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In every game, there has to be a villan. In the Soul series, there is no limit the the number of baddies. This is their profile page. These are characters who have an evil alignment, or seek Soul Edge for their own gain.

Cervantes de Leon (SE, SC, SC2, SC3)
age: 48 (immortal, would be 80 with normal aging)
birthplace: Valencia, Spain, Spanish Empire
height: 5 ' 10"
weight: 176 lbs
birthdate: January 1
blood type: (when alive) O
(undead) none
weapons: Soul Edge (longsword) and pistol sword
weapon names: Soul Edge (SE)
Acheron and Nirvana (SC)
Soul Edge (female) and Nirvana (SC2/3)
discipline: memories of Soul Edge
father: Phillip de Leon, deceased
mother: deceased
daughter: Ivy


Cervantes' father, Phillip de Leon, was a privateer sent on a special mission from the Spanish king to loot in the name of Spain. One day, he sailed closely to an English ship with intent to loot it, only to find out too late that it was a warship. He was taken by surprise, his ship was destroyed, and he died along with it. Cervantes was devastated. He decided that if that was what happened to sailors that swear allegiance to Spain, he would forsake it and become a pirate. One day, he received a message from the "Merchant of Death," Vercci. It was a request to find Soul Edge. At first Cervantes dismissed the offer, but finally accepted since Vercci was the merchant who gave him the artillery for his ship. After a year of searching, Cervantes found information pointing to an antiques dealer with a "strange article". There was no specific evidence that said article was Soul Edge, but Cervantes was a pirate, and could find some use for the ship's goods even if Soul Edge was not there. Cervantes attacked the ship, and nobody heard from him again for twenty years.

What had happened was that Cervantes had obtained Soul Edge on that ship, and it drove him insane as it devoured his soul. His insanity caused him to kill anyone who came looking for Soul Edge--including his own crew and the entire population of his home port town in Valencia--a reign of terror that lasted for twenty years until Sophitia Alexandra, Taki and Siegfried Schtauffen, all defeated him in succession. But this was not the end for Cervantes. Nightmare, the new host for Soul Edge, unknowingly resurrected him using the fragments of Soul Edge still lodged inside Cervantes' body, but all his memories of his past life had vanished. Over the course of the next three years, Cervantes sailed in a ghost ship, plundering and maddening ships across the world, as his memories gradually returned, along with the desire to search for Soul Edge again, even though he knew it had robbed him of his free will. During Cervantes' search for Soul Edge, he realized that the second sword had been shattered as well when he found a few shards of the second sword. He pondered as to whether or not Soul Edge had been definitively conquered, but at that moment, the shards melded together on their own to create a bigger piece of the sword. For the next four years, Cervantes began his quest to steal souls and collect additional fragments. Eventually, they took the form of a legitimate sword. Cervantes' new goal was to regain Soul Edge, and to do that, he needed as many of the fragments as he could find.

By making use of the fragments of the cursed sword within his body, Cervantes succeeded in preserving his own will. With Soul Edge and the Adrian, he devoured the souls of brawny men of the sea.

One day, when he had moored his ship in an opening in the cliffs in order to avoid the stormy waves, the presence of the "other" Soul Edge that he had felt up until this time suddenly disappeared. Then, his body began to crumble! The fragments of the cursed sword within his body were losing their power. As things stood now, he would soon return to the form of a charred corpse.

"Wow, looks like you're in trouble!"

Turning to the source of the sudden voice, Cervantes found a flock of black birds and a girl in green at the top of the mast.

"Who are you?!"

"I guess you could say that I'm a servant of the cursed sword."

Cervantes grew angry at the overly cheerful girl, but listening to her words, he learned that a power equal and opposite of Soul Edge had sealed it...

After the girl disappeared from the mast and into the darkness, Cervantes thought to himself.

He had no intention of binding himself to a shared objective with the girl, but he had no choice but to maintain his life by absorbing new souls, and while doing so, destroy the enemy of Soul Edge and revive the cursed sword that had been sealed.

His obsession for souls flaring, Cervantes set out into the stormy sea.

Astaroth (SC, SC2, SC3)
age: recently ressurected (seven years since initial creation)
birthplace: Grand Shrine of Palgaea (Ares)
height: 6' 4"
weight: 287 lbs
birthdate: September 3
blood type: none
weapon: giant axe
weapon name: Kulutes
discipline: Gyulkus
family: servants of Ares, the god of war
creator: Kunpaektu
master: Palgaea (Ares)


