x2
weapon names: Rekki-Maru (SE)
Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru (SC, SC2, SC3)
discipline: Musoh-Battoh-Ryu
immediate family: all taken by sickness
master: Toki (Taki despises him now)
childhood friend: Chie


Taki was a skilled ninja working as a demon huntress. Raised as an orphan by Toki, the leader of the Fu-Ma clan, she lived in seclusion surrounded only by other ninjas, learning their many techniques that the outside world had forgotten. Taki herself had supernatural powers, and with these powers, she decided to travel throughout Japan, protecting the people from harmful demons. She created her own weapons, of which her favorite was a tantō called Rekki-Maru. However, on the day that Cervantes de Leon's presence had resurfaced, the power of the Rekki-Maru was significantly weakened. She had begun to notice this upon being called to help a temple whose seal to hold horrible demons was weakening. When she arrived, she was immediately and completely surrounded by spiritual entities of evil. She slashed their leader, Gel-o-Fury, many times until it disappeared, but she could not understand why her Rekki-Maru was unable to destroy it. Eventually learning through various sources that Soul Edge's existence was adversely affecting Rekki-Maru's own power, she questioned as to whether or not she should hunt after the Soul Edge for herself. But before she could leave, she heard news regarding another tantō of the Fu-Ma clan, the Mekki-Maru, which was watched over by Toki, who revered it as a spiritual tantō, although Taki had always suspected it of being evil in some small way. The former leader of the Fu-Ma ninjas, Hachibei, was reported to have stolen the tantō from the clan and run away. When Toki discovered this, he held a secret meeting declaring that Hachibei and his daughter, Chie, were now nukenin, who must be hunted down and killed for stealing his tantō. Taki worried about Hachibei's safety, as she had been a childhood friend of Chie, and he had always been more of a father figure to her than Toki; so she resolved to track down Hachibei first, before Toki could kill him. Using her massive intelligence network and intuitive observational skills, she succeeded in finding him before the others, but he had taken in a Chinese assassin, Li Long, and she was worried about confronting him while the warrior was still around. She waited until he had left so that she could talk to Hachibei, who trusted her enough to tell her that he had stolen it because Toki seemed to have become insanely obsessed with its evil energy; and he vowed to kill Toki himself if it was necessary to keep it from him. Taki was skeptical at first, but when she saw the look of desperation in Hachibei's face as he entrusted her with the tantō, begging her never to let Toki have it under any circumstance, she began to have her suspicions about Toki and agreed to hide the Mekki-Maru from him. She returned to the Fu-Ma clan, telling Toki that Chie's lover, Li Long, had taken the Mekki-Maru from Hachibei and murdered them both, causing Toki to give an order that Li Long must be hunted down and killed. Fearing that Mekki-Maru's increased influence, like Rekki-Maru's decreased influence, might have something to do with the Soul Edge, she finally decided to set out to find and destroy the Soul Edge with her beloved Rekki-Maru. While abroad, Taki encountered the dread pirate, Cervantes de Leon, and defeated him just as he was about to deliver a fatal blow to Sophitia Alexandra, who had already shattered one of the twin blades of Soul Edge by that time.

After returning Sophitia to her home and caring for her wounds, she managed to obtain a fragment of the evil blade from Sophitia's womb, and she returned home with it. She tried to meld the fragment with her own tantō but failed. But when she attempted to meld it with the Mekki-Maru, which she still kept hidden in a secret location, the process worked instantly, and the Mekki-Maru began to resonate immediately with an evil glow. She sought help from Hachibei, but he was unable to determine the cause of the reaction, and thus entrusted it back into her possession again to keep safe until which time she could destroy it. Toki eventually heard about this reaction, however, and became insanely obsessed with stealing the Mekki-Maru from Taki and learning more about Soul Edge's power. He sent his right-hand man, Geki, who personally had never liked Taki, to take the Mekki-Maru from her; he succeeded in capturing her. But out of morbid curiosity, he decided to unseal the sheath and investigate the tantō for himself, only for a terrible explosion to occur that blew his right arm to pieces, giving her the perfect distraction for making her escape. She had now become a nukenin, just like Hachibei, and could no longer return to the Fu-Ma clan. Rumors soon circulated of the azure knight, Nightmare, solidifying his reign of terror by murdering countless innocent victims surrounding Germany as the new wielder of the Soul Edge.

In order to pit Mekki-Maru against Soul Edge in hopes that the two swords would destroy each other, and because she feared that the Fu-Ma clan would take the tantō from her with evil intentions, she abandoned the clan of ninjas and disappeared from Japan once again. Yet, deep in the dark recesses in her heart, she still held a desire to master the power of the demonic tantō; and when she was unable to accomplish her initial goal as the Soul Edge had been said to be destroyed by a member of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard, Chai Xianghua, Taki began to take the latter option and attempted to master the evil tantō instead. Four years later, several Fu-Ma ninjas appeared before her and tried to capture her, but she defeated them, only to discover that they had familiar metal shards in their possession. Toki undoubtedly had many more fragments of his own back in Japan, which could only mean trouble--perhaps even the birth of a second cursed sword; he was undoubtedly looking for her to gather more information. Taki had a new resolve: to keep both Mekki-Maru and Soul Edge away from Master Toki. But while Taki was concerned about the Soul Edge, fearing it had probably recovered much of its power, she was also more worried about Toki. She shook off her pursuers by leaking information to divert the Fu-Ma clans attention and then headed back to Japan to put a stop to this once and for all. Upon returning, Taki learned that the village of the Fu-Ma clan was suffering from fierce internal strife--sensing Toki's madness, a faction of the clan was planning to usurp power. Toki was in the Hoko temple in Kyoto, and Taki was certain that he intended to take the power of the evil spirits therein. She sneaked through the darkness, avoiding the obstacles, and arrived at the Great Buddha shrine constructed below the temple. It was finally time for her to face off against her master.

The name of Oni crossed her mind when she saw Toki. There was nothing left of the man that had once been her master. His body should have shown his age, yet it was swollen and covered with sinewy muscle, looking as if he wore a suit of heavy armor; his eyes and skin had taken on a dark red hue. He had been drawing in all the swirling spirits and energy of the temple, but Taki could not let this horrible knowledge overwhelm her. Drawing her treasured Rekki-Maru, she approached Toki's body; but at that moment, a ghost-like tortured cry echoed throughout the shrine. Toki had released the seal on the demons she had once sealed in this place years before; and the dark energy had been absorbed into Toki's body. The fierce battle ensued, and Taki eventually won using the very techniques that Toki himself had taught her; and the blade that finally pierced his tough body was the Mekki-Maru, the tantō he himself had once conspired to obtain. Looking down at his aged and huddled body, Taki struggled to maintain consciousness. She had received grave injuries and used all of her strength to restrain the Mekki-Maru from losing control. Just before she administered a finishing blow, the voice of her true master Toki became present again, his body trembling as he tried to talk to her. There was no sign of madness in his voice anymore, and Taki could not kill him. Just then, an unidentifiable aura-like entity emerged from his mouth. She tried to swing at it, but neither of her tantōs connected, and the entity escaped. This entity that Toki had become resembled neither a soul nor an evil spirit. She didn't know if it contained the will of the former Fu-Ma clan leader, but there was only one place Toki would head to revive his power: the Soul Edge. Taki had no time to wait for her wounds to heal. The cursed sword's presence felt weak, and this was the time to pursue and destroy it. She left at dawn.

Link (SC2, PS2 version only)
age: 17
birthplace: Kokiri Forest, Hyrule
height: unkown
weight: unkown
birthdate: unkown
blood type: unkown
weapons: longsword and large shield
weapon names: Master Sword and Hylian Shield
discipline: Hyrulian style?
parents: unkown


Hyrule's tranquility was shattered by the arrival of several disasters, which brought opaque, ominous clouds with them. Eventually, it was discovered that an unknown magician was to blame for all that had happened. Just as the people were about to lose all hope, the sun miraculously returned as Link, having been summoned by Princess Zelda to find the disasters' source, successfully defeated the magician. The people of Hyrule rejoiced in the belief that eternal peace would rule; but it eventually became clear that the magician responsible for the disasters was in fact controlled by an evil sword from another world, Soul Edge, and that the fragments of Soul Edge had been gathering in the other world. Knowing that the resurrection of the evil blade must be prevented at all costs, Link chose to travel to the other world and destroy Soul Edge himself. He gathered his trusted Master Sword and Ocarina of Time, and transported himself off on a secret journey.

Sophitia Alexandra (SE, SC1, SC2, SC3)
age: 25
birthplace: Athens, Greece, Ottoman Empire
weight: refuses to reveal
birthdate: March 12
blood type: B
weapons: short sword and small shield
weapon names: Omege Sword and Owl Shield (SE)
Omega Sword and Elk Shield (SC,SC2,SC3)
discipline: Athenian style
husband: Rothion
daughter: Pyrrha
son: Patroklos
father: Achelous
mother: Nike
younger sister: Cassandra
younger brother: Lucius