The god of war and destruction, Ares, desired Soul Edge, so he ordered Kunpaetku, the grand priest of the cult order Fygul Cestemus, to seek it out. Astaroth, a golem, was created in hellish heat under the divine protection of the god of destruction to head up the quest. Kunpaetku ordered his creation, Astaroth, to find the demonic blade. As he watched Astaroth depart from the shrine, the grand priest laughed to himself as he planned to keep the Soul Edge and become a god for himself. Unknown to Kunpaetku, however, Ares had possessed Astaroth with the spirit of his servant, Ker, to ensure that Kunpaetku would not betray him. When Astaroth finally found Soul Edge, it had lost half of itself during the battle with Sophitia Alexandra. Deciding that Ares would not be pleased with the sword in this condition, he agreed to help the azure knight, Nightmare, build its power by collecting souls by slaughtering countless victims. As Astaroth was finally ready to betray Nightmare and take the Soul Edge from him, Kilik, Xianghua and Maxi, stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle; and Astaroth was killed by Maxi. Four years later, signs of Soul Edge began to reemerge, and Ares resurrected Astaroth in an attempt to retrieve the evil blade once again. This time, though, his body had been infused with shards of the Soul Edge, making him more powerful and ruthless than ever before.

Astaroth had set out on the trail for the evil blade, but a problem arose. The grand priest Kunpaetku had realized his golem was not behaving as originally instructed--that another force now claimed ownership over Astaroth since his initial creation. In order to reclaim Astaroth as his servant, Kunpaetku performed a ritual on the lowest level of the cult's temple and unleashed a powerful curse on him. But Astaroth fought back against the curse, for he had become an ideal host for Ker, because of the fragments of Soul Edge he had taken in during his resurrection. He would destroy anyone who stood in his way, and now the cult had become nothing more than an obstacle in his path. Astaroth entered the temple to destroy the cult once and for all, and his whirlwind of destruction mowed down everything in his path. The curse had only fueled him with anger, and he was determined to destroy anything and everything he saw. The temple of the heretics had become a crucible of chaos. Astaroth pursued Kunpaetku into the deepest part of the temple, but the grand priest managed to escape at the last minute. Only the words the priest left behind remained, telling him that he was nothing more than a failed doll modeled after a mere human. Astaroth immediately stopped in his tracks, distracted with this newfound horrible knowledge, and began to search the temple's archives for his roots. He had been made in the image of a man called only by the name "White Giant." Astaroth destroyed the facility in which Kunpaetku's ritual had been performed, and his curse faded such that he regained his true strength. He then proceeded to destroy the temple completely until it became unrecognizable debris, and nothing was left but chaos and rubble. Fygul Cestemus had been wiped from history by the very being that they themselves had created. Astaroth stood within the ruined temple, quietly thinking to himself. If the "White Giant" he had been modeled after was as powerful as himself, then that man must surely be the greatest soul on earth, the perfect nourishment to resurrect the Soul Edge back to its full power. But perhaps Astaroth himself did not realize his own hidden desire to destroy the "White Giant"--to make himself a complete creature, unique without any model. The golem set out, his new objective set, disappearing into the mirages in the distance. Behind him was only a column of smoke rising from a ruinous wasteland; in front of him somewhere was the perfect soul.

Aeon Calcos "Lizardman" (SC, SC3)
age: 36 (seven years since becoming Lizardman)
birthplace: Sparta, Greece, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
height: 5' 11"
weight: 190 lbs
birthdate: June 23
blood type: none (possibly some type of lizard blood)
weapons: short sword and small shield (SC)
one-handed axe and shield (SC3)
weapon names: Xi Sword and Game Shield (SC)
Grudge Axe and Aya Shield (SC3)
discipline: Rapid Ares Style
relatives: there should be family in his homeland, but they are no longer important to him
family: other Lizardmen (generic)


The Spartan soldier, Aeon Calcos, like Sophitia Alexandra, was one of the twenty-four warriors to receive an oracle from the god Hephaestus to destroy Soul Edge--one for every letter of the Greek alphabet. And he was armed with the holy Xi Sword forged for him. In his searches, a group of desert travelers rescued a dehydrated Aeon and brought him to their village. Unfortunately, he was unable to repay their kindness, as the Evil Seed had rained down and turned Aeon into a crazed killer, causing him to massacre everyone in the village. Stories of this berserker spread to Kunpaetku, the grand priest of the cult order Fygul Cestemus. Kunpaetku ordered that Aeon be captured and used as a human guinea pig in a terrible experiment, causing him to transform into a lizard man--the first of many lizard men to come. Obedient to his new master, Aeon was sent to the New World, ordered to kidnap the "White Giant" Rock's adopted son, Bangoo, and lure him back to Europe so that his soul could be stolen. Sometime while aiding the golem also created by Fygul Cestemus, Astaroth, in stealing the Soul Edge from the azure knight, Nightmare, Aeon was eventually tracked down and defeated by Rock for the kidnapping. In Soul Calibur III, Lizardman awakes from some sort of sleep, apparently free of the cult that controlled him, but still in his lizard form, Lizardman returned to Greece. Realizing that his family that had waited so long for him to come home would not recognize him, Lizardman fell into despair. He returned to the temple that made him to find a cure and found it destroyed. With his last glimmer of hope gone, he wondered angrily why Hephaestus had not helped him in his time of need. "My god has forsaken me." thought Lizardman. He cast away the sword and shield he was given, and resolved to find Soul Edge and destroy the god of the forge with the very weapon he feared most. It would be the ultimate revenge.