The Greek daughter of a baker, Sophitia worked at her family bakery. She had always treasured her country's culture and prayed often to the city guardian, Athena, the goddess of wisdom. One day, as she bathed in a forest spring, a bright light appeared and took the shape of a man. He revealed to her that he was the Olympian god of fire and forge, Hephaestus, and told her of the evil blade Soul Edge--that the existence of such a powerful blade would put shame to his name, as he had not created it, and that if anyone were to discover it, it would bring much pain to the world. Hephaestus ordered her to come to the Eurydice Shrine and receive a holy weapon, the Omega Sword, so that she could destroy the Soul Edge. Upon gaining her equipment, she ventured forward. Sophitia did eventually track down the Soul Edge in a port in Valencia, Spain; and she fought its possessor, the dread pirate Cervantes de Leon, destroying one of the twin blades. However, shards of the evil sword flew with great force from her powerful blow wounding her too greatly to finish the fight. Just as Cervantes was about to deliver a finishing blow to the endangered Sophitia, a mysterious female ninja, Taki, saved her and proceeded to kill the evil pirate. After the battle had finished, Taki carried Sophitia on her back to her home in Athens, where her sister, Cassandra, had been waiting for her. Cassandra was the only member of her family or group of friends to believe her story at the time. While recovering from her wounds, she was also taken care of by a local blacksmith named Rothion. The two eventually fell in love.

Three years later, she had returned to her life as a baker's daughter, spending her days without a sword or shield and entertaining her eventual marriage to her betrothed, Rothion. However, one night, she had had an ominous vision of a knight in azure-colored armor and a second sword of immense evil--a sword she knew that had to be the real Soul Edge. Following this dream, she received a second oracle from Hephaestus to destroy the remainins of Soul Edge, who then supplied her with holy metal, which Rothion used to forge a new Omega Sword and shield; she set out on a second journey to destroy the cursed sword. On this second journey, Sophitia learned that another had destroyed Soul Edge, Chai Xianghua, and she immediately ended her travels to return to her home as quickly as possible. There, she soon married Rothion and gave birth to both a son and a daughter. But a strange shard that Rothion had received from a mysterious customer four years later brought a halt to her newfound happiness. Upon bringing the metal fragment home, their two children, Patroklos and Pyrrha, scrambled to fight violently with each other over the artifact. The evil aura the fragment emanated caused Sophitia's old wounds to ache, as they had been undoubtedly infected with the evil energy of the Soul Edge seven years previous, explaining her children's predilection for the bizarre aura. Cassandra had seen Sophitia's distraught expression and proceeded to grab the shard from her grasp and run out the door, running away from home soon afterwards. A couple of weeks later, Sophitia decided that if she was to free her children from the evil sword's curse and ensure her sister's safety, she had to embark on a third journey. But because Cassandra had stolen Sophitia's previous weapons, which she had stored at Eurydice Shrine, Rothion forged her a new set, blessed by the god Hephaestus, to destroy the cursed Soul Edge once and for all.

Her journey took her to Ostrheinsburg Castle, which was blanketed by a thick fog. From the fog emerged a small girl in green clothing with a large ring-like blade (Tira). Tira casually told Sophitia that Soul Edge was not in the castle and she also told her that she wanted to play with her children with a smile that was neither gentle nor heartwarming. Sophitia lunged at Tira, but she easily dodged her, and disappeared into the fog. Sophitia quickly returned home and was relieved to see that her family was safe, but she was unsure whether or not to continue her search for Soul Edge. She went to the Eurydice Shrine to pray to Hephaestus for guidance, where Tira was waiting for her.

As they fought, Sophitia noticed an emotion form Tira other than madness. She realised that the girl had never felt happiness. With a look of hatred in her eyes, an irritated Tira simply pushed Sophitia away and left, leaving these words before leaving: "You're annoying...when the time comes, I'll come for your children". Sophitia then made up her mind. She was going to destroy Soul Edge for the sake of her children. Asking her husband to keep their children safe, Sophitia left to continue her search for the cursed sword.

Cassandra Alexandra (SC2, SC3)
age: 21
birthplace: Athens, Greece, Ottoman Empire
height: 5' 5"
weight: refuses to reveal (lost weight recently)
birthdate: July 20
blood type: B
weapons: short sword and small shield
weapon names: Omega Sword and Nemea Shield (SC2)
Digamma Sword and Nemea Shield (SC3)
discipline: Athenian style
father: Achelous
mother: Nike
elder sister: Sophitia
younger brother: Lucius
niece: Pyrrha
nephew: Patroklos


Cassandra, the sister of Sophitia Alexandra, was the only person who believed Sophitia's story of fighting the powerful evil of Soul Edge on behalf of Hephaestus. Three years after Cassandra had witnessed a mysterious Asian woman, Taki, bring her sister back from her journey and draw shards of the evil sword out of her sister's flesh while treating her wounds, Sophitia disappeared, leaving Cassandra certain that her sister had left to contend with Soul Edge again. Now, four years after this past journey, Cassandra had been visiting Sophitia's home, but to the sight of Sophitia's two children fighting greedily over a familiar metal shard that Sophitia's husband, Rothion, had found. It was a fragment of the Soul Edge. Angered by her sister's panicked reaction to the fragment, Cassandra ran to the Eurydice Shrine, screaming at Hephaestus for endangering Sophitia on behalf of his ego. Cassandra collapsed on the floor, worn out from shouting. When she awoke, she saw the metal fragment resonating with the holy Omega Sword blessed by Hephaestus. She realized then that Soul Edge was still alive, but she could not allow her sister to exhaust herself once again, especially with a husband and children to care for. Stealing the weapon her sister had used twice before, Cassandra sneaked from her home in Athens to deal with Soul Edge on her sister's behalf, hopefully to succeed in finishing the task that her sister had started--to quell the evil sword once and for all.

During her journey, at first, she had been operating more out of sheer determination than on actual clues, but in a land to the east of Greece, on the other side of the Danube River, she encountered a powerful evil energy greater than any she had felt before. What dwelled in this land surrounded by steep mountains and deep ravines? As she struggled to walk along unfamiliar mountain paths, Cassandra saw a city before her steeped in evil energy. A sinister presence swirled throughout the city, and the residents had lost their minds.

"What's going on?" The fragment she held reacted strongly to this place. Soul Edge was somehow involved in this bizarre phenomenon. Cassandra recoiled from the sight before her at first, but she couldn't abandon these people infected by the evil power. She made up her mind to free the city, and began to investigate the cause.

"My sister was able to do it... I can, too!" she said to herself. The center of the evil energy turned out to be a castle rising from the mountains. Things had been going smoothly up until she located it, but then something unexpected occurred--cracks appeared in the sword and shield she had taken from the temple of Hephaestus.

"What?!" Cassandra felt deeply apprehensive. The people possessed by evil chased her relentlessly. They displayed a fanatical obsession with the fragment of the cursed sword, and showed no signs of giving up. Without a weapon with which to resist, however, there was nothing she could do. She had no choice but to flee the city.

Cassandra managed to escape from the city, but felt completely helpless. She was not a warrior--she was inexperienced in the use of weapons. Although she remembered having used them a bit roughly, Cassandra couldn't believe that this sword and shield made from holy ore could be damaged.

"Is it too much for me?! Is my sister the only one that can do it?" These thoughts joined the uneasiness already in her heart, and her resolve began to waver.

As she gazed at her damaged sword and shield, the image of her sister and her young niece and nephew flashed through the back of her mind. Her sister smiled happily, leading her children by the hand...

"No...I can't give up." Cassandra shook her head and forced her hesitation aside. "I have to do it for my family!"

When Cassandra raised her head, her eyes shone once again with determination. Perhaps even holy weapons could break when exposed to such powerful evil energy, she mused.

"Humph, I guess the power of the gods isn't all that special after all." Convincing herself, she returned to Greece. There would be other weapons left in the temple, and she could also consult with her blacksmith brother-in-law, Rothion. Unexpected news was waiting for her upon her return home, however.

"Sophitia's gone again?!" During Cassandra's absence, Sophitia had once again set out on a journey of her own. Rothion informed Cassandra that Sophitia believed it was her duty to destroy Soul Edge, and that she had set out of her own will.

"Damn you, Hephaestus! This is all your fault!" Cassandra cursed out loud, though she didn't consider her sister having regained her previous strong will to be completely bad news.

"Please help her." said Rothion as he handed her a new sword and shield. If she destroyed the evil sword, that would surely save the city infected by evil as well. She had to help her sister. She would stand by her and support her.

With the early dawn's soft light shining upon her back, Cassandra set out with a pure purpose in her heart.

Nathaniel "Rock" Adams (SE, SC, SC3)
age: 42
birthplace: London, British Empire
height: 5' 9"
weight: 187 lbs
birthdate: December 14
blood type: unkown
weapons: moon axe (SE/SC)
giant mace (SC3)
weapon names: Apocalypse (SE/SC)
Onslaught (SC3)
discipline: original style
parents: missing, presumed murdered by Cervantes
foster son: Bangoo


Born the son of Mr. Adams, an English curio dealer specializing in rare weapons, Nathaniel William Adams obtained his nickname, "Rock," because of his immense strength. Rock's father had bid on Soul Edge at a secret auction, and was bringing it home on his ship with family on board when the dread pirate Cervantes de Leon attacked. Rock's father ran to the storage room to hide the Soul Edge, and his mother ran after to stop him, telling Rock to stay where he was until their return; but they never came back, and the ship sank before they even had the chance. Rock washed up on the shore of the New World, where he learned to live off the land as the Natives had been practicing for many centuries before. He tried to join one of the tribes in the area, but they were afraid of the "White Giant," and the only one to befriend him was a young Native boy, Bangoo, whose parents had been taken by tribal warfare. Rock, by this time an adult, became a father figure to Bangoo.