Raphael Sorel (SC2, SC3)
age: 32
birthplace: Rouen, France, French Empire
height: 5' 10"
weight: 159 lbs
birthdate: November 27
blood type: A
weapon: rapier
weapon name: Flambert
discipline: La Rapiere des Sorel
relatives: cut all ties
foster daughter: Amy


Raphael, the young master of the Sorel family, grew up with the rapier and medicine as his playmates. His cool, unemotional demeanor created many enemies, but his quick and precise decision-making and execution skills were prominent features of his family amongst the nobles. Unfortunately, Raphael made a critical mistake during the year of the notorious Evil Seed and killed an insane noble in self-defense--a noble supported by his family. His family cast him out of their household and even aided the town in their pursuit of the murderer.

Raphael hid himself in a poor town to escape from his pursuers. There he met a young girl named Amy who hid the weakened Raphael from his enemies. For Raphael, this marked the first time he had ever owed his life to someone else, causing him to feel emotions he had never experienced before--Amy became an irreplaceable presence in his life.

Convinced that the chaos of the war in France at that time was no place to live a meaningful life, Raphael took Amy and left the town. But even with the new surroundings, he could not get Amy to open her heart to the world.

One day, in the library of a mansion in southern France that he had acquired after killing its master, Raphael found a letter with references to the Evil Seed. It wasn't long before he could make the connections between Evil Seed and the insanity of the noble that had attacked him; and he knew that the source of all this evil was a cursed sword called Soul Edge.

He pondered over the consequences that could occur if the pathetic nobles were to have the sword thrust into their possession; they would destroy themselves from the inside. Raphael decided to retrieve the sword himself so that the war-mongering nobles could be eliminated and a meaningful future could be secured for his foster daughter Amy.

He was determined to obtain the Soul Edge by any means necessary for the sake of this young girl, and concocted an insane scheme to help him achieve his end.

In his quest for the Soul Edge, Raphael tracked down and pursued its possessor, the Azure Knight, Nightmare, at Ostrheinsburg Castle. At the end of the fierce battle, Nightmare stood victorious. His body weakened and his consciousness fading, Raphael looked up towards the azure Knight, who was just about to administer a finishing blow, and muttered the name of his foster daughter, Amy.

For an instant, emotion overcame Raphael's entire being, and he forced his body to move. The desperate strike he unleashed hit its mark, piercing the center of Soul Edge's eye; and his opponent writhed in pain. That was all he remembered of his battle with Nightmare before he lost consciousness. He should have been dead yet, for some reason, the Azure Knight had left without ever finishing him off.

Raphael dragged his wounded body back to his mansion in southern France. He spent several days on the brink of death, but eventually recovered. He did not notice, however, the evil energy that had radiated in his Soul Edge induced wounds. He had come across the phenomenon of maglinity transformation before in his research, but by the time this knowledge had occurred to him now, the transformation was already completed.

The symptoms even spread to Amy, who had undoubtedly become infected when she was treating his wounds. No symptoms indicated that their minds had been infected, but cursed blood pulsed through their bodies nevertheless, their skin turned pale and their eyes shone with wicked light. By day, they felt weak and sluggish; but by night, they felt a powerful thirst. They were no longer human.

Before long, the people living nearby had learned of their strange behavior. They must have considered it a form of plague, for they attempted to drive away their lord--the second time the Soul Edge had been responsible for such social humiliation. Furious, Raphael contemplated taking revenge on the peasants, but his priority was with Amy's safety. He took her away from that mansion in France for good.

They traveled to Wallachia, and taking advantage of the war throughout the land, he purchased a castle ruin in the mountainous terrain to begin a new life separate from the outside world. However, Raphael had no intention of living life constantly on the run. Amy had been transformed into a being that could no longer interact with the world, and in his own twisted logic, he rationalized that it was neither he nor Amy who required change, but the rest of the world around them. He spread his evil plague in secrecy, and it eventually moved on to a grand scale, starting only within the castle and moving on to nearby villages and even a neighboring city.

Eventually, he would be able to corrupt the entire world. But one day, something strange had occurred, and many of the citizens he had transformed had been returning to their original state. It seemed that something called the "Holy Stone"--a charm brought by a recent visitor--was the source of these reversals. Raphael tried to steal the stone from the villagers, but upon touching the faintly glowing item, his hand surged with pain, blistering as if it had been burned. In a fit of rage, he had it destroyed.