Rock eventually re-learned of the people across the ocean, and faded memories of his parents and the Soul Edge began to resurface in his mind as he gradually recalled his past. He eventually decided that the Soul Edge would be the key to his fully-restored memory and with only his moon axe in hand, Rock set out towards the sea, hoping to cross it and find his destiny. In a battle with the Grecian, Sophitia Alexandra, he fought without conviction. When she halted the battle to ask him why he was hesitant in his attacks, he realized that he was leaving Bangoo to grow up alone and that leaving Bangoo alone was no better than never adopting him at all. He thanked Sophitia for her help and returned to Bangoo in the New World. But one horrible day, the grand priest of the cult order Fygul Cestemus, Kunpaetku, sent out the lizard man, Aeon Calcos, to kidnap the Native boy and lure Rock out to steal his soul. Taking the bait out of love for his foster son, Rock set out once again to Europe; but this time his motivation was not related to Soul Edge at all. He searched for a long time and eventually defeated Aeon Calcos in a battle, saving Bangoo, but never truly discovering for what purpose Kunpaetku had wanted his soul out of all the souls available. Nevertheless, the two decided to live in Europe, as father and son, and remained in peace for four years.

Eventually, Bangoo decided that in order to become a man, he needed to undergo a trial to prove himself. With this in mind, he chose to set sail back to his homeland in the new world, alone. Supporting him, Rock saw Bangoo off on his journey. He then came to the decision that he should undertake a trial of his own so that he could prove to himself that he was worthy to be Bangoo's adoptive father. To prove his manhood, Rock chose to search for Soul Edge once more.

Yoshimitsu (SC, SC2, SC3)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown (base of Mt. Fuji, Japan)
height: 5' 8"
weight: unkown
blood type: unkown
weapon: katana and flag
weapon name: Yoshimitsu
discipline: Manji Ninjutsu
relatives: unkown
clan: murdered by Oda Nobunaga (now a member of a band of chilvarous theives called Manjitou)


Yoshimitsu is the sole surviving ninja of the Manji clan, massacred in an attack by the army of samurai lord Oda Nobunaga. The ninja village of the Manji Clan was originally hidden away in the forests at the base of Mt. Fuji.

One day, a lord who sought the power of the Manji clan invited its chief to his castle. Due to his advanced age the clan's chief sent the strongest warrior of the clan on behalf of him. As expected, the lord requested the allegiance of the Manji clan. But the Manji clan preferred to remain hidden in these troubled times and refused to join in the era's petty wars. After a few days stay at the castle, the fighter politely denied the lord's request and returned to his village.

Upon his return he found his beloved village in ruins. The lord had prepared an army in anticipation of the clan's refusal to serve him. The reason the lord had stalled his request and forced Yoshimitsu to stay at the castle was to buy time for his ruthless ambush. Yoshimitsu attempted a battle against the lord, but he was no match for the army or the lord and lost his arm, which he replaced with a wooden prosthetic. Yoshimitsu set out across the sea in search of the "Ultimate Weapon," Soul Edge, so that he could take his revenge against Lord Nobunaga.

But during his journey, he came across many horrible scenes left behind by the azure knight, Nightmare. He sensed the hatred and despair of the victims and reflected on their current plight. In his meditation, he concluded that although vengeance is his greatest desire, if he were to give in to his hatred, he would be no better than either Oda Nobunaga or Nightmare. But even with that realization in his mind, he continued to pursue the Soul Edge nevertheless. When Yoshimitsu finally reached Ostrheinsburg Castle, it was devoid of any signs of life. Unknown to him, he had arrived too late to witness the fateful battle between the wielder of the Soul Edge, Nightmare, and the wielder of the Soul Calibur, Chai Xianghua.

Upon leaving the castle, he sensed that the evil energy of the castle had somehow transferred a similar energy into his katana. So he left on a journey to rid his blade of that corrupted energy. Unfortunately, he became careless one day and passed out, worn from trying to quell the corruption; and during his sleep, the katana had been stolen by a thief--Voldo, who had mistaken it for the Soul Edge.

Yoshimitsu did not want the evil energy to fall into the wrong hands, so he set out to retrieve it, and acted as a Japanese Robin Hood along the way. Yoshimitsu infiltrated the legendary Money Pit of "the Merchant of Death," Vercci--without ever meeting the rumored guardian, Voldo--in an attempt to steal the treasures of the pit for the poor's sake. But completely by chance, he had found his katana alongside a fragment of the Soul Edge, both emanating similar evil energies. Yoshimitsu decided that if there was another object in the world with the same evil as his katana--which he had now named "Yoshimitsu"--it mustn't be allowed to exist; and so he set off on yet another journey, without a doubt in his mind about destroying the cursed Soul Edge.