But he still wondered as to whether or not any other such "Holy Stones" or charms with similar powers existed. Feeling threatened by the prospect, Raphael concluded that he must venture away from his beloved foster daughter again to seek out the true nature of this "Holy Stone" and obliterate all of its traces from this world. Nothing would be allowed to interfere with the new world he wanted to create for Amy.

But just as he had made this decision, an army who had noticed the region's abnormality appeared at the base of the castle; he would need to kill them first. Raphael bid farewell to young Amy and descended to the outside world that refused to accept them--and the taciturn girl who watched him leave betrayed no hint of what lay hidden in her heart.

Al Simmons "Spawn" (SC2, Xbox only)
age: 31
birthplace: Detroit, Michigan (yay, a character from the US)
height: 6' 2"
weight: over 400 lbs
birthdate: March 16
blood type: Necroplasm
weapon: cape transformed into an axe
weapon name: Agony
discipline: none
wife: Wanda
blood relatives: no contact since becoming Spawn


Upon his death, Lieutenant Al Simmons made a pact with the devil in order to return to the world of the living. But the resurrection of the dark lord Malebolgia produced a result that was far different from anything Simmons had envisioned. His body, memories of the past, and even time were taken from him. His fate was to exist as a spawn of hell. He was then sent to the sixteenth century on a mission to retrieve the Soul Edge. Spawn had to obey his master, for it was his only chance of returning to his time period.

Charade (SC2, SC3)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: changes constantly
weight: changes constantly
birthdate: unkown
blood type: none
weapon: imitative power (Charade)
weapon name: Charade
discipline: Mind Scan (all fighting styles)
Soul Edge (male): weakened
Soul Edge (female): shattered
fragments of Soul Edge: scattered


An unknown man weary from war-torn lands and dreaming of adventure spent all the money in his possession to purchase every last piece of metal from a traveling merchant, who was selling them as amulets against evil. That night, as he gazed on the metal fragments, he recalled a story passed on by a roaming swordsman: the story of Soul Edge, an ultimate weapon to surpass all others. The drunkards in the tavern did not believe the swordsman's tale, but this man did, because he sensed something in the eyes of the swordsman; and when he followed the warrior in hopes of getting more information about Soul Edge out of him, he talked to him about the weapon for hours on end. But as it turned out, the swordsman knew very little, and the two parted ways. The tale could have been a hoax, but it was enough to arouse curiosity and set this man off on his singular pursuit of Soul Edge, enticing the locals to dismiss him as eccentric. But now that he had what he believed with conviction to be shards of the true Soul Edge, he was satisfied, even if it cost him all that he had. Fatefully, however, he was murdered shortly thereafter by bandits who had heard a rumour circulating in the cities of a man overly-protective of his possessions--something extremely valuable. But the fragments he had were of no use to the bandits and they threw his corpse into the ravine. The man's tenacity to protect his precious fragments never wavered in his final moments, and the hand of the abandoned corpse still held the pieces in its grasp. Several months passed, and no one bore witness to the fact that the pieces had disappeared over time. They were definitely gone, leaving behind several incomplete corpses in the ravine and trails left beside the corpses, as if something had crawled about them. In time, rain would fall and erase the trails. The life form walked under its own will, almost out of instinct. It was a voiceless being formed by blood absorbed from the dead man's hand, wandering in search of similar shards to become whole again and growing as it devoured fragments with a similar aura. The metal pieces that the man had possessed were, without a doubt, genuine shards of the Soul Edge, desperate to re-form on its own; and it could respond by reading the innermost thoughts of all it meets.

Amy Sorel (SC3)
age: unkown (possibly 12)
birthplace: Rouen, France, French Empire
height: unkown
weight: unkown
birthdate: unkown
blood type: unkown
weapon: rapier
weapon name: Albion
discipline: La Rapiere des Sorel
parents: died of sickness
foster father: Raphael


Amy was a poor orphan who lived on the streets of Rouen. Her parents died of a plague that had spread across all of Europe during this time period. She had no other family to go to after the lost of her parents. One day she came across a man named Raphael, who was being chased by the local authorities. She hid Raphael from the soldiers who were pursuing him; she hid him only through spite to the soldiers, who ran her poverty stricken town. As Raphael had never owed his life to anyone before, he felt he must protect and repay her. He felt something he never had before for Amy, so took her in to his home and looked after her as his own daughter, to repay her for the kindness she had shown to him.

One day, Raphael returned from a vicious battle with the wielder of Soul Edge, Nightmare. Raphael collapsed before Amy's eyes and she nursed him back to consciousness. When he came round he told her that through the battle he had become infected by the evil seed, and by handling his blood, she was also now infected. Amy had always found it hard to open her heart to the world, but now she couldn't even try because she was too different from everyone else. She was no longer human. She went with Raphael to the castle he bought in Romania. She sat in a dim room seeing the torchs and troops gathering there. Raphael left, saying he will be out for a while. He took care of the troops and the noises ceased. But eventually they returned, but he didn't. He left her. And now the noises and light spread violently in the world he made, bringing it to ruins. She stood up and went to the exit. She bitten the words from those days and smiled. For she must protect this world that he made.

age: 17
birthplace: unkown
height: 5' 3"
weight: 94 lbs
birthdate: unkown
blood type: AB
weapon: ring blade
weapon name: Aiselne Drossel
discipline: Dance of Death
family: none, but now accompanied by a flock of watchers
master: Nightmare


There was an underground organization that hid in the shadows of the intrigue and war storming throughout Europe. They were affiliated with no single side, forming contracts with the powerful, and sending out assassins to eliminate important figures. The organization kept its existence secret, influencing the history of Europe from behind the scenes. It went by the name of "Bird of Passage."

Tira was an assassin raised by this organization. She was a bird trapped in a cage, stripped of the freedom to choose her own future. Even in her earliest childhood memories, she had already grown accustomed to taking the lives of others. She felt no sorrow, no guilt, nothing. The act of killing had become a regular routine in her life--so much so that she needed to kill on a regular basis for the stimulation it provided.

The young Tira worked to improve her skills. She displayed a cheerful demeanor, as if she enjoyed her job, but even she herself did not realize that this was nothing more than an act to hide the true feelings that lay buried deep in her heart. When the Evil Seed rained down, Tira was in the middle of a mission. The evil energy burnt the mind of her leader, and the chain of command collapsed. The mission failed. Tira was suddenly set free from the underground world and found herself flying outside on unsteady wings.

She has since forgotten where she was when this event transpired. For a while, she was taken in by an ordinary family in an ordinary city and lived a life amongst ordinary people. Unlike the world she had come from, there was nothing here to satisfy her desire, but she had casually thought to herself that this life might be okay, too.

However, her modest, peaceful days did not last for long. The trigger was a simple event. She had set free a bird that the family's child had been keeping as a pet. She wasn't sure herself why she had done it. But the child had burst into tears, and the parents had scolded Tira.

By the time she had realized what was happening, an all-too-familiar sight lay sprawled around her. She was fundamentally different from other people. She could never live peacefully among them.

"I should have known I couldn't live without this..." thought Tira, as she gazed blankly down at her blood-stained hands.

Tira began a life of aimless wandering, taking the lives of others as she went. It was around this time that the intensity of her emotions grew so much that she could no longer control them. The slightest occurrence would cause her heart to sink, and for her to feel like rejecting everything. Then her mood would improve suddenly, and everything she did would feel tremendously enjoyable.

She grew more and more confused, but she now lacked the will to even concern herself with it.

One day, she came across information about the massacres caused by Nightmare. She had found someone else like herself. Her heart leapt at the thought.

Tracking down the azure knight led her to Ostrheinsburg, where she met a mysterious man with a scythe. What she had really sought was Soul Edge itself. Nightmare was nothing more than a puppet...

Upon hearing this truth from the man, Tira was unable to hide her disappointment. A short time later, however, she heard rumors that the azure knight had reappeared. Following the trail of slaughter, she finally found Nightmare. This being, the physical representation of the cursed sword's will, was an incarnation of destruction and despair far beyond her expectations.

"Finally, someone to whom I can give myself entirely..."

Kneeling before the cursed knight, she opened the most sacred depths of her heart and accepted the dark will into herself...

Now a faithful servant of the evil sword, she operates behind the scenes, controlling a flock of ravens. She has been given two missions.

The spirit sword was driven into Soul Edge's main body, sealing it. Her first task is to destroy the spirit sword and free the evil sword.

Her second task is to locate a new host for the cursed sword. The power of the evil blade is being restrained by Soul Calibur. Soul Edge is controlling a temporary body, but its vessel is far too unstable to be used for long--it needs someone with both the spiritual strength to make full use of Soul Edge, and a body that can readily accept its evil will. Seeking the ultimate host, Tira spreads her dark wings and flies out into the world.

Those who meet with her approval shall surely have their souls burned by the flame of the cursed sword. Those who do not, Tira will surely take their lives to bring to joy to her own.

Nightmare (SC, SC2)
age: same as Siegfried
birthplace: unkown
height: same as Siegfried
weight: same as Siegfried
birthplace: unkown
blood type: same as Siegfried
weapon: Soul Edge (zweihander)
weapon name: Soul Edge (male)
discipline: styles memorized by the armor
parents: same as Siegfried
servants: Ivy (SC only), Astaroth (SC only), Lizardman (Aeon Calcos, SC only), Lizardmen (generic, SC, SC2, SC3)


During the late sixteenth century, the oppressed peasants of Germany were revolting against the Holy Roman Empire. With its forces weakened by the Italian Wars, the German peasants finally had a fighting chance. One of the champions of the people, a brave knight named Sir Frederick Schtauffen, met and fell in love with a woman named Margaret while on campaign; and they spent the night together. When Frederick returned after nine months of battle, he rejoined Margaret, having given birth to a son, whom he named Siegfried, after the famous hero. Over the course of the next ten to fifteen years, Frederick spent a lot of his time teaching his son swordsmanship.