Yoshimitsu eventually discovered that as long as he searched for the Soul Edge, he could not help the weak. So he returned to Japan and recruited a band of chivalrous thieves, and they became known as the Manjitou, led by Yoshimitsu. They would steal riches from nobles and distribute them to the poor, while searching for the fragments of the cursed sword.

One day, Yoshimitsu devised a plan for a grand robbery. The entire group would infiltrate a wealthy usurer's mansion and take everything he owned, which included a fragment of the Soul Edge. Unfortunately, the plan failed and half of the clan been captured or killed. The remaining clan members managed to free their captured comrades, but one of them gave a strange report to Yoshimitsu: the fragment of Soul Edge in the mansion's treasure room was gone, which was puzzling, considering that the vanguard force the Yoshimitsu sent supposedly never made it inside. Also, the body of the leader of the vanguard force had never been found.

Some members of the clan thought that betrayal was the only explanation, but Yoshimitsu wasn't so sure. He instructed the clan to find the fragment, stating that they would also find the man. He would accompany them in the hunt.

Seong Mi-na (Seung Mina) (SE, SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 23
birthplace: Jirisan, Korea
height: 5; 4"
weight: 106 lbs
birthdate: November 3
blood type: A
weapon: zhanmadao (zanbatou)
weapon name: Scarlet Thunder
discipline: Seong Style Longsword + Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod
father: Seong Han-myeong, all other family deceased


Growing up in the famous Korean Seung Dojo headed by her father, Seong Han-myeong, Mina had always been surrounded by weapons, many of which she learned to use quite well, even surpassing her father with the guan dao. However, her looks led the local boys to tease her and call her nothing more than a girl, an image supported by her father who wanted her to settle down and marry a suitor, preferably Hwang Seong-gyeong, whom Han-myeong had personally wanted to adopt into the family. Facing increasing incursions from Japanese raiders, a coast guard was quickly formed and led by Lee Sun Shin, her father's childhood friend, with Mi-na desperate to join in the ranks; but she was barred from joining on account of her gender. Overhearing rumours of Soul Edge, deemed the "Sword of Salvation", while eavesdropping on a private conversation between her father and Hwang, she decided that if she would not be able to prove herself in the coastal defense, she could just as easily prove herself by finding the fabled sword for her country. This prompted her to pack her belongings and run away from home, not knowing that Hwang had already been sent out on his own official quest for the weapon.

During her search, she did meet up with Hwang, and upon receiving news of an impending Japanese invasion of Korea, he cut his quest short and returned home, dragging Mina home with him. Not long after her return, Mina ran away again. Her frustration with rigorous training, combined with her father's eagerness to marry her to Hwang and a proposal from one of her father's wealthy trainees, sent her over the edge and out the door. Mina resumed her quest for the Soul Edge, but gained a valuable lesson along the way. She heard of a female warrior named Ivy, who was also searching for the Soul Edge. But upon meeting Ivy, she was told that Soul Edge was inherently demonic and that Mina would be better suited at home because she was only a weak little girl. Quick to anger, she challenged Ivy to a fight, but, overwhelmed and confused by Ivy's unusual snake sword, she suffered a humiliating defeat. Questioning her own strength, Mina met a middle-aged, alcoholic man with a beaten bo staff who jeered her and told her not to challenge people so hastily. But true to form, she attacked him and never landed a single hit, as he caught her guan dao with his bare hands. She asked if she could train under him, and he reluctantly agreed; despite his chronic alcoholism, his ability with the bo staff taught her much during her training. After a year of training, he mysteriously disappeared while out to buy more alcohol, and her only trace of him was a goodbye note telling her there was nothing more he could teach her, signed by a one 'Kong Xiuqiang', who was, in reality, Chai Xianghua's long-lost father and an exiled student of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple. From this experience, Mina learned to never underestimate the strength of an opponent, and she continued training for two years until she was ready to resume her quest for the Soul Edge. Eventually, however, she was dragged home once again by Hwang.

Four years later, Mina saw a student of her father, Hong Yun-seong, angry after being rejected by Hwang when he challenged him to a battle. She felt sorry for the brooding young man and handed him a Seung family heirloom, the dao 'White Storm' that, according to legend, possessed the ability to reflect the innermost thoughts of those who wielded the blade. That night, Yun-seung had packed his belongings and run away from the dojo in pursuit of Soul Edge, taking the dao with him. Since Mina had lent the heirloom to him, she felt obligated to retrieve it, and decided to leave the dojo to find him. Seung Han-myeong did not want her to go, but he knew in his heart that if he protested, she would simply run away again, and he gave her his blessing to retrieve the weapon. By the time he considered that she would, in fact, try to seek and destroy the Soul Edge on her journey, it was too late, and she was long gone.

Seung Mina traveled throughout Ming, continuing her search for Yun-seung. In one city, she got involved in a fight. After defeating a brawny man, one of the onlookers casually remarked that her style largely resembled the fabled Ling-Sheng Su Style. When she thought about it, the man who had taught her how to use her weapon had never given a name for the style. This fighting art was a solid part of her now, but she didn't know where it originated from. Mi-na became interested and decided to visit this temple famous for its martial arts.

She went to the said temple and found that it was destroyed a few years ago. However, she found out that an old master of the said style was still alive. She decided to visit the old man living in some mountains in the Himalayas. She arrived and saw Edge Master, who was also Kilik's master. When she first challenged him to a fight, he refused. But in the end, he agreed. Seong Mi-na suffered a total defeat. The old man then invited her to stay with him to train. During breaks, she told him of stories of her travels. He seemed vaguely interested, but he jumped at the information that Mi-na was also looking for Soul Edge. He told her the sword was evil. She did not believe him at first, but she knew that a man like him would not lie.

After a few months of training, Mi-na made up her mind to go after Yun-seong again, to tell him that the sword was evil. After saying goodbye to her new master, she thought that next time, she would bring Yun-seong along. She concluded that it would be so much fun.

Hwang Seong-gyeong (Hwang Seung-kyung) (SE, SC, SC3)
age: 32
birthplace: Jirisan, Korea
height: 5' 9"
weight: 137 lbs
blood type: AB
weapons: Jian (SE)
Dao (SC, SC3) (both Chinese swords)
weapon names: Blue Storm (SE)
Blue Thunder (SC, SC3)
discipline: Hwang Shi Dadao Shu
parents: deceased
master: Seong Han-myeong


Hwang Seong-gyeong had been born to parents who, while poor, still had a strong sense of justice, but this resolve was what led to their downfall. He grew up hardened and eventually enrolled himself in the Seong Dojo to learn to use the long blade. It didn't take him long to become the best student in the dojo and was eventually deemed good enough to be taught a private lesson by the master himself, Seong Han-myeong. The master was happy to have such a gifted student and was even considering adopting him as his son. However, he never had a chance to do so, and his daughter, Seong Mi-na, was only friends with Hwang, with mutual lack of desire to make the relationship anything more than friendship. Facing increasing incursions from Japanese raiders, a coast guard was quickly formed and led by Admiral Lee Sun Shin, with Hwang as the first to volunteer. Rumours of Soul Edge, deemed the "Sword of Salvation", spread to Korea, and Lee Sun Shin sent him to go and find it.

On his quest to find the "Sword of Salvation," he received news of an impending Japanese invasion of his homeland. He cut his search short and returned home, dragging Seong Mi-na, who had run away to find the Soul Edge herself, home with him. He rejoined the Coast Guard as commander, but shortly thereafter, he received news from a new recruit, Kong Xiuqiang, that Mi-na had run away again. Angered and worried by this, he lost his better judgment and led his crew into a trap set by the pirates of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and many lives were lost. Lee Sun Shin sympathized with his worry over Mi-na's well-being, but was nevertheless obliged to dismiss him from the Coast Guard. Instead, he gave him a new set of orders. He was to aid Seong Han-myeong by finding Mi-na, under the guise of searching for the "Sword of Salvation." He immediately set off to the west once again, and, upon finding her, was told of the true nature of Soul Edge. Deciding that Korea would no longer rely on legends to save itself--that it could rely on its own strength--he dragged Mi-na home with one goal in mind: to rejoin the Coastal Forces in guarding against the impending Japanese invasion.

During his second quest Hwang learned that Soul Edge was evil, so he made a report to his superiors about the matter. Sadly that only served to tarnish his reputation. Admiral Lee Sun Shin dismissed him and forced him to return Blue Thunder, as punishment. Hwang left the garrison and stayed in his master's dojo, until one day when someone appeared in the exercise hall. He captured the stranger and upon iterrogating him he found out that he was a spy from Japan, who claimed that Japan was in search of Soul Edge too. Since no one in the Coastal Defense has the knowledge of foreign lands and the experience from previous trips, Hwang was selected to carry on the new mission: find and stop the agent from Japan from finding Soul Edge, and bring the sword if possible. Lee Sun Shin handed him Blue Thunder again, and Hwang understood the meaning of this mission, to save his country. Before beginning his quest, he went to the Capital and stole the fragments gathered there, since he wouldn't left his beloved country with anxiety in his hearth. He then headed towards the west, knowing that both Yun-seong, a student of the Seung Dojo, and Seong Mi-na are in a similar quest. He hopes to join forces with them and together destroy the evil blade once and for all.