Embarking on a foreign crusade, Frederick promised Margaret that he would return; unfortunately, without his father's guidance, Siegfried began to socialize with an edgy clan of teenagers, and he soon became the leader of their band of thieves known as "Schwarzwind," meaning "black wind." In a misguided act of national pride, the band devised a plan to attack the knights who ran away from the crusades, as they were bound to carry valuable possessions, and were too cowardly to deserve respect in any case. That night, the "Schwarzwind" ambushed a group of war-weary soldiers, too tired to retaliate. Siegfried even managed to kill the commander himself; but as he held the commander's severed head in triumph, the moonlight shone on its face, and Siegfried screamed as he realized he held the head of his own father. In mere seconds, Siegfried had snapped and ran straight into the forest, becoming more and more insane as he ruminated over his previous acts, until he came to a point at which he psychologically convinced himself that his father's murderer was actually someone other than himself. And in this newfound delusion for revenge, Siegfried decided that his father's murderer must only be defeated by a specific weapon so that the vengeance would remain all the more satisfying; that weapon was the Soul Edge. He traveled first to Ostrheinsburg Castle, the refuge of the noble Sir Stefan, who he believed to be the possessor of the Soul Edge; and he joined in its forces, rising in its ranks with the hopes of acquiring Stefan's self-proclaimed legendary blade. During a siege on the castle, Siegfried saw an opportunity to take Sir Stefan's prized possession, the sword Grimblade, and killed him, running off with it into the Black Woods nearby the castle; but the sword held no power. Frustrated, he continued to search for weeks for the Soul Edge, growing increasingly more insane for its power as time passed. He finally managed to come across the legendary weapon Soul Edge, lying next to the defeated corpse of the dread pirate, Cervantes de Leon. But as he reached for it, the corpse lit up in a hellish blaze of fire and attacked him. Siegfried Schtauffen raised his zweihänder--appropriately named Faust--and defeated the fiery Inferno, earning the right to wield the Soul Edge for himself. At the precise moment that Siegfried obtained the cursed blade, the Evil Seed emanated from him in a beam of light that rained pain and despair across the entire world, leading only to death and destruction. But Siegfried was concerned only with his own quest, to bring his father, Sir Frederick Schtauffen, back to life with the power that the Soul Edge had promised him and to avenge his father's murderer--even though he was the murderer himself but had forgotten due to self-induced psychological brainwashing. He thought that if only he could devour enough souls, his father would be resurrected; and by the time he finally remembered that it was he who had actually killed his own father, the sword had totally enslaved him with its power. In his first three years as the azure knight, Nightmare, he gathered together a group of followers: the golem Astaroth, the lizard man Aeon Calcos, and Ivy, the unknowing daughter of Cervantes de Leon. Each of them aided him in the Soul Edge's quest to devour souls for a rejuvenation ceremony to be performed in his chosen stronghold, Ostrheinsburg Castle. But as the ceremony was about to take place, the clan was quickly laid to waste. Aeon Calcos had been defeated by Rock for kidnapping his foster son, Bangoo; Astaroth had been killed by Maxi for murdering his crew in an Indian port town; and Ivy was considering abandoning the clan after learning the shocking truth of her horrifying past from the Fu-Ma ninja, Taki. Nightmare did succeed in resurrecting his father, but as Nightmare battled viciously with Kilik's holy bo staff Kali-Yuga, he came to the realization that this resurrection was merely an illusion of his own weakened soul, and he was too distracted to invest his full energy into the fight. Kilik eventually defeated him, and as his wounded body lay on the ground, Siegfried Schtauffen began to become the dominant force in Nightmare's mind again; and he witnessed the fateful battle between the holy sword Soul Calibur and the Inferno of Soul Edge.

The battle between the swordsmen took place in a vortex of hellfire and evil energy summoned by Soul Edge. After a raging battle, the evil sword shattered, and both Nightmare and Soul Edge fell into the collapsing void. With Soul Edge severely weakened, Nightmare regained some of his humanity. Along with lucidity came the horrifying memories of the sins he committed, as well as the fear and anger of those who were slaughtered by him. Moreover, he realized that he had been the one who murdered his father.

Expelled from the void into an unfamiliar place, Siegfried disappeared into the night-the evil sword still in his grip. But Soul Edge was weaker now, and splinters of itself were left in Siegfried's footsteps. Siegfried meditated on all he had done and eventually learned to accept responsibility for his sin. He planned to return to his mother, who had no knowledge of anything that occurred during or after that fateful night three years ago; but just as he was about to knock on the door, he could hear his mother praying, and concluded that if he was to be successful in his new resolve, he must distance himself from society so that he never kills again. He could not see his mother until he was fully redeemed; but he knew he was not yet atoned for, for every time he awoke from a night's rest, he found his new zweihänder Requiem bloodied, and he was surrounded by the corpses of victims he had presumably murdered in his sleep.

Siegfried Schtauffen was aware that although he had regained his sanity and learned to accept his past sins from three years ago, he was not yet fully redeemed. Every morning, as he awoke from rest, he would find the corpses of helpless victims lined around his body. He knew that the Soul Edge still held power over him, but now it used its strength in his sleep, and no matter how hard he tried not to fall asleep again, he would always eventually give in, and the darkness would continue to operate at night in his subconscious. He tried to forsake civilization as far as he could go so that no person could be corrupted by the dark energy of the Soul Edge, but never to any avail. Four years passed, and he had eventually assumed the azure armor for a second time, becoming Nightmare all over again, desperately pursuing fragments of the Soul Edge that he might fully restore it. As he plundered powerful souls and recovered shattered fragments of the sword, the cracks in the Soul Edge's surface healed one by one. His goal of reviving the sword was nearly complete, and he returned to his old stronghold, so that he may be in the Ostrheinsburg Chapel when he restored the blade to its true power. But just as he was about to begin his ceremony, he was interrupted once again, this time by a lone fencer from the French Empire--the exiled son of the Sorel nobility, Raphael. At the end of the fierce battle, Nightmare stood victorious; but just before he administered his finishing blow, the wounded man muttered something incoherent. Deep within the azure helmet, a faint hint of the will of Siegfried Schtauffen emerged and attempted to fight off the Soul Edge's influence for a second time. The battle between the two personalities waged in the mind of the singular being, causing the azure knight to stand motionless in distraction. Unknown to him, the fallen body of the fencer Raphael had been conjuring up all of its remaining strength to unleash a desperate pierce into the center of Soul Edge's eye. Nightmare let out an inhuman cry, and as the will of Soul Edge desperately clawed to keep its grasp on the azure knight, the time had come for Siegfried Schtauffen to re-emerge and reclaim the body as his own.

Siegfried Schtauffen had re-emerged to reclaim his body as his own for the second time--this time, he hoped, for the last time. And when he had become separate from his azure identity, Siegfried quickly thought back in a daze over all he had done; it had been a reflexive action. Just then, a sword had appeared within the light: the holy sword Soul Calibur. It had been trapped inside the Soul Edge all this time, waiting for a force strong enough to free it for its fateful battle to occur. As if guided by a mysterious force, he grabbed the Soul Calibur by its hilt and drove it into the evil eye that was the core of Soul Edge.

Nightmare (SC3)
age: existed since ancient times as Soul Edge
birthplace: unkown
height: 5' 6"
weight: 209 lbs
birthdate: unkown
blood type: unkown
weapon: Soul Edge (zweihander)
weapon name: Soul Edge (phantom)
discipline: styles memorized by the armor
servants: Tira, Lizardmen (generic)


In the instant that the Soul Edge was pierced by the holy sword Soul Calibur, no one noticed the evil Inferno dwelling within the Soul Edge flowing out. Throughout its long history of slaughter, the sword had obtained its own immortal soul. This invisible entity--the will of the cursed sword--chose to cling to the remains of the azure armor strewn on the ground, the armor of the former azure knight, Nightmare, who had unleashed his reign of terror across Europe. The evil soul flowed into the armor, desperately trying to manipulate its bodiless host to devour more souls. But the absence of a physical body held the spirit's potential back tremendously, and it was unable to accomplish anything. All it could do was resign itself to its current fate and wait for an opportunity to arise. Some time later, an Egyptian man bearing a large scythe--the enigma known as Zasalamel--visited Ostrheinsburg Chapel where the strewn armor remained. He could read what had happened by studying the armor and the evil energy hanging in the air. In the thick fog, the spirit of the evil sword had an unspoken conversation with him; and Zasalamel agreed to aid the sword in its resurrection. He performed an ancient ritual, using powerful words to distort the laws of nature. The unsteady energy of the weakened sword was woven together and bound to the remains of the azure armor. The revived being clad in azure armor shone as new, with not a trace of damage remaining. Out of its hand oozed a tremendous sword which resembled the previous incarnation of the Soul Edge. But Zasalamel had plans of his own, and with his newfound control over the will of the sword, he ordered the entity to create havoc in the name of one Siegfried Schtauffen. The azure knight soon made its presence known as the incarnation of fear, death, and devastation as it devoured countless souls, attacking and consuming all it encountered on a pure impulse to destroy. Not even death could quell the revived evil. But more and more souls would not be enough, and the spirit knew that it was in desperate need of stronger souls. Ultimately, however, the raging Inferno regained its independence and decided to free Soul Edge on its own as rumors of the terror of the azure nightmare spread throughout Europe once again.