Talim (SC2, SC3)
age: 15
birthplace: Village of the Wind Deity, Southeast Aisa (Phillipines)
height: 4' 8"
weight: 93 lbs
birthplace: June 15
blood type: unkown
weapons: dual bladed tonfa (elbow blades)
weapon names: Syi Salika and Loka Luha
discipline: Wind Dance
father: Sanput
mother: Lidi
grandmother & village elder: Kalana (Katana)
bird: Alun


The people of Southeast Asia were thrust into an age of turmoil when the influences of Spanish and Portuguese culture began to spread across their lands. In one particular region, the Village of the Wind Deity (Nayong Anito ng Hangin) in the Philippines, there lived a tribe of people who could control the winds. Talim was the granddaughter of this village's elder Kalana and daughter of its shaman; and she was reared to be its last priestess (babaylan). As faith in the Wind Deity gradually waned, Talim possessed unparalleled potential to be a shaman herself. The day the Evil Seed spread across the world, Talim felt on the winds violently and an evil aura that devoured everything in its path surged into her body, causing her to lose consciousness for days. Years later, when Talim was fifteen years old, a man from the west brought with him a strange metal fragment, claiming it to be a vitality charm. Talim, however, recognized the evil energy as the same energy she had experienced years before and left on a journey, believing that if she were to return the fragment to its rightful place, peace would eventually be restored, despite the elders' misgivings.

Despite her nervousness at entering the outside world for the first time in her life, she continued her journey and collected several of the fragments, eventually learning that the source of the evil energy was an evil sword called Soul Edge.

Having sensed another source of evil energy, Talim traveled to a mountain range in a certain land. She gazed at the steep ravine and the giant row of waterwheels built in the flowing river. As if guided by the whispers of the wind, she arrived at a small watermill, where a group of small children lived. Learning that one of the children was ill, Talim entered. The area around him was filled with waves of evil. Talim realized that the boy himself was giving off the evil aura. Talim asked the boy what was causing this, but the boy, who appeared to be the leader of the children, just smiled sadly at her. Talim could not just leave him, so she decided to tend to the boy.

A young man paid them a visit about the time that she had grown accustomed to life in the watermill. He was a cheerful young man who carried a long sword and went by the name of Yun-seong. He announced that he was searching for clues regarding Soul Edge.

Upon hearing this, Talim warned him about the dangers of the sword. The young man appeared to give in to her harsh tone, and chose to stay in the watermill for a while, slyly waiting for an opportunity to obtain information. At first, he made Talim apprehensive, but she felt no evil from the young man and eventually came to accept him.

The boy's symptoms gradually worsened. After much thought, Talim came up with the idea of passing the evil energy through her own body and out into the wind currents flowing through the sky.

The treatment continued for several days. The evil energy released little by little would be purified in the atmosphere, but the impurities that remained behind in Talim's body slowly piled up like sediment, eating away her purity as a priestess. Talim's ability to read the wind grew weaker and weaker...

It was the first suffering she had ever experienced, and the greatest she could have imagined. She was losing something that had always been with her, something more important than words could express. Seeing her sunk in sorrow, Yun-seong said to her,

"There are some things you can't do anything about. When that happens, you just have to do what you can!" His words were largely meaningless, but hearing him say them somehow gave her courage.

Despite her best efforts to treat him, the boy's symptoms worsened. His fever persisted day and night. He would not last long at this rate. Talim pondered releasing all of the evil energy from within the boy into the wind at once. It would be more of a large-scale ritual than a "treatment." Performing this with the impurities inside her would be extremely dangerous. Even so, she knew it had to be done.

The boy, however, flatly refused her idea.

"It hurts too body, and the burden I'm placing on you all, too. I just want it all to end." The boy vented his anguish. It was Yun-seong who stopped Talim and the other children from arguing with the boy and stepped forward to convince him.

After a long conversation between the two of them, Yun-seong grinned and spoke.

"I gave the little troublemaker a good talking to. The rest is up to you."

Talim gently embraced the frail body of the boy.

"No matter how bad I feel, I won't give up. So I don't want you to close off your future, either..."

It was quite possibly a miracle. When the ritual ended, not a single remnant of evil energy was left in either of their bodies. In the instant that Talim had opened the boundaries of her heart, overlapping her being with the serene winds that cross the heavens, something had flowed through their two bodies and exorcised the evil energy.

And in that instant, she had seen it. Past where the winds blew, far to the west, a shining light had appeared. Overflowing water, pure blue sky, and a single sword...It was a beautiful and fleeting vision, like a crystal formed over countless ages.

"It's beautiful..." Talim murmured. Without even understanding why, Talim felt her heart grow hot.

After watching over the boy to make sure he had recovered, Talim set out on a new journey, with the children's many thanks echoing in her ears.

Something waited for her to the west...

Every time the pure breeze touched her, her heart fluttered quietly with that premonition.

note that all info placed here is as of Soul Calibur III.

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