Inferno (Soul Edge) (SE, SC, SC2)
age: existed since ancient times as Soul Edge
birthplace: unkown
height: changes constantly
weight: changes constantly
birthdate: unkown
blood type: none
weapons: all
weapon names: various names
discipline: memories of Soul Edge
family: none


Although no one knows when or where it first appeared exactly, "it" definitely exists...Through many years of bloodshed and absorbing souls, Soul Edge eventually gained its own immortal soul, Inferno. It is the physical embodiment of the Soul Edge, and memories of the warriors it has defeated have been permanently crystallized in it. Those who hold it are unable to escape from the curse of its evil powers.
It continues to devour in darkness the souls of those who are led astray by fate. While it burns fiercely with the anguish and regret of those lost souls, its blade shines with an icy gleam.
Siegfried found Soul Edge after the dreaded Cervantes was killed during his battle against the divine warrior Sophitia and the demon hunter Taki. Soul Edge, at the fear of tearing itself after the loss of its companion blade, took the body of Cervantes and used it to make a physical manifestation of its will. Burning Cervantes' corpse to ashes, Inferno stood in front of Siegfried to try to restore itself. After a fierce battle, Siegfried's Zweihander Faust cut through Inferno and defeated it.
After Siegfried took the sword, Soul Edge made a deal with him: he would take souls to help in its restoration and Soul Edge would revive his father Frederick. Siegfried agreed and eventually turned into the Azure Knight, Nightmare.
With its ability to access more souls returned, Inferno was strong enough to recreate its own world: the Chaos. A place beyond time and space where Inferno sets its own rules to enure its victory, and which seems to be created at the awakening of Soul Edge's true power. Being defeated by Xianghua, who was the wielder of Soul Calibur, Inferno was sucked into the void along with Soul Calibur, and ended up in the fiery depths of Tartaros, the cursed sword lodged inside Inferno's body (however, the official website, makes no mention of this).
Now banned in the "Tartaros", where the god of death Hades kept a close watch over it, Inferno had only a few chances of battling other souls. The sole portal to this land was found in Osthreinsburg Chapel, and whoever tried to fight Inferno never returned alive.

Abyss (SC3)
age: unknown
birthplace: unknown
height: unknown
weight: unknown
birth date: unknown
blood type: unknown (all of above are possibly the same as Zasalamel's)
weapon: death scythe (mutated from absorbing Soul Calibur and Soul Edge)
weapon name: Irkhalla
discipline: unkown (similar to Zasalamel's)
family: freed from such meaningless concepts as family


Soul Edge and Soul Calibur... if a human were to absorb the power contained within these two swords...

Zasalamel put this idea into action. It was an idea no normal person would ever consider, but for Zasalamel, it was his chance to attain true death.

He hid behind the scenes during the battle between the cursed sword and the spirit sword, appearing only when their powers reached their zenith. Then, using a secret art, he connected his body to the world of the abyss and created a jet-black magnet that absorbed all forms of energy. His plan was to use this to draw out the essences of the two swords and take them into his body. It was an act that only Zasalamel, with the knowledge gained from an eternity of lifetimes, could have performed.

Clusters of darkness, most pure and fierce, were released from the swords. For a moment, they seemed to struggle as if they had a will of their own, but then proceeded to be absorbed into Zasalamel's body. Power coursed through his entire body, and he began to transform.

At the end of an experience completely different from his countless rebirth, he had obtained sharpness of sense, overflowing power, and a voice that thundered like an echoing roar. Zasalamel must have thought that, having acquired this power, his goal had been achieved. The power and evil that he had sought was right before his eyes. But deep within him, something other than himself was beginning to awaken. He had invited into himself an inhuman power...

Night Terror (SC3)
age: unkown
birthplace: unkown
height: unable to tell
weight: unable to tell
birthdate: unkown
blood type: none
weapon: giant zweihander
weapon name: Soul Edge (complete)
discipline: memories of Nightmare?
family: none


When an action is so reckless that it will bring about one's own destruction, it is often too late by the time one realizes it. For Zasalamel, the appearance of Night Terror was a perfect example of this.

Even Zasalamel had underestimated the power of the cursed sword. It is far surpassed that of his secret arts. During the ritual when Zasalamel attempted to take the power of Soul Edge for himself, it fused with not only the summoned Nightmare, but with even the power of Soul Calibur, becoming a terrible incarnation of pure destructive will. It is likely that Zasalamel never even saw its form -- Night Terror. Perhaps it had retraced the memories of the blue armor, or perhaps it had a remnant of the self-will that had formed while it used Siegfried as a host. Whatever the case, this entity bore a slight resemblance to Nightmare. It easily escaped Zasalamel's control and appeared behind him, wielding its power like a raging current, and obliterated him.

The man who had craved death met his end -- though not in the way he had intended. In his place, an unprecedented catastrophe gained wing and claw and was released upon the world.

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